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BattleBorn 15 Foot HDMI to DVI-D Male-to-Male Adapter Cable (DVI to HDMI)

MPN: GC-HDMID-4.5MM | SKU: C6638
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  • 15 feet long
  • HDCP Compliant; Connector Type: HDMI male to DVI-D male
  • High-definition and standard video formats
  • Shielded for maximum protection from interference.
  • Supported Resolutions: 480i to 1080p
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • 15 feet long
  • HDCP Compliant; Connector Type: HDMI male to DVI-D male
  • High-definition and standard video formats
  • Shielded for maximum protection from interference.
  • Supported Resolutions: 480i to 1080p
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HDMI male to dvi male adapter. This cable is used to connect an HDMI interface to a DVI-D interface and features gold-plated connectors for the ultimate in high-quality. Both of the connectors on this device are male in gender and adapt from DVI-D to HDMI. 15' ft HDMI to DVI HDMI to DVI-D Digital Video 15 Foot by BattleBorn Cable . 15ft HDMI to DVI (HDMI to DVI-D) Digital Video 15 Foot by BattleBorn Cable . BattleBorn GC-HDMID-4.5MM - 15ft Male-to-Male HDMI to DVI-D Cable w/ Ferrites (15 Feet). GC-HDMID-4

  • Model: GC-HDMID-4.5MM
  • HDMI (Male) to DVI-D (Male)
  • Connects HDMI and DVI interfaces to each other
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Precise contacts with low loss
  • Broadcast quality digital video
  • 15 Foot cable length
  • HDCP compliant
  • High-definition and standard video formats.
  • Shielded for maximum protection from RFI and EMI interference
  • 15 feet long
  • HDCP Compliant; Connector Type: HDMI male to DVI-D male
  • High-definition and standard video formats
  • Shielded for maximum protection from interference.
  • Supported Resolutions: 480i to 1


  • One (1) 15ft M-to-M HDMI to DVI Cable

Brand: BattleBorn


UPC: 810379022165

Compatibility: HDMI Male to DVI-D Male Device

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

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15 ft.

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High quality cable, works great.
I have bought cables direct from monoprice before and like this one, very good quality, very thick total width cables. This one works great to connect my dvi graphic card connection to my new viewsonic monitor after my previous viewsonic quit working after 8 years. I knew i wanted to purchase a new monitor with hdmi connection for sometime when i do upgrade my computer i will have the best (in my opinion) type of connection for video and audio. This cable arrived quickly as it most things do from outletpc and hooked right up between my computer and monitor with no problems. A great cable at a really good price for it quality.
By Joan Gregory
Fast **********
This is just what i needed,,someone recommended you to me and i am so glad i followed through...I couldn't find this cable in any of my local stores and was told i could only get this online. I ordered this on 5/16 and got it on 5/20..That is super fast! Thank you, o can now view my monitor as it was meant to be viewed. :)
By Christy Medina
Well-made, durable cable does the job
Don't be duped by the hype about expensive hdmi cables. Nobody should spend more than this on an hdmi cable. Search for cnet's "why all hdmi cables are the same" articles. Don't believe them? Check consumer reports. Any well-made high speed (c2) hdmi cable will carry 1080p, 3d, 4k -- why do you think you need this? -- video (60hz, 120hz, 240hz tv doesn't matter) and digital audio. The hdmi tmds standard uses two sets of wires to transmit the signal, one out of phase with the other. The receiver inverts one set and combines it with the other, thereby cancelling any in-phase noise that is picked up along the cable, just as balanced audio cable does. If you need extremely long cable, you may need heavier gauge cable. If you move your components around frequently, you may want a more limp cable and you'll have to pay for it. For the usual 6-10ft cable and components that stay put, spend your money on better components or more movies.
By Harrison Zhang
Great product!
I used it to connect my ipad to a external monitor. It works! It's a good quality cable you won't regret.
By Volkan Bademci
Great value
I am using this for my macbook pro retina to make a dual headed display. I started off with an expensive usb video adapter to make the dual head display, but the adapter's resolution made the display look odd. This solution was cheaper and it worked perfectly for my needs.
By Ashley Spencer
I was looking for a way to connect my macbook pro to the tv without an hdmi port on the mac. Found this adapter to connect with the dvi input on the mac. I connected audio through the headphone jack using 3.5mm to female rca adapter. I used a sound loop isolator to cancel any humm and it worked perfectly. I now can use the more portable macbook instead of my pc to connect to t.V.
By Linus Bader
1080p quality view!
Plugged this device up to my computer and monitor and the quality came our crisp. No lag or loss or color
By Logan Perez
Didn't work like i thought
Perhaps user error but i thought that the hdmi out of my computer would make the line work perfectly utilizing the ferrite cores (used some research to come to this conclusion) but it did not work. Oh well, perhaps i can utilize this cable for other things.
By Amber Smith
Great c
Cable quality is, as usual for monoprice, excellent.Hdmi and single-link dvi are ellectrically identical, so if you don't need sound to be transmitted, this is a great way to link them up.My gpu has 2x mdp, 1xdvi, 1x hdmi. I have 1 monitor with dp, and two that have only vga and dvi inputs. This cable allowed me to use all 3 monitors without having to worry about expensive active dp adapters.As an additional note, since laptop turnover is much faster than external monitor turnover, these can be great since almost all modern laptops have hdmi outs, and most older monitors they might be docking into have dvi inputs! Just be aware that the output is only single-link dvi, so this isn't going to help you if you're got one of those newer 27'' 2560x1440 (or higher!) res panels. Sl-dvi is good upto 1920x1200.
By Santiago Caballero
Good product for the price
Monoprice in my opinion makes the best cables for the money. Every hdmi cable i have bought from them has been quality and i have recommended them to others with great results.


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Battleborn 15ft M to M HDMI to DVI D Cable

Price: $9.78
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