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Creative SB0570 Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1 HD Surround Sound Card
Regular Price: $37.65
Sale: $27.89
Syba 7.1 Surround Sound PCI-e Audio Card with Spdif Input/Output
Regular Price: $47.78
Sale: $31.92
Syba USB to 3.5mm Audio USB Sound Card
Regular Price: $15.99
Sale: $6.88
Syba SD-DAC63094 USB Audio DAC with EQ; 96KHz, Toslink
Regular Price: $49.77
Sale: $32.31
Creative SB1500 Sound Blaster Z SBX PCI Express Sound Card w/ Mic
Regular Price: $115.78
Sale: $98.75
Sound card for computers. If you want an audio adapter for your desktop or laptop, we've got it! A great soundcard can make the difference when it comes to your multimedia experience. We carry a wide variety basic to gamer cards that will fit your need. What a sound card does is act as the interface between your speakers or headphones and your computer to allow your computer to process audio for things like music, videos, games, and multimedia applications.

Why do I need a sound card?

Sounds cards provide audio performance or features that your motherboard may not have. Though your motherboard may provide audio out, dedicated sound cards are able to provide features from audio capture or recording to high quality surround sound for watching movies and playing games. Technologies that sound cards can provide are hi-fidelity recording support, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Digital DTS, as well as support for S/PDIF or TOSLINK.