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Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 Single Edition

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  • Advanced D5 compatible pump for PC watercooling application
  • PWM or manual max speed control
  • Maximum flow: 350l/h
  • Pressure at 12V: 4m head
  • Dimensions (DxH): 60 x 53.5mm
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Advanced D5 compatible pump for PC watercooling application
  • PWM or manual max speed control
  • Maximum flow: 350l/h
  • Pressure at 12V: 4m head
  • Dimensions (DxH): 60 x 53.5mm
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Alphacool is announcing the next evolution in pump technology with the VPP755 Eispump. This pump, technologically a completely new development, throws out all the old problems with the well-known D5 pumps and retains only the compatibility to all current D5 tops and brackets. The VPP755 Eispump dispenses with the spherical bearing and opts instead for a ceramic shaft that makes for quieter operation. The motor's coils are now on the outside instead of inside. All of this provides more stability, which results in less vibration. It also means the power consumption is cut nearly in half. Yet the VPP755 Eispump still boasts a 4m maximum head for higher performance. The VPP755 Eispump is also distinctly quieter than the classic, well-known D5 pump while providing the same performance. One of the innovations of the VPP755 Eispump is its many control options. The 4-pin molex connection provides the power, and plugs directly into the power supply. If desired, the 3-pin connection can be used to read the pump's RPM. This can be connected to the corresponding motherboard or to a fan controller. Through the 4-pin PWM connection, the pump can be controlled by PWM as usual. The RPM can be read through the 4-pin PWM connection as well.

  • Approved fluids: Water, Water/ glycol mixture
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 53.5 mm


  • Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 Single Edition

Brand: Alphacool

MPN: 13294

UPC: 4250197132947

Compatibility: 4-pin molex

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Pump Dimensions
60 x 60 x 53.5 mm
Pump Bearing
Aluminum, Ceramic, Plastic
Max. Discharge head
4m, Good (2 to 4m)
Max. System temperature
Possible control range
8-13V DC
Power connector
4-Pin Molex
Power input
12V DC

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

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11.11% (1)
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77.78% (7)
By anonymous shopper
Arrived doa
Completely doa. Purchased through another vendor, and even before i tested it i had to try 3 different d5 pump tops before i could get any kind of static seal. One was older, the other 2 i bought within the last 2 months. This says universal fit for d5 tops...Please! Based on all the reviews all over the web i'll never buy anything eispumpe again. To top it off, you need to pay to ship it to germany and get reimbursed if they think it might be their manufacturing problem. I didn't purchase it from outletpc, but almost everything i buy comes from here for business and personal, so just a heads up on this one. There is no troubleshooting issue here...You plug it in, turn power on to your psu and it runs or doesn't. I even tried combinations of the 3 and 4 pin plugs with the molex connector to see if that would kick it on, nothing. This is a big risk but you might get lucky. Looks like about 1/2 the people do. And i thought "made in china" was bad enough, but germany too?! C'mon man!
By Andrew Weaver
They work when they feel like it. Total garbage
Do not buy this pump. I did not purchase from this seller, so nothing against them at all. I've been running two of these for a few months. Two have failed and been warrantied, and now the replacement pair are failing. Sometimes they turn on, sometimes they don't. They work when they feel like it. Total garbage. Search around, tons of people have pump failure problems.
By Nolhan Carpentier
Buy one of these pumps if you want to tear your system down and replace it with a reliable model in 3 months. Worthless, garbage pumps.
By anonymous shopper
Five stars
Want a very up to date pump.
By anonymous shopper
Avoid and get a d5
Died after only 6 months by throwing the pastic collar piece of the impeller.Before that it was really quiet even on fuil speed though which was as well. As mentioned, the dial + pwm is kind of annoying since the pwm can not go above what the dial is set to making pwm redundant.
By Zoran Wende
Looks amazing, but
Bought two of these along with eideckes. Looks amazing, but, like others here, one pump died just outside the 30 day return window. The second one had issues in the beginning where i had to unplug it several times to get it to start but after a couple weeks it stopped and has been fine since. This pump worked fine until it stopped coming on with no warning what so ever. Going to try another manufacturer. This isn't acceptable.
By Anna Gallardo
It had to have sat there for a couple weeks like that as disgusting as the water was
Died within a month of purchase. Had it in a server and didn't know the pump quit. It had to have sat there for a couple weeks like that as disgusting as the water was. Thank god the cpu's are e5- 2620's and they don't run real hot to begin with. I think convection was the only thing keeping the cpu's cool enough to operate.Won't ever purchase or even consider this pump again and won't and can't recommend it. Back to the old and trust worthy d5!
By Mattias Hermes
Defective used pump
1-.Faulty 2-- ran backwards 3- speed control dint work shut down my system 4-no directions included,some short or somethin dont know..Package was not original factory seal.Feel like i got some else's problem set to me....I know these are good pumps my kid has one ..I will just get another from manufacter,seems only way not to get a used or defective pump..
By anonymous shopper
Three stars because it is excellent when it works
Powerful and very low noise pump but not dependable. Oftentimes it will fail to start or spin and have to wait a bit longer to restart. Of the three vpp755s i ordered, two are having this kind of problem and one was doa. My loop is simple with koolance liquid coolant. Three stars because it is excellent when it works.


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Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 Single Edition

Price: $65.99
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