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Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Thermal Compound - 3.5 Grams

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      With Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound your processor will be running cooler and safer than ever before - and if you're overclocking, this is the thermal paste you need to get. The #1 rated thermal grease year after year, Arctic Silver 5 has revolutionized the silver TIM industry with a product that has consistently outperformed the competition. This is the fastest-selling & best thermal paste every year and it isn't slowing down.

      Its unique high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic particles, Arctic Silver 5 provides a new level of performance and stability. Available at Arctic Silver resellers worldwide. Arctic Silver 5 is the reference premium thermal compound. Arctic Silver 5 is optimized for a wide range of bond lines between modern high-power CPUs and high-performance heatsinks or water-cooling solutions.

      Arctic Silver 5 contains over 88% thermally conductive filler by weight. In addition to micronized silver, Arctic Silver 5 also contains sub-micron zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, and boron nitride particles.

      Performance 3 to 12 degrees centigrade lower CPU full load core temperatures than standard thermal compounds or thermal pads when measured with a calibrated thermal diode imbedded in the CPU core.

      Coverage Area: A 3.5 gram syringe contains enough compound to cover at least 15 to 25 small CPU cores, or 6 to 10 large CPU cores, or 2 to 5 heat plates. At a layer 0.003" thick, the 3.5 gram syringe will cover approximately 16 square inches.

      Controlled Triple-Phase Viscosity Arctic Silver 5 does not contain any silicone. The suspension fluid is a proprietary mixture of advanced polysynthetic oils that work together to provide three distinctive functional phases. As it comes from the syringe, Arctic Silver 5's consistency is engineered for easy application. During the CPU's initial use, the compound thins out to enhance the filling of the microscopic valleys and ensure the best physical contact between the heatsink and the CPU core. Then the compound thickens slightly over the next 50 to 200 hours of use to its final consistency designed for long-term stability. (This should not be confused with conventional phase change pads that are pre-attached to many heatsinks. Those pads melt each time they get hot then re-solidify when they cool.

      The viscosity changes that Arctic Silver 5 goes through are much more subtle and ultimately much more effective.)

      • Optimized for use between modern high-power CPUs
      • Contains 99.9% pure silver
      • Silver particles maximize particle-to-particle contact area & thermal transfer
      • High-Density
      • Over 88% thermally conductive filler by weight
      • Improved performance and long-term stability
      • Engineered for easy application
      • Not Electrically Conductive
      • Absolute Stability - will not separate, run, migrate, or bleed.
      • Enough to cover 15 to 25 small CPU cores or 6 to 10 large CPU cores
      • Thermal Conductance: >350,000W/m2 Degrees C (0.001 inch layer)
      • Thermal Resistance: <0.0045 Degrees C-in2/Watt (0.001 inch layer)
      • Average Particle Size: <0.49 microns <0.000020 inch
      • Extended Temp Limits: Peak: -50 Degrees C to >180 Degrees C
      • 3 - 12 Degrees C lower CPU temperatures over other compounds


      • Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Grease Tube - 3.5g

      Brand: Arctic Silver

      MPN: AS5-3.5G

      UPC: 832199001014

      Compatibility: CPUs; GPUs; Metals

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

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      83.61% (255)
      10.82% (33)
      2.95% (9)
      1.31% (4)
      1.31% (4)
      By D
      No issues
      No issues
      By Sarah Wood
      The one
      Works perfect
      By Susana Charles
      Five stars
      Always my go to best thermal paste i have found
      You get what you pay for
      The best of the best when it comes to thermal paste for the price. I only use arctic silver and my computer runs great because of it.
      By Holly Walker
      Running cooler
      The thermal paste appears to make good thermal contact between a new heat pipe and the lap top cpu. The material was delivered on time and packaged appropriately.
      By Isaac Schmidt
      Heard great things but did not outperform the standard paste
      Heard great things but did not outperform the standard paste,i suppose perhaps might as time goes by. Claimed after 200 hours a 5 degree drop, did not seems to though. That said i did what it was supposed to. Fast shipping! Plenty enough for a handful of cpu's to be pasted. Tip:a drop will do,this paste is slick/slippery.
      By Jack Hughes
      Four stars
      Five stars
      Ordered to fix my xbox one and worked perfectly!
      By Lily Wade
      Looking forward the shopping
      Looking forward the shopping again
      By Antoine Johnson
      Good stuff, but the tiniest size i have ever seen... 3 grams!?!?Be sure to buy the 2-pack for a dollar more... Just scroll down a bit to find it.


      Question & Answers
      By OutletPC Shopper on 2016-10-14
      is it good lol

      By Customer Service on 2016-10-17

      Only the best!

      By OutletPC Shopper on 2018-06-28
      I had a question I had found some of this and some of my items and I didn't know exactly what it was for can you let me know what this stuff is used for thank you I'd really much appreciated I just wanted to know because I thought it was something like an epoxy but I somehow think I'm probably wrong

      By Customer Service on 2018-06-29

      This thermal paste is mainly used to apply to the CPU processor as a buffer for that and the CPU fan/heatsink. Without that thermal paste, the processor would quickly heat and burn up.

      By OutletPC Shopper on 2015-10-06
      this is for my first build, how much should I use?

      By Customer Service on 2015-10-07

      James, You should not use more than pea sized drop. It will spread out once the heatsink is mounted

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      Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Thermal Compound - 3.5 Grams

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