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PC Power Supply

Buy a computer power supply to replace yours or upgrade your computer. We carry a range of PSUs from ATX for desktop builds to laptop power adapters and USB devices. We also stock a full line of MicroATX and specialty power supplies for specific needs. Always check your dimensions and requirements before selecting a power supply to ensure that what you're purchasing will be compatible with your device.
ATX Power Supply - 380W & Under
ATX Power Supply - 400W to 580W
ATX Power Supply - 600W & Over
Industrial Battery Chargers
iPhone / iPad
Laptop Power Adapters
Laptop Power Jacks
Micro ATX Power Supply
TFX / mITX / Flex ATX
General Power Adapters
Power Controllers & Remotes
PSU Testers
Server Power Supplies
Solar Power Adapters
TV Power Supplies
USB Power Adapters