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Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive Epoxy with Application Wand - 7g

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  • Permanent adhesive
  • Use with many components
  • 7g set
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Permanent adhesive
  • Use with many components
  • 7g set
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Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive was formulated to conduct heat, not electricity and is specifically engineered for high electrical resistance. A set of Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive consists of two tubes containing a total of 7 grams of adhesive (3.5 grams of Part A and 3. The Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive is a permanent adhesive. Components you attach with Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive will stay attached forever

  • Brand: Arctic Silver
  • Arctic Silver Epoxy
  • Product Size: Two tubes
  • 3.5 grams of Part A and 3.5 grams of Part B
  • Bonds two materials together
  • Made with 99.8% pure micronized silver.
  • 62% to 65% silver content by weight.
  • Superior thermal conductivity
  • Greater than 7.5 W/m Degrees K
  • Temperature range: -40C to >150C
  • Negligible electrical conductivity
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Use with many components
  • 7g set


  • One (1) Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive - 7g

Brand: Arctic Silver


UPC: 635145501718

Compatibility: Heatsinks / CPU Cores

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

Product Details

Electrical Outlet Plug Type
Thermal Compound

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By fernald
Just chilling
After a hard day of moving electrons around I cool off by cracking open a nice can of arctic silver, sit back and let the thermal flow :)
By Roy Wheaton
Great product - Great service
I have used this epoxy very often for permanently attaching MOSFETS to heatsinks when there are no mounting holes, or when I need to insulate the thermal pad from the heatsink. It works very very well. Strong adhesion, reasonable working time. The package was well packed and shipped right after my order.
By Tamme Pilon
Five stars
Works as always.
By Elisa Pastor
I use this all the time and it works great for attaching heatsinks to stuff
I use this all the time and it works great for attaching heatsinks to stuff, or can be used as a thermal insulator to aid in heat transfer (by applying extremely thick layers).
By Jayden Denys
Very happy
Product worked great. I initially received the wrong size 3oz. They shipped out the right size container (7oz) right away.
By Jetske Arling
Five stars
Arctic silver has never failed me - 14 processors and counting. This product is the epoxy adhesive version of arctic silver - not for processors, of course, but for chipsets and memory modules that provide no other way of attaching heat dissipating finned radiators (heatsinks). Quick, effective treatment for overtoasty motherboards.
By anonymous shopper
Five stars
Excellent product and great customer technical support.
By anonymous shopper
Works great. Despite the 99.8% silver it is not conductive.
I thought this would be conductive, was not, still needed it for the job. Works great dealing with leds in excess of 400f.
By Justin Vestli
Made in the u.S.A
I used this artic silver to re-tack the north bridge of my gigabyte motherboard. My poor handling of the board initially caused the north bridge heatsink to separate from the original adhesive. I took a small pair of pliers and removed the pins from the back of the board then cleaned off the old adhesive with a credit card and rubbing alcohol. It took about 5 minutes between mixing the solutions and getting them to settle. I determined the time before putting the board back in by the left over solution on a piece of card board i used. This is good stuff
By anonymous shopper
Works perfectly!
I had to order this because the thermal epoxy that came with my arctic cooling accelero s1 plus cooler that was total garbage. This epoxy set up and held the heat sinks in place in less time then the original epoxy took to mix up. Supposedly the micronized silver doesn't conduct electricity as well as the aluminum in other epoxies. I since i was having to clean up the mess from the original epoxy, i ended up putting some silicon on the legs of the chips just to be sure.


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Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive Epoxy Application Wand 7g

Price: $17.89
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