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Masscool FD14025B1L3/4 140mm Ball Fan

Masscool FD14025B1L3/4 140mm 57CFM DC Case Fan with 3+4pin Connectors

Masscool FD14025B1L3/4 140mm 57CFM DC Case Fan with 3+4pin Connectors
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General Features:

  • Model: C2230
  • Brand: Masscool
  • Ball Bearing
  • Wire coating
  • 3 pin and 4 Pin Connectors
  • 1500+/-10% RPM Spin Rate
  • 12V DC Rated Voltage
  • 24.7 dBa Noise
  • 57.12 CFM Max Air Flow
  • 140 x 140 x 25 mm Dimensions (L x W x H)
  • .26A Current

Package Includes

  • One (1) Masscool 140mm DC Case Fan 3+4pin (FD14025B1L3/4)

Item#: C2230
Brand: Masscool
MPN: FD14025B1L3/4
Compatibility: Standard 140mm Case Fan; 3 and 4 Pin Power
Packaging: OEM
Availability: In Stock

Condition: New

The Masscool FD14025B1L3/4 is a great way to lower your overall system temperature and pump heat away from your sensitive components. This fan can also be used to cool video cards, upgrade peripherals, and drives. If you are trying to replace an existing fan from your processor cooler because it has gone bad or is making loud noises, this fan will also make a great choice. The high spin rate leads to greater air flow and heat transfer. MASSCOOL FD14025B1L3/4 140 mm Ball Bearing Cooling Case Fan . MassCool FD14025B1L3/4 140mm 3&4pin Case Fan. Masscool FD14025B1L3/4 140mm 3&4pin Case Fan Ball Bearing Rated Voltage 12V DC Speed Air Flow. MASSCOOL FD14025B1L3/4 Case cooler

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