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Surge Protectors & UPS

Surge Protectors & UPS Battery Backup

Surge Protectors

Purchase power protection products - such as surge protectors, uninterruptible power supplies, battery backups, and power inverters to to keep your powered systems safe and sound in the event of a surge, spike, or sag.

Power Protection

Power disturbances are a major cause of PC and server downtime. In fact, the results of large-scale power incidents have been well documented with some studies showing businesses losing upwards of $64 billion in revenue annually.

Besides the loss of revenue, there are other factors to consider that greatly impact your bottom line; employee downtime, recovery time, program and data corruption, data loss, material damages, service interruption, and the list goes on.

Protecting computer systems with UPS hardware is your first line of defense. A UPS uninterruptable power supply is a device that protects electronic equipment from power fluctuations. Think of it like a wall between the incoming electricity and your sensitive computer components. The UPS allows your computers to be switched to emergency battery power when electrical problems strike.

So you need to protect against Electricity.
Yes, not all electricity is created equal. Numerous factors can affect the quality of electricity you receive. A lightning bolt can create a surge that will flood your components with power, while on the other hand, extreme heat can cause a brownout which means your systems won't be performing to their potential. And then there is the dreaded blackout which can leave you without power for an extended period of time. This means your components will shut down improperly, leading to a series of potentially devastating consequences.

Power Protection Goals & Best Practices
Reduce equipment downtime and production expenses, therefore increasing profit.

Purchase a UPS with extended run time in case the outage lasts longer than the runtime of the UPS (generally the more wattage the UPS supports, the longer time the computer can run when power fails).

Protect the network equipment with UPS - applications are only as available as the network, plus you'll need your network to manage multiple UPS hardware.

Accommodate each systems' individual time requirement for shutdown - some large servers can take up to 20 minutes to shut down properly. Millions of dollars' worth of hardware and files are lost every year because of power problems that could have been avoided with proper UPS usage.