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Monmount Dual LCD Monitor Desk Clamp Kit

MonMount 27" Dual LCD Monitor Desk Clamp & Mount - Choose Color

MonMount 27" Dual LCD Monitor Desk Clamp & Mount - Choose Color

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This dual LCD monitor arm desk mount is easy to use and install! The Monmount LCD-194 one of the best selling pole clamps ever made for mounting! Highly rated stand that features two fully adjustable & pivoting arms with full articulation - allowing you to push/pull your monitors forward toward you, back away from swing them out, flip landscape portrait, more. These stands are designed clamp a so must make sure have lip it can around (see pictures). Take control desktop computing environment in every direction. One of the best features of these mounts is how strong and durable the metal construction is. That means this thing will never bend or break and you'll be using it for years without any issues. Fully articulating for complete control in every direction you will want to move in. Can hold up to 22lbs.

The clamp requires about 2 inches of space to latch on to. We recommend wooden or metal tables for use with these, but you'll find a lot of other surfaces it can mount to. The only type of table you'll want to stay away from would be a thin glass one which could break (especially thinner ones). The best part of the C-Clamp is that you won't have to worry about tipping over or falling down like a freestanding mount may be susceptible to. The mounting plate features standard VESA holes so it will be compatible with almost every screen out there. Heavy Duty and will handle monitors up to 27 inches.

White Color Mount White Colored Version

Red Mount Attached to Table Red Colored Version

Blue Mount in Parts Blue Colored Version

Green Colored VersionGreen Version

Package Includes

  • Monmount Dual Articulating Monitor Arms
  • 17" Mounting Pole
  • Installation Guide
  • Mounting hardware
  • Allen Wrench key tool
  • Clamp
  • Monitors NOT included

Item#: C4384
Brand: Monmount
MPN: LCD-194
Compatibility: VESA Compatible LCD Monitors; Holds up to most 22" Screens (See Dimensions)
Packaging: Brown Box
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

By Adam from Los Angeles on June 22, 2013
Does this mount allow the monitors to"TILT" [ ie, adjustment of the viewing angle (+/-) from perfectly vertical ]?
By Customer Service on June 24, 2013

Yes, The Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp - 2x Mount is able to tilt the monitors.

By Matt from Worcester, Massachusetts on July 2, 2012
Would the mount clamp fit into a 3" round hole on the top of my desk? I do not have much room on the outside of the edge, and was thinking of trying to mount it using the hole meant for the computer wires.
By Customer Service on July 3, 2012

the mounting pole for this item is 35mm in diameter. here isa link to the dimensions of this item:

The clamp itself is too large to fit through/into a 3" hole however.

By Michael from San Jose, CA on December 15, 2011
Are these compatible with Acer monitors?
By Customer Service on December 17, 2011

This mount are not brand specific so it can work with Acer as well as other brands. The main thing you want to confirm is that that the monitors you plan to mount have either a VESA 75 or VESA 100 pattern on the back as the mount can support both. VESA standards are square patterns of holes on the back of the monitor. VESA 75 is a square pattern with 4 holes 75mm apart. VESA 100 is a square pattern with 4 holes 100mm apart. Most monitors use these standard whether it be Acer, Dell, Samsung, Viewsonic, LG, NEC or other. You also want to make sure your monitors are less than 26" wide horizontally for this mount as the wider the monitors become apart, the farther out the arms extend. Once you get to that point, the articulating arms are fully extended. Once you get past that distance, the screens will begin overlap so you want to make sure your monitors horizontal width is equal to or smaller than that limit. The last thing to look at is the weight. Most monitors in the size range are under 22 pounds so that is normally not an issue.

By Carrie from Kerrville, Texas on March 15, 2013
Can the two monitors be at an angle to each other? I like mine at a slight (very obtuse) angle.
By Customer Service on March 19, 2013

Yes, the monitors can be set at an angle from each other. This will work best on monitors that are close to, but don't exceed, the recommended screen size of 21"-23".

By Kevin from Ohio on January 24, 2012
I need to be able to swing one of the screens often for clients on the other side of my desk to view. Do you simply push to rotate or do you loosen and tighten a screw?
By Customer Service on January 26, 2012

You can simply push the screen to rotate without tightening.

By Joe from Orlando on June 27, 2013
My screens are 22 inches wide and 1 foot from the back of my desk. If I clamp this to the back of the desk are they going to be able to be in their current distance or will they have to move back?
By Customer Service on June 28, 2013

The Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp - 2x Mount has adjustable arms so that you can have the monitors moved forward, a foot forward should be no problem.

By Jon from Tampa on March 6, 2012
Is there a cable management system built in to this product?
By Customer Service on March 6, 2012

Yes, the arms have little plastic clips to send the cable to the back. Normally, at that point most users use a cable tie or velcro where the cable meet to send down in one line to wherever the cables plug in.

By Kevin from Ohio on January 25, 2012
Do screens swivel so clients on otherside of my desk can view, or do you have to tighten/untighten a screw to pivot back and forth?
By Customer Service on January 26, 2012

Yes, they can be swiveled so client can see screen on opposite side.

By kris mason from Wichita, Ks on January 10, 2012
do you sell extensions to go with this model dual monitor stand?
By Customer Service on January 13, 2012

We do not sell extensions for this model at this time.

By susan from ca on August 25, 2012
I am interested in a dual monitor mount that moves up and down easily to change from stand-up desk to sitting position. Will this work and is it easy to quickly move up and down?
By Customer Service on August 27, 2012

Yes, this mount can easily be adjusted up and down along the pole. It comes with an allen wrench that allows you to tighten the arms to the pole and easily adjust up and down.

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