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Mobile and PC Cases

Buy computer cases or cell phone cases to build a new desktop, protect your laptop or cell phone, or carry your tablet. Our selection includes some of the most reliable iPhone cases, Tablet covers, high-end desktop chassis, and laptop travel cases at great prices! We feature all the top brands including Antec, Targus, Bitfenix, Otterbox, and more.
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What case do I need?

From smartphones and tablets to desktops and notebooks, we've got a case for you. Check out our selection of ATX, Micro ATX, or Mini ITX computers cases if you're looking to build a pc, a shoulder bag, backpack, or sleeve of you've got a laptop, bumper cases and folios with or with a keyboard for tablets, and all kinds of cases and screen protectors for Android smartphones and iPhones.

For PCs, we've got cases for building gaming systems, with modular drive cages and built to work with liquid cooling systems, as well as standard SOHO cases useful for budget builds and workstation PCs, as well as compact cases for HTPCs and other smaller systems.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be protected by using screen protectors, bumper cases, folios, and even protective sleeves. For smartphones, we also have real glass screen protectors for even better protection for your mobile device.

We've also got laptop cases of every sort. Get a backpack if you need a bit more utlility than office use, or if you need to go a little lower profile, we've got bags and sleeve cases to fit any sized laptop or notebook. We also sell laptop skins to protect the exterior of your computer while outside of it's case, providing a protective shell that keeps away scratches and marring. With these options for device protection, it shouldn't be too hard to find what you need to keep your system looking good and running properly for a long time.

Do I need a case for my device?

For desktops, the answer to this question should be pretty clear so I'll leave that alone, but it's a fair question for other devices. You may or may not want to spend the extra cash on a case or screen protector just after spending a pretty penny on your actual device, but take into consideration how much you might need to spend if your device is destroyed and could have been saved if it were protected. Even if you are covered by warranty, the inconvenience of not having a device for some time, transferring data from one device to another (if not lost altogether), or other possible setbacks that might be able to be avoided otherwise could be well worth the extra purchase. Now, that's not to say your device definitely requires a protective bumper, screen protector, or carry case, but it's something to keep in mind.