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What computer accessories do I need?

I suppose, by definition, you don't need computer accessories, but they can come in handy. Now in our computer accessories category, we have a lot of items that don't ust add to your PC functionality, but also help to add some ambience to your workstation, help create a cleaner and more sanitary working environment, as well as provide some fun and whimsy.

What are USB gadgets?

USB Gadgets are small devices that connect to your computer through an open USB port and may be anything from a desktop cooling fan for hot days in the office, a USB powered lighted ornament, or even a coffee mug warmer, though we do hope you'll do your best to keep that coffee from spilling on your PC or keyboard.

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Computer Accessories for your home or office PC. We carry everything from computer lights to accessories you'll need to use your computer in your car, cases & sleeves for your CD/DVDs, cleaning supplies (such as compressed air cans), ultra convenient and easy to use computer repair tool kits, surge strips, USB Hubs, and other PC & laptop accessories in this section. Be sure to visit the computer case lighting section for LEDs and cold cathodes.