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Masscool 3.5'' USB 2.0 IDE Hard Drive Enclosure

MPN: UHB-330U | SKU: C7135
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    Key Selling Points

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      The Masscool UHB-330U IDE to USB 2.0 mirror finished aluminum drive enclosure is a very cost effective way of mounting your standard 3.5" IDE hard drive in an external case. Access all your files, documents, and data via a USB 2.0 port and transfer back & forth freely. Supports IDE hard drives up to 500GB. Masscool UHB-330U 3.5" USB 2.

      • Brand: Masscool
      • Mirror Finish
      • USB 2.0 Compatible (Backwards Compatible w/ USB 1.1)
      • Aluminum Metal Enclosure
      • Suitable for 3.5" IDE HDD
      • Ultra Heat Dissipation for Cool Performance
      • Easy installation
      • Hot-Swappable Connection
      • Plug & Play Compatible
      • Maximum data transfer rates up to 480Mbps
      • Supports up to 500GB IDE hard disks
      • Self powered (power consumption +5V & +12V)
      • Power input AC: 100-240V
      • Horizontal or vertical mountable
      • Dimensions: 7.52" x 4.37" x 1.34
      • 3.5"
      • USB 2.0 Up to 1TB


      • One (1) Masscool 330U 3.5" Aluminum case
      • One (1) Driver and utilities CD
      • One (1) Power Adapter & Cable
      • One (1) USB Cable
      • One (1) Tightening screws
      • One (1) User's guide

      Brand: Masscool

      MPN: UHB-330U

      UPC: 955984133018

      Compatibility: PC/MAC Compatible; USB; IDE / ATA 3.5" Drives

      Packaging: OEM

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      AC Adapter
      Aluminum with mirror finish
      Internal Interface
      External Interface
      USB 2.0
      Mirror Finish
      Aluminum Enclosure
      Suitable for 3.5" HDD
      Ultra Dissipation
      Easy installation
      Hot-Swappable Connection (Plug & Play)

      System requirements:
      Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
      Mac OS 8.6 or above

      Plug and play compatible
      Aluminum case for excellent heat disspipation
      Status LED display
      High speed USB 2.0
      Requires only 1 USB port
      Backward compatible with USB1.1
      For horizontal or vertical operation
      Maximum data transfer rates up to 480Mbps
      Support up to maximum 1TB hard disk
      Self power (power consumption +5V & +12V)
      Power input AC: 100-240V
      7.52" x 4.37" x 1.34"

      Package Includes

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      18.18% (2)
      9.09% (1)
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      9.09% (1)
      By Shane Bell
      Works great!
      I read some less than positive reviews on other hd/usb cases, but this product delivers as it promises. It comes with an open-ended alumnimum box; there are plastic covers for both ends. One end has "slits" for the leds, the other end has the usb and power jacks.Inside the aluminum box is a circuit board with a short 40-pin ribbon cable and a power cable. This board slides completely out of the enclosure so you can work with ease. Just put an old ide harddisk on the board (i had an old wd 45 gig laying around), hook up the cables and neatly slide it all back. Install the cover and you're off. [green light means the unit has power; red led means data is being accessed.]all the cables and screws are supplied! They even throw in a small phillips screwdriver. There's as well a minidisk with win98 drivers and the manual.Pdf.The only problem i had was this: the drive needs to be jumped to master, and of course, every jumper i've saved over the years has been long lost. I eventually found on on an old 386 motherboard. If not for this, i would have been up and running in 3 minutes instead of 33 minutes! On xp, the os sees the unit and sets it up as a mass storage device.
      By Clara Baier
      Worth every penny!
      My computer broke a couple of weeks back and found myself looking for a hard drive enclosure to be able to read my files. Bought this one based on it's low price and the one 5 star user rating.My hard disk was a seagate 120gb with all my files from the broken pc. I jumped the drive to master, hooked up the cables, slide the drive inside, plugged in the power cable to ac power and the usb cable to my laptop... And voila!...It shows as new drive letter on mycomputer. All my files were there :). Works like a charm!!!I think, the only issue you might notice is that it is not very convinient for swapping hard drives (if you have more than one) because of little screws you have to unscrew and screw back to secure the drive inside. But it doesn't matter to me since i intend to use it as a permanent enclosure. If i get a new hard drive, i would definitely get another one of this.
      By Julius Hamalainen
      Good product for the money
      I got this hard drive enclosure for about $16.Pros:it has red and green indicator lights on the front, red for when the hdd is being accessed. The green to signal it is on. The board slides all the way out so you can easily attach your hdd and screw it on.Cons:fit is a little tight, runs a little hot, runs loud.Misc stuff for potential buyers:supports up to 500gb ide hddplastic isn't the highest qualityworks well for the money you pay
      By Maren Weiss
      Great price for a great product
      This product is just as advertised. When it arrived in the mail i was accessing the data on my external hard drive within 10 minutes of opening the box. I have no complaints. The heavy-duty metal case is great, and the hard drive fits perfectly. I don't know why anyone would want a more expensive model when this one works so well.
      By Tony Gauthier
      Did what i needed
      I bought this enclosure when my 7 year old mac died. I wanted to be able to transfer my files, and needed something cheap. I bought this one based on reviews, and i generally concur with other reviewers. Installing the hard drive was straight forward. I don't think that the enclosure would stand up to repeatedly putting in different hard drives as the set screws are small and the internals are not that robust. However, if you expect to just put in one drive and leave it, i would recommend this enclosure. It took maybe 15 minutes to assemble and set up and use, didn't get hot, worked very reliably, i was able to mount the drive easily, i experienced no problems.
      Excellent value
      I purchased this enclousure after reading several reviews and have been extremely happy with the quality and performance. Installation and setup was a snap, if you have an extra hard drive laying around, an inexpensive way to reuse and have the advantages of an external drive.
      Bought these to manage old hd's and use for additional storage and back-ups. They work perfectly. Easy to install, everything you need is included in the box. They even send a magnetic screw driver to install the small screws. At this price, you can't go wrong!
      By Amanda Kivela
      Works as advertised
      It's an aluminum external enclosure. Features internal ide connection, external usb 2.0. My only complaint would be the requirement for an external power supply. I'd much prefer if the device were able to draw its power from the usb connection.
      By Kim Little
      Nice little device....
      I bought a couple of these in hopes of buying large capacity hard drives to swap in and out for extra storage. I'd say that it works decently well when it comes to that. However, trying to connect the same drive to multiple computers does not seem to be as easy as connecting it to the initial computer. I have a pc and a laptop, both running with xp, but i was unable to get the laptop to recognize the drive after installing it on the pc. I tried the various information provided to attempt to get it to work, but it was fruitless. I'll be continuing my research on how to get it done, but it's clearly not as just plugging it in and having the computer recognize it, as my compucable drive is. Not to mention that it is simply an aluminum enclosure, so there is no fan provided if you happen to have a drive that runs particularly hot. If you're just looking for something cheap, then check this out...Otherwise, keep looking.
      By Elsa Kalm
      Bad product... Stopped working in a month.
      The thing sucks.. It has no power switch. You have to unplug the 11 pin power plug that is very delicate to power it off.. If not then it keeps spinning your hd and gets very hot. Plus it stopped working after a month. Do not buy..


      Question & Answers
      By OutletPC Shopper on 2013-05-31
      I have an HP G61-320US that needs a new motherboard, will the hard drive work with this Enclosure?

      By Customer Service on 2013-05-31

      This enclosure would not be compatible; you should take a look at this one instead:

      By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-09-09
      I want to put the hard drive from a dimension 24OO into this case. Will this fit my need. also is it complete in it self or do I need to buy other things to make it work as an external hard drive.

      By Customer Service on 2012-09-11

      this enclosure will work fine for your needs, you won't need to buy any other items to make this work on another computer. you will only need to install the drive into this enclosure and plug it into another computer to access your files.

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      Masscool 3.5'' USB 2.0 IDE Hard Drive Enclosure

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