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Targus APA10US 65W Universal Notebook AC Power Adapter Kit

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    Key Selling Points

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      With up to 65 watts of continuous power, this Targus APA10US Mobile 70 Universal AC Power Adapter delivers the power your notebook needs at home or anywhere. It includes 8 tips, AC input cord, power cord and a zippered carrying pouch. It's compatible with most notebook models including Averatec, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Winbook.

      • Brand: Targus
      • Provides up to 65-watts of power
      • Includes multiple tips for use with major brand notebooks
      • Tablet PC compatible
      • Input: 100 - 230V. 50/60Hz
      • Output: 15 - 24V
      • Compatible Notebooks (Certain Models From The Following:)
        • Averatec
        • Compaq
        • Dell
        • Fujitsu
        • Gateway
        • HP
        • IBM
        • Panasonic
        • Sony
        • Toshiba
        • Winbook
      • Compact Design: This Adapter+S Compact Design Makes It an Ideal Source of Reliable AC Power At Home, The Office or On The Road
      • High Performance Power: Designed to Meet The Power and Charge Demands o


      • One (1) Targus APA10US Mobile 70 Universal AC Power Adapter
      • One (1) 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 12 and 20 power tips
      • One (1) AC input cord
      • One (1) Power cord
      • One (1) Carrying pouch

      Brand: Targus

      MPN: APA01US

      UPC: 092636211592

      Compatibility: See Description; Check Targus Tip Compatibility With Your Laptop

      Packaging: OEM

      Condition: Refurbished

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      By Gonzalo Gallardo
      Don't ever buy it!!!
      I bought this item for my hp pavilion laptop. On the original package it's writen that it's compatible. However after using it only a couple of months, it suddenly stopped working. I called the company and they told me that it was written wrong on the package. They accepted their mistake but they would not do anything about it! They are still selling this product in the market although the information on the package is wrong! The customer support of this company is useless...Do not trust and buy this item! It's just waste of money!
      By Gabrielle Gauthier
      Bought a targus power adapter for which i was told i could get additional tips in the future for other types of notebooks. When i bought a very common dell latitude notebook and wanted to purchase a fitting tip, i couldn't get one for this model. So now i might as well throw the adapter away. Very disappointing. Don't buy it. Targus' customer service is very poor.
      By Isla Rautio
      Doesn't charge my laptop and no tip for my cellphone
      I purchased the target adapter a while back and it worked fine with my old laptop and old cellphone. But not anymore.Targus does not have a tip for the sony/ericsson t610 phone and can't say if or when they plan to make one. Hello! That phone has been on the market for several years and use the same power connector as t68.To make matters worse, i as well got a new laptop (dell d610). The targus tip only powers the laptop and does not charge the battery. Tell me now.. How am i supposed to go travel with this if i can't recharge the battery? Not all flights have a dc outlet, so i will need to bring both targus (for the plane) and my regular dell power supply (to recharge the battery). Not very smart...
      By Elliot Walker
      Be very careful
      I was (wrongly) advised by tech support to buy this instead of waiting for a new supply of power supplies from voodoo. Be sure your computer is supported, because targus tech won't give you any info about voltage , amperage or wattage on this thing, so you can't safely maake it work with an unsupported computer. So outletpc, as usual, graciously took it back. Love outletpc. I just now read the other reviews and now consider myself lucky i didn't keep it and try to make it work.
      By Constance Jordan
      It's not targus at fault here
      Laptop manufacturers want you to buy their products at their markup. Dell is no exception. Dell itself, on the motherboard, checks adapters. Whether it's this model, or the igo, the 610 won't work. Thank dell -- i have, by buying another company's laptop.
      By Sofia Perry
      Does exactly what is says it does!
      I am delighted with the universal power supply that i bought. It arrived when outletpc said it would and it works perfectly.
      By Amelia Rose
      Horrible products...don't even bother!
      So i bought this charger, was excited to have it because my original went out. Well, within 2 months, i began to have problems. I would contact customer care and they would rush me some replacement tips or sections of the chords that i needed...That was always good. Then two months later, it stopped working (again!) and this time i had it sent for warranty replacement. I sent it off on a friday afternoon and they received it on a monday, yet they didn't email me until a week later to tell me they received it at the warranty center. Then they tell me it will take about 10 days to receive my replacement (remember, when they sent the parts individually, they rush delivered it), and here i am now, have been without my laptop for about 2 weeks, and will have another 2 weeks to go before i can get it working again. I am considering buying the original all over again, but who isn't on a budget these days? Take my advice and just buy the original from the manufacturer (if you have a toshiba as i do, it will cost you the same amount).
      By Tilde Jensen
      only works intermittently because of loose connections
      There are at least three point where the adapetr is constantly coming unplugged from itself. It comes loose where the cord from the wall power meets the adapter, where the cord going to the computer or whatever comes out of the adapter, and where the cord going to the product to be charged meets the little conversion plug. If it comes loose at any of the last two areas, the adapter shuts down, and you have to unplug it from the wall and plug it in again. Just fixing the loose connection doesnt work.Junk.There are much better adapters out there for the same money, go buy one.
      By Kadir Korol
      Terrible product
      This is a truly terrible product ... And is the last that i will buy from targus:i bought the targus 70w ac/auto/air adapter for my toshiba laptop. Even without plugging the adapter into any device, it powers down just a few seconds after being plugged into the wall. When i can get it to stay powered up for more than 30s, and plug it into my laptop it will randomly split out.Assuming that i had bought a device that delivers too little power, i then bought the 90w equivalent. Guess what? Same problem!I always thought highly of targus but after seeing how terrible these products are, i'll be steering clear of their future products.


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      Targus APA10US 65W Universal Notebook AC Power Adapter Kit

      Price: $29.38
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