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Buy a computer keyboard or mouse from our vast selection of wired and wireless input devices. From basic devices for general use to advanced gamer grade equipment, we carry a full line of accessories that will suit every budget or need. Checkout our cheap keyboard and mouse combos as well for an all-in-one solution.
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What kind of computer keyboard should I buy

Using a computer keyboard can become painful if you don't have the right keyboard or support for it. Ergonomic keyboards are made specifically to help relieve the physical strain of typing for hours at a time, with features like larger bases, angled keys, and wrist pads help to create a more comfortable typing experience. These are great if you work on your computer all day.

If you're going to be heavy into playing games, then mechanical keyboards are what you should buy. These have durable keys, a weighted base and can register a higher number of inputs at a single time. The best connection type for a mechanical keyboard is PS/2 as USB bottlenecks the number of inputs. Mechanical and gaming keyboards often come with custom software that will help in creating macros and game specific settings for a great gaming experience.

If your needs are less specialized, we also have a great selection of standard keyboards that include features such as media controls and system hot-keys that perform specific functions like opening your default browser. You might even find that you like the freedom of a wireless keyboard, many of which connect through either Bluetooth or an RF USB dongle. Wireless keyboards are great for use with workstations and desktops, or in your living room to control your home theater PC (HTPC).

What kind of computer mouse should I buy

There are just as many, if not more, types of computer mouse options for you as there are keyboards. Choose between a USB corded 3-button optical mouse, 3-button wireless optical mouse, and a trackball mouse. Or use something more specialized to get in the game with an 8-button wired laser gaming mouse. With brands like Razer, Thermaltake, Zowie Gear, Raptor Gaming, SteelSeries, and more, you'll be able to find the right mouse for you.