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Video Adapters

Video adapter cables and connectors let you convert between one type of video to another type. Want to convert an HDMI connector on your PC to support a VGA monitor? Go HDMI to VGA. DVI to VGA? We have that too. With our selection choosing the right video cable adapter has never been easier! While most of our adapter selection is designed for use with computers, many of these will also work in other applications as well. Not only that, we also have a veriety of home theater video adapter kits. Purchase the video converter cables you need today.

FAQ & Section Info

Will I lose quality when using a video adapter cable?

For analog video adapters you almost always will lose some quality / signal strength, but it may or may not be all that noticeable. For example, the analog component of a DVI-A or DVI-I connector is nearly identical to VGA, which makes adapting a DVI-A or DVI-I port to VGA very simple (and common). For digital connectors it largely depends on what you are trying to do or achive. For example, converting an HDMI signal to a DVI-D signal loses almost nothing in the way of video signal, but you do lose the sound transfer capabilities of HDMI (DVI connectors do not pass through audio). For something like HDMI to VGA - digital to analog - you may experience a significantly higher rate of signal loss as you're now actively modifying the signal and the mediums simply are not compatible with one another.