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PCI-Express Video Cards

PCI-E Video Cards

Shop our selection of PCI Express x16 video cards for the hottest graphics adapters out there at the best prices. We carry a full lineup of AMD and Nvidia based video cards with every user and budget in mind. Whether you play games or not, your video card makes a big difference in the overall performance of your PC as it relates to 3d rendering and graphics processing - so purchase the best card in your budget to max out your PC.
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What is so great about PCI-Express?

The PCI-Express bus is a serial transfer protocol that is able to handle to up 200MB (initially) of data traffic in either direction per second per lane. Most video cards these days support PCI-Express x16 connections, which has the potential to handle up to 6.4GB/s in each direction. Compare this to the old PCI standard which was limited to 133MB/s. With this kind of data flow to and from the connected video card, performance levels are able to reach much higher levels than before. With the current PCI-Express 3.0 protocol standards, a single lane is able to handle 1000MB/s, which comes out to 32GB/s at x16 lanes. With this kind of data bandwidth, 3D rendering on a discrete PCIe graphics card is able to skyrocket.

What PCI-Express version is best for my motherboard?

PCI-express is an easily backwards compatible protocol, similar to USB, in that while a PCI-Express 3.0 card can be installed into a PCI-Express 2.0, or even a 1.1 slot, performance levels have the potential to bottlneck. Make sure to know what kind of connections your motherboard has available to buy the appropriate card for your system.