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MonMount LCD-1990B Quad PC Monitor Desk Mount Stand with Clamp - Holds Up to Four Screens (Black)

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  • Holds up to 24 inch lcd wide screen monitors
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy to install Desk clamp
  • Vesa 100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm compatible
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Holds up to 24 inch lcd wide screen monitors
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy to install Desk clamp
  • Vesa 100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm compatible
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Monmount Quad LCD Monitor Stand Desk Mount Supports 4 VESA Compatible Monitors). This LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount can hold up to four (4) LCD monitors weighing up to 22.05 pounds each. Save space in your work environment get one of these LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount. Great for office use or in retail stores & establishments, or for stock traders, or business professionals who need multiple monitors without sacrificing desk space. The LCD Monitor Pole with Double-Link Swing Arms provides a secure and elevated position for four flat-screen monitors to help free up valuable desk and work space. It's fully adjustable tilt, rotate, side-to-side, height, and tension settings enable a comfortable and productive viewing position that helps reduce eye fatigue, neck, and back strain. LCD monitors can be easily rotated around the pole to allow others to view presentations and other multimedia. View the displays from almost any direction. Durable construction and a sturdy clamp provide a quick, easy, and secure mount to a desktop or other horizontal surface. Ready to install with included hardware, there is no need to drill holes into desks or countertops. FEATURES 36" double-link swing arms optimize ergonomics and monitor position with separate tilt, rotate, side-to-side, height, and tension adjustments -- Die-cast aluminum pole with heavy-duty clamp mounts to desktop or other surface -- Easy installation ideal for office, studio, IT network, and security applications - no drilling required - supports monitors up to 24" SPECIFICATIONS Fits 75 x 75 mm / 100 x 100 mm VESA-compliant monitors -- Monitor weight capacity: up to 16 lbs. each; -- Installs on horizontal surfaces up to 3.5 in. thick DIMENSIONS Height (pole): 28 in. -- Circumference (pole): 4.5 in. -- Arm length (radius): 15.75 in. -- Arm width (extended): 36 in. -- Weight: 22 lbs. PACKAGE CONTENTS LCD Monitor Pole with Double-Link Swing Arm -- Cable management clips and trim caps -- C-clamp with thumb screws (2) and mounting screws (2) -- Monitor mounting screws (16) -- Installation hardware with instructions and hex tool Please make sure you are mounting this arm to a solid desktop surface that will be able to withstand the combined weight of the stand and monitors. Make sure your desktop is not hollow.

  • LCD-1990B Quad Monitor Mount
  • LCD Arm Deskmount
  • Number of Monitors: 4
  • Orientation: 2 High x 2 Across
  • Compatibility:
    • Supports monitors no more than 24" (wide) 18" (tall)
    • Holds most displays with 14"-22" viewing areas
    • Monitors mount via VESA 75mm x 75mm or 100mm by 100mm mounting brackets
    • Weight: 22lbs (10kgs) each
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Mounts to desk via C-Clamp
  • Adjustability:
    • Arm Adjustments
      • Up and Down: Slides up and down on 27" Pole
      • Forward and Back: Yes
      • Left and Right: Yes
    • Monitor Adjustments
      • 180o Left to Right
      • 180o Up to Down
      • 350o Rotation
    • VESA: 75x75mm, 100x100mm
    • # of Monitors: 4
    • Monitor Size: 27 Inches Max on Single Mount
    • Color: Black
    • Max Monitor Weight: 10 kg / 22 lbs
    • Tilt: -90 to +90 degrees
    • Swivel: 360 degrees
    • Rotate: 360 degrees
    • Mount Base: Clamp
    • Mount Weight: 7.0 kg /15.4 lbs
    • Dimensions: 735mm x 825mm x 93mm
    • 36" double-link swing arms optimize ergonomics and monitor position with separate tilt, rotate, side-to-side, height, and tension adjustments
    • Die-cast aluminum pole with heavy-duty clamp mounts to de


  • LCD-1990 Arm Deskmount (Holds Up To 4 LCDs)
  • Installation guide
  • Mounting hardware
  • Allen wrench key tool
  • Clamp
  • Monitors not included (Shown For Illustration)

Brand: Monmount

MPN: LCD-1990B

UPC: 810379027382

Compatibility: LCD Monitors; Mounts to Standard Tables

Packaging: Brown Box

Condition: New

Product Details

Multi-Monitor Stand
Supports Vesa 75 and 100
Max width of display supported is 24? (61 cm) Max height of display supported is 18? (46 cm)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
  • LCD Arm Deskmount for Four LCDs
  • Black profile
  • Deskmount
  • Holds up to Four (4) LCD Monitors
  • Maximum Load: 22.05 pounds each (10 kgs)
  • Pivots Side to Side, Up and Down
  • Support Post Dimension: 27.5" tall

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

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Excellent stand
I've been using this stand for about five months to support quad monitors for my desktop pc, and it's excellent. Here are the pros and cons.Pros: it was apparently the least expensive monitor on outletpc. That would clamp to my desk and accommodate four 22-inch wide-screen lcd monitors. It was fairly easy to assemble and set up. It clamps securely to the edge of my desk. It's very flexible; the position and tilt of the monitors is easy to adjust. It holds up four 22-inch lcd monitors. It has easy-to-use cable guides to keep the cables tidy.Cons: one of the tilt-arm joints is a bit loose and there is no apparent way to tighten it. So it's just barely tight enough to keep its monitor from drooping down as if it were nodding off to sleep. So i'd recommend using monitors no heavier than my aoc model 2230fa 22-inch wide-screens, which [...] says weigh 11.4 pounds each. It as well requires assembly. These are minor drawbacks in my view.
By Jerry Ray
Just perfect
I thought i wrote a long review, but i guess not. I'll keep it short:item came packaged nicely.Easy to put together.Just make sure you identify the front and rear of the stand. I put it backwards like an imbecile, at first.If you are planning to use this stand on an ikea desk like i did, make sure you reinforce the desk with 2 small planks of wood (about 1/2 thick) above and below your desk so the clamp from the stand won't crush your desk. You can even go through the trouble of painting your planks of wood to match your desk. It's easy, and worth it.The stand clamps nicely to the planks and is very sturdy. The only minor (almost negligible) issue i had was that there's not a lot of tightening room on the bolts that are used to hold the monitor from tilting downward. You have to really, really tighten it so your monitors don't move. Otherwise, it's great, and the wire management is pretty good.
By William Margaret
For form and function, this thing is top quality...And i would know
I purchased this after reading the consistently positive reviews on outletpc. The product is made with heavy gauge steel. For example, the mount with the turn-screws is made from ~3/16" steel. The pole (or back-bone) is essentially a steel pipe, and the articulating arms are probably made from ~1/8" steel tubing which is plenty strong. Given that lcd screens have become thinner (and lighter), this probably could much heavier items, but since people will be mounting these to standard desks, the weak link ends up being the desk in most cases.I weld and fabricate using steel so i can enjoy an over-engineered piece of equipment. I'm the guy who makes a swing-set for his children that could double as an engine hoist, so i can recognize weak stuff masquerading as well-engineered material and i can enjoy a design that is more-than-strong-enough to handle what is actually needed.Setup was simple and adjustments are made with the included hex-key wrench.As shown in some of the user-submitted photos, the 4 mounts can be used in a different combinations. Some people have mounted speakers. I plan on mounting my 2nd computer, a mac-mini on to one of the holders, or even to the main post itself.This was an easy 5 star rating......
By Ava Hicks
Nice product. Heavy constructions
I purchased this item with some skepticism at first. I read all the reviews and shopped around to see what comproable products sold for and their design. I we t ahead and ordered this stand hoping for a solid product. The first one that came had some damage issues, but they were hidden within the box. From the outside you would not have seen any issues. I talked to the customer care person, and they were very responsive to my complaint. They immediately emailed me a return label, and as fast as i dropped it off at ups they sent out the replacement. When i recieved a new i went through it completely and it was perfect. I purchased this model for a custom build i am doing and this really added to the look and quality of the build. The stand is being custom paiinted to match the nzxt phantom red and white case. This was easy to achieve because the stand is not coated it heavy layers of paint. I will say that the stand is heavy, and is. It meant for a lightweight desk at all. Please keep in mind not only will you have the stand weight but the four monitors too. The construction of the stand is heavy steel tubes and not that lightweight cheap metal. Please be sure your desk can hold the weight. There are additional holes in the base plate which can be used for strong bolts to mount it with. The only issue that arose was one of the plastic covers to hide the bolts lost a peg durring shipping, but this was big deal at all. I would recommend this stand to anyone looking for something strong and sturdy. The customer service is as well pleasant to deal with as well. This is a strong point for me, as many companies have poor quality of service. I will get some pictures up when it is complete to show it off.
By Sophie Robinson
A bit cramped but it works
I bought this to hold 4 22" monitors to replace a dual stand that held 2 22" monitors. One reason i'd purchased the dual monitor stand was to be able to easily rotate the screens 90 degrees so that i could view documents in full length at a higher resolution. It's not possible to do that with this stand. There's not enough space to do it with the bottom monitors since there's not enough space between the bottom of the monitor and the desktop to fully rotate them. It is possible to rotate the top monitors but you need to push the bottom monitors back first. The second reason i'd bought the original stand was to get some desk space back. With the 4 monitor stand you lose that as well. It's a tradeoff between compact and convenience.Positives:the unit is sturdy and once everything is in place it stays in place. I have 4 samsung 22" monitors and it's not had any problem with the weight. It clamps in place pretty easily.It's compact and by that i mean that you can have 4 monitors where you might have only been able to have 2 sitting on your desk.The cable routers attached to the monitor arms are handy. They can be used for the cables to the monitors as well as holding other cables you might have running behind your desk (i.E., i have some ethernet cables running from the computer to a router.).Negatives:attaching the monitors is straight forward but it's not easy unless you have 2 people or a lot of patience. It took me awhile to realize that it was a bit easier to get the screws in if i flipped the monitor stand back-plate flat so that the holes pointed toward the ceiling. Then it was a matter of aligning and then holding the monitor in place with one hand and starting the screws.There are several places that need to be tightened and it can take awhile to align the monitors so they are parallel to each other. At that point, if you never have to move a monitor you're probably good to go. I slanted the top monitors down a bit so they were a bit easier to read and found that the arm on the left was more difficult to get tightened in place than the one on right.Rotating the bottom monitors 90 degrees isn't an option. You can rotate the top monitors but the trade-off is that you'll block a large chunk of the bottom monitors screen real-estate.
By Thea Nielsen
Looks and feels like it should be 3x the price
When i decided to move beyond dual monitors at work, i just assumed that a triple or quad monitor stand would be prohibitively expensive. Suffice it to say, i'm glad i looked into it and found this. I have 2x23" on the bottom and 2x19" on the top (i uploaded a couple of pics to the customer image gallery). This thing is really sturdy and doesn't at all feel like it's about to barf $500 worth of monitors onto my desk and/or the floor. Even when i bump my desk pretty hard it just wobbles a tiny bit but never requires readjusting. It as well doesn't look like an eyesore so i can freely leave the back side exposed where people can see it. Plus, it as well has the coolness factor of making me feel like i'm sitting at the operator's chair in the matrix.I do have one note about ergonomics, though. Good monitor ergonomics dictates that the top edge of your monitor be roughly even with your eye level when seated. In my setup the bottom-left 23" lcd is my "main" monitor, so i wanted the top of that one roughly even with my eyes. My desk is about 28" tall, and i had to raise the bottom monitors another 7" off the desk to achieve the monitor height i wanted (as a bonus, that as well left room for photo frames below the monitors). However, the 19" lcds on top just barely fit; i couldn't raise them higher on the pole if i wanted to. That as well means that anything larger than 19" monitors on top probably wouldn't fit. Just something to be aware of.Next on my list is to appropriately address the computer side of this equation. I'm ashamed to admit that i'm using two graphics cards - one pci express and one pci (yes, just plain old pci) - on a 255w power supply to drive these monitors. But that's another story.
By Dewi Langens
Good product for the price...
These are an awesome buy!Really heavy duty, good welds, and a solid base which are adjustable to handle from 1.5-2" up to (educated guess -->) 6" thick desks surfaces. Though, as one customer pointed out, you will need about a 3" deep space to clamp these to the desk.I would as well suggest buyers to get someone to help them install the monitors. One person can do it alone, but it's difficult (and risks monitor damage) for one person to attach the displays, adjust the brackets, etc...The only reason i give these 4 out of 5 stars is due to 4 things: (well, 3 technical and 1 personal)1.) the portrait/landscape positioning swivels aren't stiff enough for unbalanced 24" monitors and there's no way i can find to tighten those. To use these, my 24" monitors have to be braced against each other or they automatically slant/twist. If my monitors were perfectly balanced this, obviously, wouldn't be an issue.2.) the decorative covers for the pivot bolts have 3 plastic pins that hold them on. When i received the stands (yeah, i ordered 2 of them :d ), many of the covers had fallen off and several of them had at least 1 pin snapped off, but they still stay on with only 2 pins. The manufacturer ships the units with 2 additional caps and, so far, i haven't had to use them.3.) i had issues getting the up/down pivot hinge bolt tight enough for one of my 24" monitors, but after a little muscle (and careful levering to avoid breaking my lcd) i was able to get it sufficiently tight enough to position my display right. My own personal gripe here: i'm 6'2" and the stands don't quite get the lower monitors up high enough for my taste. They're probably right where they should be ergonomically, but they feel a little low.The stands look "industrial", but they are an awesome deal considering nothing i've found comes to this functionality for the price. If you want "pretty" stands, you can go out and pay $200-$800+ through other companies.All things considered, i'm definitely going to keep them and i would highly recommend them to family and friends.For the record, i was able to mount 1 x 24", 1 x 21", 1 x 19", and 1 x 15" displays (with plenty of room to spare) on each of these units.Yes, i know... 8 monitors = geek!
By Esperanza Gallardo
Works great for the price.
I recently updated my office ergonomics, including switching to a sit-stand desk, etc. As part of that, i wanted to get my monitors higher and open-up some desk space. Since work was planning to buy everyone fancy monitor arms when we moved in a couple months, anything i got now was out of my own pocket, so i went cheap and simple.Overall, this works great and is rock solid. I have a few minor criticisms.I only bought the quad model because i needed a taller post than came with the dual. So, would like to have been able to purchase this item with the expense of the second pair of arms. As well, if i really had 4 monitors, i'd probably want them higher than this would let me place them.The other issues are just inherent in the design. The monitors on a given set of arms cannot be adjust in height relative to each other. (i keep one monitor landscape, one portrait and don't necessarily want them at the same center-height. I suppose i could mount the two monitors on the two different set of arms, so i could adjust height separate. The distance between the monitors left-right determines the front-back location of them relative to the mount (at least at the extremes, which i had to use to get my modest 19" monitors side-by-side). This will work best on a fairly deep desk with plenty of space for the arm joints to extend behind the mount point.Solid product and much better value than the multi-hundred dollar human scale product my office bought. If i can make it work with the new cube, i might go back to this over the new one.
By Annerieke Bekers
I had high expectations for this stand and couldn't be happier.
Believe the reviews! The sturdiness and quality for this price is completely ridiculous. I bought 2 and mix/matched various pieces of the arms to make a 6-monitor stand with 2 slots for speakers. If you try something like that, don't expect unlimited customization potential, but there is enough to meet my needs (and much more than higher-priced units i tried).Because of the way i set it up, 2 of my monitors are on arms that are longer than the stock arms (i borrowed some pieces from one side that i didn't need and added them to the other). You'd think this would make enough stress to cause some sagging/bending, but everything is level, and has stayed that way for 6 months so far.Update 10/23/15: i see the price has gone up, but this still represents an excellent value compared to other offerings i've seen. I've had the 4 monitors and 2 speakers set up as shown the entire time and have had zero issues. On one occasion the speaker starter to lean forward. Keep in mind, this stand is by no means intended to support the weight of that speaker, at the angle i have the pieces (it's curved in an arc so that the speaker has a lot of leverage--unfortunately that was the only way to put them where i wanted them). The solution was as simple as tightening the bolt a bit more. I've blasted these speakers at high volumes and with no ill effect to the stand or my monitors. It's built like a tank. I'm sure the ergotron stuff is nice, but i will never find out due to the price. (yes, i used tie down straps to winch the speakers to the stand because i didn't want to drill into the speakers and i didn't trust adhesive to the job, given the ongoing vibrations.)
By Line Dupont
A sturdy monitor stand
An amazingly strong, sturdy monitor stand.Assembly is straight forward and once it's up with the monitors it's relatively easy to adjust everything into the desired arrangement. The setup for wire management is good and in my case, no wires can be seen from the front. The stand moved the monitors off my desk and provided access to an amazing amount of previously covered desk spaceas the monitor stand is attached to my cheap particleboard folding table, i placed a 3 foot x 1 1/2" piece of aluminum angle between the two attachment screws and the bottom of the desk. I had a nightmarish vision of the particle board breaking and my four monitors going down which drove me to reinforce the attachment point. The aluminum angle spreads the weight and keeps the screws from digging into the particle board and is attached to the desk by the monitor bracket and a u-clamp on the far end of the aluminum angle which is a little crude but workable.Overall, i'm happy as a clam with the stand although i don't really have a baseline on clam happiness. I'd buy it again.


Question & Answers
By OutletPC Shopper on 2011-12-15
I'm using this for my trading office. We have different brands of monitors. Is it compatible with Dell, Acer, and most other brands?

By Customer Service on 2011-12-18

This mount can work with any brand. The monitors must have either a VESA 75 or VESA 100 pattern. VESA standards are square patterns of holes on the back of the monitor. Your monitors also must be less than 24" wide horizontally. The wider the monitors become, the farther out the arms will extend. If the screens are larger than 24" horizontally, the screens will overlap so it is important not to pass that limit. Weight of each screen must be 22 pounds or less. Most monitors that are 24 inch or less fall below that weight.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-11-08
My monitors are 23" diagonal measurement. They are 22" wide and 14" tall. I already made the mistake of ordering the wrong size once. I don't want to do that again. Will this stand work for my monitors?

By Customer Service on 2012-11-10

Yes, this stand accommodates monitors up to 24" wide.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2013-02-08
Is there a desktop base available for this mount by you or anyone else?

By Customer Service on 2013-02-11

No, this product is not available with a desktop base.

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MonMount LCD-1990B Quad PC Monitor Desk Mount Stand Clamp

Price: $59.29
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