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GeLid 4-Pin Fan Power PWM Y Cable

MPN: CA-PWM-01 | SKU: C2226
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  • This "Y" cable connects to your motherboard and controls two PWM fans from one spot
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • This "Y" cable connects to your motherboard and controls two PWM fans from one spot
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Gelid CA-PWM-01 PWM-Y Cable Adapter. The PWM signal input from the mainboard is used to control a series of connected PWM fans for optimal performance in noise and cooling.- Bullet Point Features -Features:Connect 2 PWM fans to your mainboard's CPU socket. Use multiple Y cables to connect a series of up to 5 PWM fans and provide as much extra cooling as desired.Power drawn into your CPU cooler is adjusted depending on its temperature. An idle CPU does not generate as much heat, requires less active cooling, and hence slower fan speeds will be sufficient. Further this also reduces the overall ambient noise of your PC and it's handled automatically with little risk to your PC components.While PWM fan controllers are very common in today's PC industry and available on most mainboards, there is often only one or two such PWM headers, reserved for the CPU and or the chipset fans. One way this excellent noise reduction idea can be extended to the numerous case fans inside a typical PC is by utilizing a GELID PWM Y Cable. The long cable provide enough length to reach any location in your case.

  • Brand: GeLid
  • 4 pin fan power cable splitter
  • The length is 14 inches.
  • Plug side 1x4 pin female connector and connector side is 2x 4pin male connectors
  • Connector A: 1x TX4 female
  • Connector B: 2x TX4 male
  • Connector Number: 3
  • 3 Connector Number
  • Other


  • One (1) GeLid 4pin Y Adapter Cable Splitter - GeLid PWM Y

Brand: GeLid


UPC: 4897025780149

Compatibility: 4pin Power Devices

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

Product Details

GELID Solutions
PWM Y Cable

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

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75.56% (34)
11.11% (5)
6.67% (3)
4.44% (2)
2.22% (1)
Five stars
Great length!
By Suna Noij
Three stars
By Friederike Bruhn
Five stars
Do whats suppose to do.. Very nice
Does exactly what it's supposed to do.
Got this for my computer that only had 1 slot left on the motherboard. Works perfectly for the 2 extra fans i was putting in.
By Erico De Souza
It works perfect.
Works as it should. Didn't have to modify it as other have. Has four wires to one, three to the other. One fan just doesn't report its speed (so they don't interfere with each other (it's the other people's reason for clipping one wire)). Both run at the same set/automatic variable speed. No fire so far.
Four stars
Somewhat bent but works perfectly fine gets the job done
By Emily Johansen
The pins were slightly bent on both pwm connectors. ...
The pins were slightly bent on both pwm connectors. I'm planning to get another from a different brand and seller.
By Ben Cox
This splitter has a 4-pin pwm socket that splits into ...
This splitter has a 4-pin pwm socket that splits into a 4-pin pwm and a "3-pin" socket that will work only on 3-pin components that do not need a ground pin.
By Deniz Akay
Four stars
Pin missing, still functional however
Rip off
Not properly split, only one side works


Question & Answers
By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-01-21
one of the connections should only have 3 pin and the other 4 it that the case with this one?

By Customer Service on 2012-01-26

This one provides a 4-pin female split into two 4-pin males.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-06-25
Is this what they mean by a pwm fan doubler?

By Customer Service on 2012-06-25

This is a PWM splitter device so you would be able to plug in two PWM devices (4-pin fans) into a single port. The device will connect with the 4th pin on one of the leads and only 3 pins on the other so that the fan information is fed through for one device.

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GeLid 4-Pin Fan Power PWM Y Cable

Price: $4.05
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