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Hard Drives for Desktops or Laptops

Buy a computer hard drive - internal or external - for your desktop or laptop PC. We stock a full line of HDDs from SATA and IDE to Solid State SSDs. Click your section to see our selection of hard drives below.
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What hard drive should I buy?

Hard Disk Drives (HDD) have been the main staple for computer storage over the last few decades. But now we have Solid State Drives (SSD) which use Flash memory for storing data (similar to a USB drive) instead of spinning discs, which is what HDDs use.

SSDs have proven to be faster, and more stable, but the dollar price is often much closer to the total number of gigabytes than an HDD. So should you get less, higher quality storage for more money, or more lower quality storage for much less money?

The argument can be made for both. If you're going to get a desktop and want more than a terabyte of storage, the answer is pretty clear: get an HDD. But if you're going to get a laptop and want to have a smooth system that you can use in an instant, get a good external hard drive (which is likely to be an HDD) and install an SSD in your laptop. We carry several brands of SSD including Crucial, Mushkin, OCZ, Samsung, Kingston, and more.

There are other options as well. There are Seagate and Western Digital hybird drives, which use both technologies in one drive for faster performance, larger storage, and lower cost. For a desktop, you can also install a small SSD, maybe 32-64GB, as the main system boot disk for fast performance and install an HDD as a storage drive to boost.

Now for form factor, be sure that you're getting a 2.5 inch HDD for your laptop or notebook PC, and of those, make sure your system takes a 9mm 2.5" HDD, or 7mm 2.5" HDD. This could make a difference especially if you have ultrabook. SSDs mostly come in 2.5inch form factor, making them fairly easy to install in many desktop and laptops.

What is Network Attached Storage(NAS)?

Network Attached Storage is one or more hard drives connected to your network through a router or switch and can often be configured to be securely accessed over the Internet from other locations through a browser or FTP. It's like having a personal cloud service and can be shared with a select few. NAS is great for use as media storage for a several family computers, smartphones, and tablets.