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Bestec TFX0220D5WA 504966-001 fATX PSU

Bestec TFX0220D5WA 220W Flex ATX Power Supply HP P/N 504966-001

Bestec TFX0220D5WA 220W Flex ATX Power Supply HP P/N 504966-001
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General Features:

  • Bestec TFX0220D5WATfx 504966001 PSU
  • HP Pavilion Replacement Power Supply
  • HP Part Number 504966-001
  • Supplies 220W of Power
  • 100V-240VAC
  • Connectors
    • One (1) 24-pin motherboard
    • One (1) 4-Pin ATX
    • Two (2) SATA
    • HP p/n 504966-001
  • Compatible HP Pavilion Models
    • s5100
    • s5100la
    • s5103kr
    • s5107kr
    • s5110la
    • s5112f
    • s5120f
    • s5120kr
    • s5120la
    • s5120y
    • s5126kr
    • s5127kr
    • s5128hk
    • s5130la
    • s5137kr
    • s5148hk
    • s5149kr
    • s5150kr
    • s5150la
    • s5155kr
    • s5157kr
    • s5168hk
    • s5180tw

Package Includes

  • One (1) Bestec TFX0220D5WA (hp power supply part# 504966-001) 220 Watt Power Supply For Pavilion Power Supply
  • hp power supply 504966-001

Item#: AS6252
Brand: Bestec
Compatibility: Compatible with HP Pavilion s5100 series desktop pcs
Packaging: OEM
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

By Jeffrey D Ginnett from Alta Vista KS 66834 on February 15, 2012
is this item returnable?
By Customer Service on February 16, 2012

Yes, all are power supplies are covered under our standard 30-Day policy. Some power supplies have longer warranties through the manufacturer.

By Steven from Netherlands on August 1, 2012
Is this Power Supply also suitable for:
Hp Pavilion Slimlin S 5000 series
Model nr: S5620nl, Productnr: XS356EA#ABH

By Customer Service on August 2, 2012

This item:


are the recommended replacement items for your PC.

By Torres from Arizona on September 5, 2012
Does this item have the small 24-pin motherboard connector or the regular size?
By Customer Service on September 6, 2012

This unit uses the standard ATX connector for the motherboard (large). You would want this item:

to connect to a mini ATX power connection. You would also want a TFX power supply that has a 20pin main ATX connection to fit into the adapter such as this one:

By steven daly from orem, utah on June 19, 2012
i am looking for a power supply for my pavillion s5000. this item is the correct hp p/n 504966-001. but the model# on my broken pavillion is PC8046. will this one shown be compatible?
By Customer Service on June 20, 2012

Yes, this is actually a direct replacement for HP Part Number 504966-001.

By Angela from Louisville on December 4, 2012
Will this work for HP Slimline s5706f model? Thanks
By Customer Service on December 4, 2012

Yes, this should be compatible. You may want to check to make sure you have enough SATA connectors for your model. This does fit in S5706f model. You can search for se2336 for a SATA adapter cable.

By Jerry from Ohio on April 21, 2013
Does this come with wire harness already attached ?
By Customer Service on April 23, 2013


The Bestec 504966-001 TFX0220D5WA 220W 24-pin TFX Power Supply comes with the harness attached.

By Carlos from California on November 12, 2012
Will this power supply work on a Pavillion Slimeline S5123W? Please advice.
By Customer Service on November 13, 2012

This power supply:

along with this molex to SATA adapter:

are the recommended replacement for your model of computer.

By Matt from Texas on May 24, 2012
I am looking for a new power supply for my HP Slimline 5304.. What supply do you suggest
By Customer Service on May 29, 2012

This power supply:

is teh most common for the HP slimline units. We would need the model number of the original power supply to confirm that it is the correct one for your system.

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