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itemId=tn8876-dtm-218-boom-pc-desktop-microphone|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=1|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Boom DTM-218 3.5mm PC Desktop Microphone with On/Off Switch|~|brand=Boom|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=3.0|~|ratingCount=2|~|price=4.88|~|priceReg=6.87|~|priceSale=4.88|~|image=
2 Reviews
  • Boom Desktop Microphone for PC General Features: Beige color High sensitivity microphone
  • Noise canceling design filters out unwanted background noise
  • On/Off switch eliminates echo when not in use Ideal for voice recognition, VoIP and video chat
  • Stands on desktop 6-foot cable length, approximate Specifications:
  • Type: Electrect condenser omni-directional
itemId=jz4726|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=10|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Cyber Acoustics ACM-51B Microphone for Computer|~|brand=Cyber Acoustics|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=4.0|~|ratingCount=25|~|price=4.98|~|priceReg=10.45|~|priceSale=4.98|~|image=
25 Reviews
itemId=ew7939|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=7|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Syba Goose Neck Desktop Tabletop Stereo Computer Microphone|~|brand=Syba|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=5.0|~|ratingCount=6|~|price=7.89|~|priceReg=12.56|~|priceSale=7.89|~|image=
6 Reviews
  • Flexible goose neck desktop microphone stand scientific mechanics design. Fashionable, durable and fadeless agaisnt long-term use
  • Omnidirectional condenser microphone features clear voice. The ON/OFF switch is user-friendly to control the mic
  • Portable, Simply plug in and play, Driver-free, works with any software, Superior clarity with the simplicity of a single plug-&-play connection
  • 3.5mm stereo plug fits most desktop computer and laptop. Enjoy ture -to- life audio in every device. 8 ft cable
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB +/- 2 dB. S/N ratio > 60 dB, Frequency range: 100 Hz - 16000 Hz. Smooth, extended frequency response is excellent for chatting over facetime, youtube, MSN, SKYPE, singing, speech and instruments
itemId=ua3392-zalman-zm-mic1-clip-on-headphone-mic|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=16|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Zalman Zm-Mic 1 High Sensitivity Standalone 3.5mm Clip On Mic Microphone Gaming|~|brand=Zalman|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=3.5|~|ratingCount=47|~|price=8.89|~|priceReg=12.78|~|priceSale=8.89|~|image=
47 Reviews
  • It has attractive & compact design
  • Localization - English
  • High Sensitivity Headphone Mic
  • 3 Mini Clips for Tidy Arrangement
  • Product Type - Headphone Microphone
  • System Components - N/A
itemId=hm1211|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=2|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Cyber Acoustics CVL-1064RB Desktop Microphone|~|brand=Cyber Acoustics|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=3.0|~|ratingCount=36|~|price=7.9|~|priceReg=12.98|~|priceSale=7.9|~|image=
36 Reviews
  • Unidirectional noise cancelling microphone for desktop and laptop computers
  • 3.5mm connection
  • On/Off switch
  • Adjustable mic arm angle
  • Perfect for speech / voice recognition applications, in office, den, or studio use
itemId=uu2653|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=3|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Cyber Acoustics ACM-1B Lapel Microphone with 3.5mm Connector|~|brand=Cyber Acoustics|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=4.0|~|ratingCount=48|~|price=5.92|~|priceReg=12.98|~|priceSale=5.92|~|image=
48 Reviews
itemId=kc3499|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=2|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Cyber Acoustics CVL-1065B Desktop Microphone with 7 Foot Cable|~|brand=Cyber Acoustics|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=4.5|~|ratingCount=5|~|price=7.21|~|priceReg=14.56|~|priceSale=7.21|~|image=
5 Reviews
  • Noise Canceling
  • 100Hz to 16kHz
  • Cable
itemId=pv1713|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=4|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Syba 3.5mm Adustable Desktop Microphone (Black)|~|brand=Syba|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=4.0|~|ratingCount=46|~|price=5.86|~|priceReg=17.45|~|priceSale=5.86|~|image=
46 Reviews
itemId=dp9831-cyber-acoustics-cvl-1084-usb-desktop-microphone|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=1|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Cyber Acoustics CVL-1084 Desktop USB Computer Microphone|~|brand=Cyber Acoustics|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=4.0|~|ratingCount=16|~|price=20.03|~|priceReg=28.78|~|priceSale=20.03|~|image=
16 Reviews
  • Unidirectional noise cancelling microphone for desktop and laptop computers
  • USB microphone connection
  • On/Off switch
  • Adjustable mic arm angle
  • Perfect for voice and speech recognition applications, in office, den, or studio use
itemId=ts4673|~|priceRange=1|~|orderable=T|~|orderCount=|~|call-to-order=|~|call-for-price=|~|hasOptions=T|~|isOrganic=F|~|isNew=F|~|bestseller=|~|name=Avermedia Technology AM310 Plug N Play USB Microphone|~|brand=AVerMedia|~|cpuBrand=|~|ramIncluded=|~|type=|~|rating=5.0|~|ratingCount=21|~|price=69.09|~|priceReg=122.59|~|priceSale=69.09|~|image=
21 Reviews
  • Perfect for music performers, vocalists, commentators, gamers and live streamers who long for studio-quality sound
  • A driver-free and plug-and-play design USB Microphone on your PC or Mac
  • The built-in cardioid condenser records sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone, delivering detail, accurate, full-bodies sound.
  • Equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack that enables you to either listen to what you’re recording in real-time or what’s playing on your computer, all at the toggle of a switch.
  • 2-year warranty after registry at AVerMedia website

Whether you're a gamer looking for a microphone for pc gaming, or a budding online star looking to record audio for your videos, getting a microphone for your pc is essential. We offer a wide selection of cheap usb mics for the pc, from high quality computer microphones to noise cancelling microphones. Having your own microphone for home recording is easy when you shop with us!

FAQ & Section Info

What does a microphone do for a PC?

A multimedia microphone is a great buy for anyone looking to add sound recording capabilities to their system. These devices typically plug into your sound card's Microphone In port (sometimes found in the front or back of a computer) or a USB port.

What would I buy a Microphone if my webcam records sound?

Webcams can have moderate quality sound recording, however, to get better sound and to have the ability to move the recording position, you can upgrade to a stand alone mic.