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GeLid Silent12 120mm 20.2dBa Low Noise Case Fan (White)

MPN: FN-SX12-10 | SKU: C2194
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  • Bearing Type: Hydro Dynamic Bearing
  • Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Noise Level: 20 dBA
  • Static Pressure: 1.07 mmAq
  • Power Connector: 3 Pin Molex
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Bearing Type: Hydro Dynamic Bearing
  • Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Noise Level: 20 dBA
  • Static Pressure: 1.07 mmAq
  • Power Connector: 3 Pin Molex
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Gelid Solutions Gelid Silent 12 120Mm Low Noise Fan-1000 Rpm 20.2 Dba. Designed for Silent enthusiasts GELID Silent case fans provide additional airflow without increasing noise levels and at affordable prices. Precisely balanced fan blades and long life Hydro Dynamic bearing guarantee ultra low noise. To add to the 1silence fan mounts replace traditional screws and are made of high quality, temperature resistant, extra long lasting rubber and stop vibrations from the fan motor from traveling into your PC case. Gelid Silent 120mm Case Fan. GeLid Silent12 FN-SX12-10 120mm 20.2dBa Low Noise Case Fan (White) . GeLid Silent12 FN-SX12-10 120mm 20.2dBa Low Noise Computer Case Fan (White) . GELID Solutions FN-SX12-10 Case cooler

  • Brand: GeLid
  • Circulation Optimized Fan Blades
  • Silent Operation
  • High Airflow & High Static Pressure
  • Rubber Fan Mounts
  • Long Lifetime (50'000 h MTTF at 40 Degrees C)
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Airflow: 37 CFM
  • Rated Fan Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Noise Level: 20.2 dB(A)
  • Bearing: Hydro Dynamic Bearing
  • Connector: 3pin Molex
  • Safety Approvals: CE, RoHS Compliant
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • 120mm
  • 1000 RPM 37 CFM
  • Hydro Dynamic Bearing
  • 20.2 dBA


  • One (1) Gelid Silent 12 120mm Case Fan - FN-SX12-10
  • Rubber Fan Mounts

Brand: GeLid

MPN: FN-SX12-10

UPC: 4897025780118

Compatibility: 3-pin Power Connector

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

Product Details

GELID Solutions
Silent Case Fan
Fan Size
Bearing Type
Hydro Dynamic Bearing
1000 RPM
Air Flow
37 CFM
Noise Level
20.2 dBA
Power Connector
3 Pin Molex
Silent Operation
Optimized Fan Blades
High Airflow &High Static Pressure
Rubber Fan Mounts
Long Lifetime (50'000 h MTTF at 40°C)
Safety Approvals: CE, RoHS Compliant
120 x 120 x 25mm

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Nice, slow, quiet fans.
If you need a quiet fan, and not a ton of air flow, this is a great way to go. If you think you may need to vary the speed then you'll need a different fan. These units are very well made for the purpose they were designed to suit.
By Heather Wood
Nice fans.
Got one of these on the back of my case. Silent and does its job. Push pull design of installation is nice, no screws needed.
By Esma Hakyemez
Excellent fan for low noise
This is a quiet low speed fan, running at only 1000 rpm. These blades in particular are designed to have a good balance of airflow and pressure, making them a good general purpose fan. These fans compare favorably to a lot of other fans in its price range and performance level. A number of advantages that this fan has include an (1) excellent motor, (2) tool-less removal of fan blades, (3) open corners, (4) a sleeved cable, and (5) a ridiculous 5 year warranty.1) its motor is very high in quality such that unlike a lot of other fans, it doesn't click or make other electronic noises, even when undervolted.2) the blade impeller can be pushed out easily by grabbing the frame with your fingers, and pushing on the blades with your thumbs. This allows you to easily clean the fan blades, or even to add in lubrication if you so desire. Other fans usually use a c-clip to lock the impeller axle into the bearing, requiring you to both peel the sticker and carefully use pliers to remove the fan blades. Reattaching the blades is to simply push the axle back into the bearing and push down until it clicks in place. Sometimes delivery can end up tossing packages around, and the fan blades might pop out a bit during transit. Just make sure the blades are all the way into the base before installing.3) open corners seems like an odd advantage, but numerous heatsinks have fan mounting clips that require open corners to hold onto the fans. Examples of this are the noctua d14, c14, thermalright silver arrow sb-e, and archon sb-e. This fan will mount on those heatsinks, but fans with enclosed corners will require hard modification.4) sleeved cable looks nice. It isn't a tight weave, so while the cable is quite flexible, it is as well somewhat see-through so if you look at it closely, you can kinda see the red and yellow wires through the sleeving.5) warranty seems to be matched only by a few other companies. I have never needed to call in a warranty so i can't speak for their service. I've had these fans running on older computers for years and the first ones i've purchased are still running without problems.Be definite however, that in exchange for being low noise, these, like all other quiet fans, are as well low airflow. While many manufacturers will rate their fans as having massive airflow with minimal noise, gelid's ratings on this fan are actually realistic, which is very rare amongst fan manufacturers. With a gratuitously large heatsink, these can keep a 125 watt cpu cool, but leaves very little room for overclocking. I personally used a single one of these fans mounted on the bottom of a noctua c14, and it was capable of keeping an amd 8320 cool at up to 4.2 ghz, but any higher speed required a bump in voltage and ultimately pushed the temperature to unsafe levels; the fan just didn't have enough airflow at that point.So, who is this fan for?This is a great fan for those who are looking for an inexpensive fan that doesn't make strange noises when undervolting.This is as well for those who are looking for a fan that's quiet at 12v, resulting in quiet performance without any fan control.This has more than enough performance for anything that won't be overclocked, or only lightly overclocked.This is not a good choice if you live in a noisy environment such as near a high traffic road or if you have an air conditioner constantly running. The background noise in your home will be high enough that you could use a higher airflow fan without hearing it. On the other hand, those who are very sensitive to noise and who live in very quiet homes, like those located in the suburbs away from high traffic roads might find this fan to be louder than desirable, it's really too hard to tell.This is not a good choice if you want really high overclocks.Those who live in very hot climates may have to be careful with this fan as well.For more information, check out silentpcreview. They tend to use a nexus 120mm 1000rpm as their reference fan, and it has the same blade geometry as this gelid. The nexus is slightly quieter with roughly the same airflow, so you can see the kind of temperatures they get on various heatsinks and processors to get an idea for this fans performance and cooling capacity.
By Jabir Kamman
Great value
If you are looking for silence in a fan, this is probably the biggest bang for your buck you'll find. There are better performing or slightly quieter fans, but you'll end up paying 2 or 3 times as much, and the performance isn't 2 or 3 times better. I always use gelid silent series fans for systems i know won't be overclocked, they provide more then enough air flow and you can't hear them at lower rpms. If you have them at 100% you can start to hear them, but rarely if ever will you need to have your fans going full speed.If you're looking for a well priced quality fan, here it is!
As quiet as one would expec
These fans move a lot of air without making much noise at all. Definitely are on my list for the furutre.
Silent series fans are awesome
Moves a lot of air very quietly, lives up to its claims. I've been running gelid silent series fans for years now and wouldn't run anything else for the price.
By Tristan Madsen
Silent 120mm fans
Gelid makes a very quiet fan. They emphasize low noise over high airflow so don't expect a ton of airflow but do expect a whisper quiet fan that moves air. This was the perfect exhaust fan for a nas box that's on all the time.
By Millie Harris
The cables are pretty long which makes cable management alot easier
High quality and they are more quiet than the fans i replaced them with which ran at lower speeds. The cables are pretty long which makes cable management alot easier. I've got 2 of these fans mounted on my hdd cages blowing air directly on my gpu. I have them running at 7v and they are only audible in a completely silent room with my ear up to the case. Great product for the price - it even comes with a case sticker.
By Rosa Hansen
Nice quiet fan
Yes it is a quiet fan and moves a decent amount of air. If you are looking for a super high cfm fan this is not what you want, but if you want decent air movement with quiet this is a good fan. Best i have found for the price. I will buy again
By Hanna Harris
Silent, inexpensive, but slightly difficult to install.
The good: quiet fans as advertised, they look pretty good in my opinion, pwm cables are sufficient in length.The not so good: the mounting adapters are quite difficult to pull through the fans. I needed to use a pair of leatherman pliers to finally wrangle them through.Overall, the slight hassle installing doesn't take away from the fact that they are quiet, inexpensive fans, but still warrants one less star since there are better, albeit more expensive, solutions for quite fans out there.


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