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Intel LGA1155

Intel LGA 1155 Procesors | Ivy Bridge and Sandybridge CPUs

The Intel LGA 1155 processors, based on the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge micro-architectures yield overwhelming performance by utilizing technologies by utilizing hyper-threading with multi-core technology. With more cores and higher clock speeds you'll be able to do more without spending more. Whether you're looking to power a workstation with an i3 or a gaming right with an i7, if you value high performance at affordable prices and unwaivering power then look no further.

Should I get an LGA 1155 processor?

If you are looking to upgrade an existing LGA 1155 system or you are building a new rig on a tight budget, then the LGA 1155 processors are an excellent choice. These processors still perform great on most of today's latest game titles and can do well in running resource-intensive tasks.

Which model should I get?

If you are using the system for gaming, a 4 core processor like the i5-2500K will be more than enough. For daily tasks like web browsing or document editing, the lower end Celeron G1610 will give you enough horsepower for those tasks and then some.

I want to stream while gaming, and I want to run multiple applications simultaneously. Would these CPUs be enough?

The top of the line CPUs from this family would be enough for those requirements but it is recommended to get the newer generation CPUs as they will offer more threads, lower TDP and higher overclocking which will give you more than enough juice to power multiple resource-intensive applications.