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Monmount 1930 Triple LCD Desk Mount

MonMount Triple LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp - 3x Mount with Free Shipping

MonMount Triple LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp - 3x Mount
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Monmount LCD-1930 Specifications

This LCD-1930 Monitor Arm Desk Mount can hold up to three (3) LCD monitors weighing up to 22.05 pounds each! Save space in your work environment get one of these LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount. The triple display is great for gamers, office use or in retail stores & establishments, or for stock traders, or business professionals who need multiple monitors without sacrificing desk space! With this mount you will have the freedom to adjust the space between your monitors and hold up to three monitors above your desk to keep your work area clear. MonMount LCD-1930 Triple Monitor Desktop Mount (Black). LCD Stand Desk Clamp for up to 21" Monitors. Articulating Supports Up 20-Inch Screens, Black (LCD-1930B). - 193B 3 VESA Compatible Monitors (LCD-193B). Three DESK MOUNT MONITORS !. Holds 22" Widescreen Displays. Triple/Three Displays

General Features:

  • LCD-1930 Triple Monitor Mount
  • Number of Monitors: 3
  • Orientation: 1 High x 3 Across
  • Compatibility:
    • Supports monitors no more than 20" (wide) 34" (tall)
    • Holds most displays with 14"-22" viewing areas
    • Monitors mount via VESA 75mm x 75mm or 100mm by 100mm mounting brackets
    • Weight: 22lbs (10kgs) each
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Mounts to desk via C-Clamp
  • Adjustability:
    • Arm Adjustments
      • Up and Down: Slides up and down on 27" Pole
      • Forward and Back: Yes
      • Left and Right: Yes
    • Monitor Adjustments
      • 180o Left to Right
      • 180o Up to Down
      • 350o Rotation

Advanced Specifications

MonMount Triple Monitor Articulating Desk Mount Supports Up to 20-Inch Screens, Black (LCD-1930B)

The space between the monitors is fully adjustable. LCD monitor arms help utilize work space, improve ergonomics, and share ideas. Securely holds three LCD monitors above the desktop to increase work space, improve visibility, and minimize clutter. 36 double-link swing arms optimize ergonomics and monitor views with separate tilt, rotate, side-to-side, height, and tension adjustments Die-cast pole with heavy-duty clamp mounts to desktop or other surface Easy installation ideal for office, studio, IT network, and security applications - no drilling required Meets VESA standards - supports three monitors, up to 13 pounds each, will hold up to most 21 widescreen monitors, Easy to install and sets up in minutes SPECIFICATIONS Fits 75 x 75 mm / 100 x 100 mm VESA-compliant monitors -- Monitor weight capacity: up to 13 lbs. each; 40 lbs. total -- Installs on horizontal surfaces up to 3.5 in. thick DIMENSIONS height, 18 in.; arm radius, 15.5 in.; Circumference pole 4 1/2 , arm width (extended), 36 in.; weight, 18 lbs. PACKAGE CONTENTS LCD Monitor Pole with Double-Link Swing Arms -- Cable management clips and trim caps -- Installation hardware with instructions and hex tool Please make sure you are mounting this arm to a solid desktop surface that will be able to withstand the combined weight of the stand and monitors. Make sure your desktop is not hollow.

-MonMount Triple Monitor Articulating Desk Mount Supports up to 20 Screens-Supports up to 20 Screens-Articulating Arms-Designed by MonMount-Comes in Various Colors

MonMount LCD-1930B 853001003118 Black "20" - 23.9"

Package Includes

  • LCD-1930 - LCD Monitor Stand for Three LCDs
  • Installation Guide
  • Mounting hardware
  • Allen Wrench key tool
  • Clamp
  • Monitors not included
MonMount Triple LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp - 3x Mount

Item Number: C8292
Brand: Monmount
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): LCD-1930
Compatibility: LCD Monitors
Packaging: Brown Box
Availability: In Stock
In Stock
Condition: New

By Corey from Boston, MA on June 30, 2012
Would this mount to the back corner of a corner desk? i.e. could i mount it on the side and pivot it so that it would still be straight to me even if the clamp would not be straight to me?
By Customer Service on July 2, 2012

Yes, you can rotate the arm on the mounting pole and clamp it tight in any 360 degree position on the pole.

By Eric from Pocahontas, AR on May 10, 2012
I would like to get a better idea how the C clamp works. Can you give me more information on this. My 3 monitors are a 2 Dell E207WFPc's and 1 Dell 2009Wft, Dell.
By Customer Service on May 11, 2012

The clamp has two long locking screws which can be adjusted on the bottom of the clamp to tighten to the size of the desk.

By ROGER NETHER from SANTA MARIA CALIF on January 23, 2012
By Customer Service on January 23, 2012

It depends on dimensions. It supports monitors no more than 20" horizontal width and 34" in height. If your monitors fit into those measurements and have Vesa 75 or 100 patterns on back, it will work.

By mike from haverhill ma on March 6, 2012
will this monitor stand slide in so all three monitors are flush? also would the two outer ones curve in towards the middle?
By Customer Service on March 6, 2012

Yes, the arms are articulating so the monitors can be brought closer together so they touch and give you a curvature angle for the outside monitors to the middle one. The larger your monitors the less curvature you have as the arms become more extended so the screens must face forward and be flatter.

By Kevin from Dallas on May 15, 2013
can the articulating arms be locked into position? i am interested in fixing the position or sufficient resistance as i will be using touchscreens in my application.
By Customer Service on May 15, 2013

While there is no way to adjust the resistance manually, these mounts should provide more than enough resistance to accommodate a touchscreen.

By Scott from Knoxville, TN on May 2, 2012
Will this work with my Acer AL2216W monitors?
By Customer Service on May 3, 2012

Yes it will. Your monitors comes with the VESA 100mm mounting points.

By Montgomery from Milwaukee,Wisconsin on March 28, 2012
I have three AOC e2243fw,can tell me if they can work with tihs stand?If not which should i choose?
By Customer Service on March 29, 2012

Your monitors are not VESA compatible, meaning they cannot be mounted.

By Grant from San Diego on March 22, 2013
Can you please tell me the depth from the back of the C clamp to the furthest edge of the locking screws? I am trying to see if the "lip" of my desk is deep enough.
By Customer Service on March 22, 2013

The distance is roughly a half-inch.

LCD1930 Reviews

Review of LCD-1930
(based on 10 reviews)
triple monitor gaming
By Joanna Wise from Indianapolis, Indiana on April 3, 2013
got the best price for triple monitor desk clamp

I would recommend this item to a friend.

triple monitor
By Zachary Greene from Aurora, Illinois on April 3, 2013
Buying this triple monitor desk clamp without a hitch. Good so far.

I would recommend this item to a friend.

triple display monitor stand
By Jane Thomson from Cape Coral, Florida on April 3, 2013
Buying this triple monitor desk clamp without a hitch. Good so far.

I would recommend this item to a friend.

3 monitor stand
By Jean Simpson from Frisco, Texas on April 3, 2013
cheap triple monitor stand online

I would recommend this item to a friend.

triple computer monitor stand
By Shirley Collins from Madison, Wisconsin on April 3, 2013
They had the triple monitor desk clamp on sale and I picked one up.

I would recommend this item to a friend.

monitor stand for desk
By Molly Kirby from Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 3, 2013
This is the best price for triple monitor desk clamp

I would recommend this item to a friend.

3 lcd monitor stand
By Glen Godwin from Fullerton, California on April 3, 2013
The cheapest triple monitor stand online

I would recommend this item to a friend.

used triple monitor stand
By Gerald English from Salinas, California on April 3, 2013
Buying this triple monitor stand without a hitch. Good so far.

I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great product!
By Jay from Newcastle, Australia on July 26, 2012
I bought this stand expecting to 'get what I paid for' so given the pretty amazing price I didn't have great expectations... but I was very surprised!
The construction is sturdy and almost no assembly was required. It was well packaged and ready to go right out of the box.
I'm using this stand for a 27" center screen with two 19" screens in portrait orientation on the sides. For the screens I've used the stand is only just wide enough and I can't turn the side screens but that's not the fault of the stand.
You'll want to buy some longer cables, I found 3m (~10') worked well.

Sturdy design.
No complicated assembly.
No unnecessary expense like glossy packaging.
Great price!

I would recommend this item to a friend.

By michael roberts from haverhill ma on April 14, 2012
Everything worked out great! Just keep in mind that if ur using this for eyefinity 20" widescreen monitors are the absolute max! I had to finnagle a bit but it looks beautiful! ideally this would be for 3 19" monitors in eyefinity but hey outletpc is selling on sale for $48 try to beat that everywhere else is like over $200
The price is right! Solid Frame! Quality mount!
not a dislike but i wish the specs were a bit more in depth.

I would recommend this item to a friend.


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