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MonoPrice SVGA to RCA/S Video Adapter

Monoprice SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter with Free Shipping

Monoprice SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter
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MonoPrice 2509 Specifications

This SVGA to Composite / S-Video SVGA to RCA adapter is great for converting any 15 pin VGA signal to an RCA or S-Video cable. Featuring a male 15-pin SVGA connector and two video outputs (one via composite and one via S-Video), this SVGA to RCA converter is perfect for connecting SVGA to composite devices. If you need an Svga to composite adapter or vga to s-video adapter today. BattleBorn Cable SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter . GC-2509 SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter Cable Cord . LD SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter - MR2509. LD SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter Vast SVGA to Composit

General Features:

  • SVGA to S Video Cable
  • SVGA to Composite
  • RCA Composite to SVGA adapter
  • Brand:
  • 15-pin SVGA Male Connector
  • Composite (RCA) Female Connector
  • Mini Din 4 S-Video Female Connector
  • Converts a VGA / SVGA signal to RCA or S-Video cable

Advanced Specifications

Monoprice 102509 VGA to S-Video/RCA (Composite) Adapter Cable, Black

IMPORTANT Please READ! Before Buying. This item is a VGA VIDEO Card to S. Video or Composite TV Adapter Cable

-IMPORTANT Please READ! Before Buying-This item is a VGA VIDEO Card to S-Video or Composite TV Adapter Cable-Use it to connect the video card on your computer to a TV input-Your video card MUST be able to support s-Video or Composite out through it's VGA

Monoprice Inc. 102509 710348723683

Monoprice Inc. 102509

Package Includes

  • One (1) Vast SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter
Monoprice SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter

Item Number: C6733
Brand: MonoPrice
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 2509
Compatibility: VGA / SVGA; RCA (Composite) or S-Video
Packaging: OEM
Availability: In Stock
In Stock
Condition: New

By john munro from tampa fl on January 12, 2014
will this work from an HP laptop to a Toshiba HD TV

By Customer Service on January 14, 2014

If the TV has any input for either s-video or composite it will work.

By Worth Woodrum from Greeley, CO on May 29, 2012
Does this special VGA Port setup to work on a laptop?
By Customer Service on May 29, 2012

Yes, as long as the laptop has VGA out this adapter will work.

By Mario from Quebec, Canada on November 22, 2012
Can I use his cable to connect my laptop SVGA output to my old 36" TV using the RCA Video input
By Customer Service on November 27, 2012

Yes, this may be used to display video from your laptop to your TV.

By Lonnie from Greeneville, TN on July 2, 2013
Can I use this to connect my computer to my DVD Video Recorder?
By Customer Service on July 2, 2013

The SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter converts a VGA signal into RCA or composite, it will not convert composite or RCA to VGA though.

By rikderukker from Amsterdam Holland on July 10, 2012
Can I use his cable to connect a composite video output signal from a game into a SVGA monitor?
By Customer Service on July 10, 2012

No, this item is a one way unit, from VGA to RCA/S-Video only.

By Norvell Berglan from Lubbock, TX on March 26, 2015
I want to connect the VGA port on my PC to the RCA video port on my DVD Recorder. Then I can play home made videos from the PC and copy them to the DVD Recorder. Will this product enable me to accomplish this?
By Customer Service on March 27, 2015


This will not do what you need. You should be able to use a burning software(such as Nero) to burn a DVD that should play on your system. This item is just to display a picture from a PC to an older TV or screen.

2509 Reviews

Review of 2509
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Svga to rca composite
By Richard from L.A on November 16, 2013
this item doesn't work there is no connectivity on the Svideo or rca tried it on multiple items
didn't work

Great price!
By Don from Ca. on September 18, 2013
Just what I wanted and very fast shipping. Fantastic low prices at OutletPC
price and no hassle. handy gadget all in one cable.

I would recommend this item to a friend.

svga to composite video adapter
By Debbie Hsu from Elgin, Illinois on April 3, 2013
Bargain for s video to svga adapter cable

I would recommend this item to a friend.

SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter
By Michael from Henderson, Nevada on March 30, 2013
Item was exactly as described. Works great and was same day delivery in house. They even stayed open late for me to pick item up as it was really needed at that time. 10 STARS for service and 5 STARS for product.
Works, alot of thing purchased from other places lately have not been as described or has not worked. All items purchased there has been perfect.

I would recommend this item to a friend.

The item would not work for my need
By Richard Skiff from Hendersonville, NC on January 28, 2013
I was looking for a VGA to Composite video (Yellow, White - male connections) . I bought what I thought this was, it wasn't. It was an SVGA to Composite (RCA) and S-Video Adapter - MR2509 - which had two female connections. Will item "6ft SVGA to Component (RGB) Cable - HDTV (VGA to Component)" work. I am connecting from a laptop to an old (CRT) TV.
Not a thing

Wrong item
By Josh from Wahiawa, HI on December 18, 2011
Wouldn't know as I received the wrong cord.

I would recommend this item to a friend.


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