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Desktop PC Cases

Cheap computer cases from OutletPC! Choose from a wide selection of ATX and Micro ATX PC cases that fit your style, functionality, and price. We focus on high quality and low cost cases that get the job done. We also stock a full lineup of gaming computer cases that will make your system both look great and stay cool with style and function.
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Choose the right desktop PC case from our huge line of computer tower cases! Whether you're looking for ATX cases, standard no frills PC cases or your new ultimate Gaming computer case, find it among our priced cheap computer cases and cheap PC cases - from gaming computer cases to basic desktop.

The most popular form factors for PC builders are ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini ITX desktop cases. We are proud to feature brands such as Antec, BitFenix, NZXT, Fractal Design, and many more in our selection of personal computer cases.

What features should I look for in a computer case?

Basic features in computer cases to look for are motherboard form factor compatibility, number of hard drive bays, internal space for a video card, as well as room for your cooling systems, whether they are case fans, or CPU liquid cooling. More minimal features that are of interest are the front I/O (USB 2.0 or USB 3.0, 3.5mm Audio, eSATA, etc.), and hard drive installation features such as front 3.5 inch drive bays, and toolless internal drive bays.

What is the right computer case for me?

The kind of system you want to build is a strong determing factor in the type of case you should buy. For a gaming PC, you'll likely want a larger case with plenty of room for at least one video card and a hefty cooling system, so a mid-tower ATX Case is good starting point, the step-up from which would be a full-tower ATX case, which some could also support E-ATX and larger motherboard sizes. For a standard SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) computer, you could go with a mid-tower, or even a MicroATX or Mini-ITX system, depending on the kind of hardware you want to install. HTPCs (Home Theater PCs) are often used as a entertainment or media hub, so you'll likely want to use a Mini-ITX case to create a discrete system that will look good in your living room.