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Athena PCIE4628 Power Dual 4-pin Molex to Dual 8-pin (6+2) PCIe Cable

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  • Convert 2x 4-Pin Molex to 2x 8-Pin (6+2 Pin) PCI-Express 2.0/1.0 Connectors
  • For nVidia SLi and ATi Crossfire Video Cards
  • Dual 8-Pin (6+2 Pin) PCI-Express 2.0 (to Gaming Video Cards)
  • 2x 4-Pin Molex (connects to Power Supply)
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Convert 2x 4-Pin Molex to 2x 8-Pin (6+2 Pin) PCI-Express 2.0/1.0 Connectors
  • For nVidia SLi and ATi Crossfire Video Cards
  • Dual 8-Pin (6+2 Pin) PCI-Express 2.0 (to Gaming Video Cards)
  • 2x 4-Pin Molex (connects to Power Supply)
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2 x Molex 4pin to 2 x PCI-Express 2.0 8pin(6+2pin), Length: 14"(8"+ 6"). This Athena Power CABLE-MPCIE4628 converts dual 4-pin molex connection to dual 8(6+2) pci express 2.0. The cable can support both 6 and 8 pin graphics cards, making it optimal for SLI (needs quad 6-pin PCI-Express 2.0) or ATI Crossfire (needs dual 8-pin PCI-Express 2.0) setups. Great for modifying power supplies to support SLI and Crossfire setups. Get yours today.


Athena Power


Connector Number
Connector Detail
2 Molex 4 Pin Convert to Two PCI-Express 2.2 8(6+2) pin
  • 4 Connector Number
  • Other
  • Male to Male


  • One (1) Athena Power Dual 4-pin Molex to Dual 8(6+2) PCI-Express 2.0 - Cable-PCIE4628

Brand: Athena Power


UPC: 821524074281

Compatibility: 4-pin molex, PCI-Express 6/8 pin

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

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Athena Power

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By Luke Li
Great seller
This product is fantastic, it simplifies the connection of high-performance video cards. The information and image provided by the seller are very clear. Excellent performance.
By Nicolas White
Cablehero dual 8-pin (6+2 pin) pci-express 2.0 power adapter converter cable from 2x 4-pin molex for gaming video cards: cablehe
Well made clean connection that is long enough to hide where it ties into and blends with my older pcp&c 750w ps connecting to the nvidia gtx 580. Functions perfectly.
By Susanna Elliott
Good tool
Not a perfect cable, but perfect for a powercolor hd 6870.The white end is hard to contact, but it has to be done once.
By Ethan Wang
It was exactly as described and worked well.Can't say as much for the crappy chinese power supply that it was hooked to, but the cable was just fine.Enjoy
By Minouche Willekes
Just what i needed.
My power supply had only one 6+2 cable, and my video card had two 8-pin power connections. This cable solved my problem completely. However, it took sixteen days to get this cable after i was notified it had shipped!! Its a good thing it works.
A high quality product that works with no problems.
Even though this is a simple product, it is high quality and works 100% a-okay. I highly recommend this item to anyone needing it.
Exactly what i needed
I purchased this so i could install some nvidia fermi c2050 gpus in my hp z800 system. This was exactly what i needed. You should check your particular machine and the power requirements for your system/gpu to make sure you have the right adapters.
By Cibele Da Cunha
It somehow works
I'm not an electrical engineer, but i'm surprised this cable even works. Lots of posts on the internet suggest such a cable is impossible. And even looking at it, there are tons of pins duplicated and crossed, it looks like it shouldn't do what it does. But it works. Used it with an amd 6970, cranked it up with 3dmark, and everything still worked fine. Cable wasn't even warm. I'm impressed.
By Raul Crespo
Received what i espected
The cable arrived undamaged and in good condition, i will purchase again from outletpc. Cable has a weave around it so to help with air flow i rather like this feature.
By Rose Harrison
Works as intended.
Actually hooked up a gtx 460 with this thing to a very cheap power supply (found out later that it didn't provide the rated wattage that it claimed) but after replacing the power supply in a build i was doing, it works right as rain. I think i might order another one down the line.


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Athena PCIE4628 Power Dual 4pin Molex to Dual 8pin 6+2 PCIe

Price: $5.98
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