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Microsoft Windows 8 64 bit OEM

Microsoft Windows 8 OEM 64-bit (Full Version)

Microsoft Windows 8 OEM 64-bit (Full Version)

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Windows 8 64-bit OEM disc and license - Experience a new kind of desktop operating system with Windows 8 for cheap, Microsoft's latest PC OS offering! With a truly elegant design that plants this OS firmly in the present, Windows 8 64 bit is the most drastic departure from the dated Windows formula yet. With a modern user interface based around special "Live Tiles", you can turn your cluttered desktop into a sleek display of application panes, each giving you information before you even open them. This 64bit Windows 8 operating system designed for a more connected experience across multiple devices, and with integrated social media functionality, you'll have everything you need to keep up in today's connected world. Microsoft Windows 8 (64-Bit) - Full OEM - License & Disc. WIN 8 64 Bit 1Pack WIN 8 64 Bit 1Pack. Windows 8 System Builder DVD 64-Bit. Windows 8 System Builder OEM DVD 64-Bit. Windows 8 System Builder OEM DVD 64-Bit [Old Version]

Package Includes

  • Microsoft Windows 8 License
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Installation Disk (WN7-00404)
  • Microsoft EULA Agreement

Item#: WW6349
Brand: Microsoft
MPN: WN7-00404
Compatibility: See Specifications
Packaging: OEM
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

By midgetman from herrisburg pa on February 5, 2013
can i upgrade from ubuntu to windows 8

By Customer Service on February 6, 2013

Please refer to these official Windows 8 system requirements to determine your systems capacity to run this software:

By John from American Canyon, CA on February 28, 2013
If you can install on multiple computers, but only have one reg key. How much is another key? Same price? If it is the same price, then you should say you can only use on one computer.
By Customer Service on March 1, 2013

This operating system can only be installed on one computer. Bulk licenses for Microsoft Windows are typically not offered to consumers.

By miles from calhoun ga on February 9, 2013
if I buy one disk can I format and reinstall on 2 diff computer or would I need 2 disk
By Customer Service on February 11, 2013

You could use this product to install the OS on multiple computers. However, the product only includes one activation key for a single PC. So you would only be able to activate it on a single computer.

By Maria from New York, NY on February 17, 2014
I have a desk top and a laptop, on one i have windows vista, on the other i have windows XP. can i put windows 8 64bit on either one of these as upgrades? They are not touch screens will windows 8 work on them ? Is this the product that i need to upgrade ? will i receive this item on disk ?
By Customer Service on February 19, 2014

Yes, Windows 8 will run on a non-touch screen system, and we do sell the physical copy of Windows.

By tk from the woodlands, exas on November 1, 2012
i want to buy windows 8 to install on a lot of pc's at work, is there a setup for that and how much
By Customer Service on November 1, 2012

We only sell the individual OEM copies found here:

By Larry Presley from Maryville, TN on November 29, 2012
I currently have a Lenovo T410i that does not have an "Operating Sytem" installed. I will need the install, no the upgrade system. I sthis the correct product I need to load a NEW OS?
By Customer Service on November 30, 2012

Yes, this is the product you need. It will load the full OS on a computer with no operating system.

By oliver from uk on November 18, 2012
would this work in the uk or is it us only?
By Customer Service on November 19, 2012


This Windows 7 disc is absolutely UK friendly.

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