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DVD / Blu-Ray Drives

DVD / Blu-Ray Drives

Buy a sata dvd burner for your computer, usb optical drives for your netbook, internal dvd burner for laptop, or a blu-ray burner for PC. With all the dvd rw drives we carry at prices to go with what you need - from asus external dvd drives to a dvd burner for laptop or internal dvd drives. We also carry dual layer dvd burners and sata dvdrw writers.
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What type of optical drive should I get?

CD Optical drives help to add some function to your PC as you'll be able to create audio discs and save files on a disc hard copy that you can share.

A DVD optical drive is a great option if you're just looking to add some funciton to your system. With a DVD optical drive, you'll be able install applications, watch DVD movies, and read and write other discs for storage and file transfer.

Internal optical drives are great for tower and desktop PCs. They install into a 5.25inch drive bay and connect to your motherboard using a SATA connection, providing a high-speed data transfer rate that won't easily bottleneck. But if you need to replace your laptop internal dvd drive, we might just have the right model for your notebook optical drive.

External optical drives are most often connected to your system using USB 2.0, and can be used with desktops, but are most useful to be used with ultrabooks and netbooks that don't have an optical drive. Connect an external ODD to your laptop to install applications, watch movies, and create audio, video, or data discs.

Blu-ray drives provide similar functionality as DVD drives, but, having the additional compatibility with Blu-ray media discs, provides the ability to watch HD movies on your computer. You'll also be able to create larger archival discs using Blu-ray as they can hold about 5x as much data as DVDs.

What is the difference between DVD and Blu-ray?

Blu-ray discs, unsurprisingly, are read by using a blue laser which has a shorter wavelength and 2.5x thinner diameter than the red laser used to read DVD discs, allowing the data to take up less room on the disc, and a closer, more accurate reading of the data.