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Thermaltake Floe AIO Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition PWM TR4 LGA2066 Ready Liquid Cooling System CL-W157-PL12SW-A

MPN: CL-W157-PL12SW-A | SKU: AR5107
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    • Key Selling Points

    Key Selling Points

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      A cool, stylish addition to your gaming machine, the Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition is the world’s first 16.8 million colors liquid CPU cooler with two 120mm Riing Plus RGB fans and an LED waterblock. This all-in-one water cooler has everything pre-assembled, facilitating easy installation and eliminating the hassle of filling coolant. Every component is meticulously manufactured, like high-performance waterblock and pump, durable sleeved tubing, large surface radiator and powerful yet quiet fans, to guarantee the best possible cooling performance, acoustics and protection for the CPU. Besides, the waterblock and the fans are fitted with multiple addressable LEDs that can be controlled by Riing Plus RGB Software. Functions within the software also allow users to monitor fan performance, track CPU temperature, and control and customize the 16.8 million LED lighting to create your colorful masterpiece.

      • Software Enabled fuctions for RGB LED, Fan Speed and Brightness
      • Expandable Software Ready to link other Riing products together (Link Cable Included)
      • High performance copper base plate design accelerates heat conductivity
      • Supports up to (4) 120mm fans for Push/Pull configurations.
      • Riing Plus 12 RGB LED Fans (x2) High Static Pressure Design
      • Custom designed 240mm large surface aluminum radiator
      • High quality pump enables maximum water circulation and worry free maintenance
      • Includes universal mounting kit for multiple CPU socket configurations
      • Factory filled coolant requires no refill
      • Easy installation with maintenance-free operation


      • Thermaltake Floe AIO 240mm Radiator Liquid CPU System
      • 2 x 120mm Riing Plus 12 RGB Fans with Cable Hardware
      • Universal Socket Kit (TR4 / LGA 2066 ready)
      • Radiator and Fan Mounting Screws (Corse / Fine Screws both included)
      • Quick Start Guide

      Brand: Thermaltake

      MPN: CL-W157-PL12SW-A

      UPC: 841163069073

      Compatibility: Intel and AMD sockets

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Floe Riing RGB 240 TT Premium Edition
      Liquid Cooling System
      Block Compatibility
      Intel LGA 2066 / 2011-3 / 2011 / 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150

      AMD Socket AM4 / AM3+ / AM3 / AM2+ / AM2 / FM2 / FM1
      Bl&111;ck Dimensions
      240.00 x 120.00 x 27.00 mm
      Bl&111;&99;k Material
      CPU Plate (Water Block) Material: Copper
      Radiator Material: Aluminum
      Pump Capacity
      Rated Voltage: 12V / 5V
      Rated Current: 325 mA / 0.4A
      Motor Speed: 3600 R.P.M
      Radiator Dimensions
      240.00 x 120.00 x 27.00 mm
      Fan Size
      2 Fan Slots (120mm)
      Fan Dimensions
      120.00 x 120.00 x 25.00 mm
      Fan RPM
      500 - 1400 RPM
      Fan Air Flow
      14.2 - 42.34 CFM
      Fan Noise
      19.8 - 24.7 dB-A
      Fan Connector
      5 Pin
      LED Color
      RGB Color Selector Options with 16.8 million colors
      Tube Dimensions
      326mm (Length)
      Tube Material

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      40.91% (9)
      0.0% (0)
      22.73% (5)
      13.64% (3)
      22.73% (5)
      By Durval Pereira
      Controler sticks to default values after hibernation
      I switched to this product from an earlier version of the tt liquid cooling because the software there was not developed anymore and the fans suddenly started to make noise due to high rpm. Depsite the good hardware, the tt riing plug software has a long standing bug which can be found in their forums for months without being fixed. After putting the system to sleep (hibernation) and waking it up, the controler "forgot" the previous settings and initializes with default values. The software needs manually be ended and restartet. I don't know any software on my system not supporting a hibernation except this high end liquid cooling solution. That's terrible and the support ignores it. From that point of view, i cannot recommend the system.
      By anonymous shopper
      I gave this a low mark as it requires a usb socket on the main board and the usb software is not recognized by citrix and crashes my citrix sessions. Don’t use it on a system that you both for personal and business use!
      By Marionice Da Rosa
      100% $atisfied
      To quote phill robertson, i'm happy happy happy !
      By Gianluca Giraud
      Very satisfied with this cooling system!!
      I ordered this cooler for my pc build. It has been running about a week now. So far, everything is working very well. I would recommend this for someone who wants to run a liquid cooler for their system.
      By anonymous shopper
      "coolest" thing i ever put in a computer! Lots of extra wiring, be prepared.
      This is definitely the "coolest" thing i've ever put in a computer. Coolest... Get it? Seriously, when i first turned it on i was very impressed with how awesome it appear to be. That being said, the only major con is the tremendous amount of extra wiring it comes with. I think it adds about five feet of wires to the rig (conservatively) and i just wasn't prepared for that, not taking away any stars for it though. I haven't tested out if it really is more effective than other similar cooling units.
      By Helmi Polon
      Please don’t waste your money and time to try it.
      The rgb controller burned after second boot my computer. Very bad product.
      By Kenzo Lemaire
      Great cooling, quality hardware, flawed rgb controller/software
      I am using this as a part of a new am4 ryzen 1700 build. Specs as follows: case: thermaltake view 32 psu: evga supernova 2 650w graphics: evga geforce gtx 1070 ftw cpu: ryzen 1700 @ 3.8ghz motherboard: asrock ab350 pro 4 memory: corsair vengence 3000 ddr cpu cooler (obviously): thermaltake floe dual ring rgb 240 tt premium edition the good: it was easy to install and keeps the cpu very cool. This feels like a very solid product overall including the build of the cpu mount, radiator, cables, controller. The oc to 3.8 was dead simple and stays cool. Planning to go to 4.0 and doubt i will have any trouble (at least not from the cooler). I used different thermal compound than what came with it (arctic mx-4 which folks love or hate). I have always used arctic products but hadn't tried mx-4 before. Will keep an eye on it but i am pleased with the performance so far. The lighting effects are painfully bad for the most part. The segmented led effects are representative with everything bad about rgb in systems. They are cheesy and distracting. I prefer the aurora effect but the options are very limited. More on that under the bad. The effect is pleasing and subtle enough that it looks pretty good. It really shows off the benefit of the premium riing fans over the normal ones in that you can do these type of fading effects. You can have the colors coordinate across the different fans/cooler which is nice, but they are offset using most of the effects which is good and bad. The good is that if that is what you are after, it is a cool thing. Aurora or solid colors look fantastic overall, very bright and vibrant. The bad: the controller, for a supposedly premium product, is not compatible with other tt fans/controllers or my motherboard. So i have 2 controllers for riing fans in my rig (for the non-premium ones that came with the case and the water cooler). The fans for the case are controlled through a button on the case, which is very limiting. Unlike other tt controllers, i cannot 'pause' on a color i like. So while the controller can cycle through 256 colors, you can only stop on one of the few base colors which is lame. Might as well get white fans. Of course you can always buy a better controller if you really want to coordinate anything better across your system (so you can pause on the color you like). So let's talk about the 'premium' controller now. It doesn't actually save your settings. You must wait for it to load into windows to load your settings. So it defaults the annoying rgb spin cycle effect until it loads. The controller that comes with the case does, in fact, save your setting and doesn't require the os at all. But that isn't even the best part. If your computer sleeps, the application fails to initialize the controller. So it will load up fine (it never quit upon sleep) but it loses the connection to the controller and the software is so poorly designed it cannot reconnect on its own. Only by forcing the app to close and restarting it can you again control... The controller. The app is not frozen, it works just fine and shows your settings. But changing profiles, settings, or anything has absolutely no effect so you are back in spinny rainbow land. This is absolutely unacceptable for a reported 'premium' product. This could be easily solved in a couple ways if tt would spend a few minutes with a decent developer versus blaming their customers (their hardware/bios/efi settings) on their forums. 1. Save the preference to the controller (which ffs should be the default so it loads this way and does not depend on the os or their software) or 2. The app should be able to reconnect to the controller even if it must poll the controller more than once (see below for tt's defense of the issue). 3. Restart the app when waking from sleep. This is crude but in fact, the only way to actually fix this given how terrible their app is. Some more creative folks have written scripts on their own accord that do this. Further, the effects they do provide you are too limiting. You cannot specify say two or three colors for aurora... This would keep the colors in the cooler end of the spectrum which i would want, but instead must use all the colors. The software let's you use a finite amount of colors for some of the segmented effects but those all feel like some cheesy robotic lighting effect from the 50's rather than something high-tech. The ugly: it's your fault. At least that is what tt would tell you. Go ahead, read their forums. This is covered pretty well and they state that it is your fault for having a 'newer motherboard' and it is a 'setting with your usb in bios/efi'. Well, i can tell you that from what i can see, there is nothing i can do on my end to solve for this in efi settings. This is such a terrible cop out for actually a defect in the engineering of their product/software. This is like apple saying "you are holding it wrong" to customers when they had terrible engineering of their phones. People have posted scripts which basically automate the termination/restart of their app as a 'solution' and tt gives folks a pat on the back and "hope it works for ya". How about fixing your app? Hell, i could do it for them, it cannot possibly be that complicated. My intern could figure it out in 5 minutes undoubtedly. Blaming your customers for your poor design decisions is bad business and it makes me never want to buy another product from these people. I love my case, i think the cooler is outstanding overall. However, the software is defective and they know it but don't want to take responsibility for fixing it. Put that on top of the reports of them knowingly shipping defective controllers out to people and it just stinks. ==== if you don't care about rgb you may want to avoid this because you are likely going to be dealing with the same frustration as me and having spinny rainbows in your case constantly. Stab.Me.In.The.Eyes.With.A.Spoon.Please. Maybe you will get lucky and not have this issue. I just want to be able to set the color and forget about it. Easy, right? Theoretically, this could be fixed through some simple software updates, hopefully tt will make it so. If they do, i will update my review accordingly. So all this being said, i think this is a good product and should get 4 or 5 stars were it not defective by poor split.
      By Adalgisa Da Rocha
      Looks cool, needs updating.
      I had a 3 star rating before, but this was all due to user error. I placed one of the connectors on the wrong side of the box. But i'm still very frustrated with a couple of things. The app which they market as really good, does not work 90% of the time, is not updated well at all, it looks like it was made 3 years ago for the first iphone. I payed $140 for this, and the thermal take logo is upside down. And this is not just mine. I wanted to see if anyone else's was like this, and sure enough. One google search brings up a ton of upside down logo's making it look mediocre. 140$ for a upside down logo, unusable app, and mediocre software. Personally, i wish i seen the cooler master one first, because it looks better, i heard it works better, and is 30$ cheaper.
      By Sofia Grewal
      Lights dont wok at all
      Lights do not work controllers do not work fans are only thing that works contacted tt support 5 times no resolution 5th time the message was sorry we are not open on weekends no mention on other 4 contacts over past 2 weeks 4th time was ignored you can make your own conclusions recommend do not buy
      By anonymous shopper
      An excellent cpu or gpu cooler with bright and beautiful rgb ...
      An excellent cpu or gpu cooler with bright and beautiful rgb led capabilities marred by infuriatingly broken software. After a recent video card purchase (msi aero gtx 1080) which i converted to water cooled, i decided to migrate my pc to a new case and water cool my cpu as well. After being inspired by some of the beautiful lighting schemes i had seen online, i as well decided to add some color to my new build. Enter the floe riing 240 by thermaltake. (we couldn't have just used flow ring? Why not th3rma1tayk?) the thermaltake floe riing 240 was simple to install. The instructions are basic but adequate. I had no problems. Upon initial startup, the product lit up in it's default pattern and seemed to function well. The leds were bright and colorful. As for cooling, my i5-6600k overclocked to 4.3ghz never strays above 50 degrees celcius at 100% load. I'm very happy with thermal performance. Next i installed thermaltake's tt rgb plus software, used to control fan speed and led pattern, speed, and brightness. Here's where things go off the rails a bit. Immediately upon launching the program, it threw an error window onto the screen informing me that one of the sensors was malfunctioning. As it turns out, the software simply failed to identify the waterblock. I manually selected the waterblock and the error disappeared (the error returns every time i restart the software or my pc and i have to manually select the waterblock each time). The software gives you options to choose for each fan and the waterblock, allowing for changes in led color, pattern and speed and to sync all the components connected to the controller. This part does not work well. The waterblock mostly refuses to sync colors with the fans, often refusing to display definite colors when in definite modes. Solid color modes work perfectly for all connected devices, but when in one of the modes that cycles through all possible colors (a sort-of rainbow mode), the waterblock will refuse to display some of the colors (most notably red). I've managed to get the waterblock and fans to sync up and display all colors, but it requires me to set the waterblock to "match color" and then click on the "default" button on one of the fans over and over again while watching the waterblock until it happens to sync up. This is something one must do everytime you restart your pc if you want a rainbow pattern. Very annoying. Pros - easy install - attractive design - bright, beautiful colors - excellent cooling - quiet fans cons - horrible software, in both design and functionality, mar an otherwise fantastic product.


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      Thermaltake Floe AIO Riing RGB 240 TT PWM TR4

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