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MonMount 3 Monitor Mount - Triple LCD Desk Clamp

MPN: LCD-1930 | SKU: C8292
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  • MonMount Triple Monitor Articulating Desk Mount Supports up to 20" Screens
  • Articulating Arms
  • Designed by MonMount
  • Comes in Various Colors
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • MonMount Triple Monitor Articulating Desk Mount Supports up to 20" Screens
  • Articulating Arms
  • Designed by MonMount
  • Comes in Various Colors
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The Monmount LCD-1930 3 Monitor Desk Mount features three arms that secure to a pole that clamps to your desk. This mount can hold up to three (3) LCD monitors weighing up to 22.05 pounds each. Save space in your work environment get one of these LCD Monitor Arm Desk Mount. The triple display is great for gamers, office use or in retail stores & establishments, or for stock traders, or business professionals who need multiple monitors without sacrificing desk space. With this mount you will have the freedom to adjust the space between your monitors and hold up to three monitors above your desk to keep your work area clear. MonMount LCD-1930 Triple Monitor Desktop Mount (Black). LCD Stand Desk Clamp for up to 21" Monitors. Articulating Supports Up 20-Inch Screens, Black (LCD-1930B). - 193B 3 VESA Compatible Monitors (LCD-193B). Three DESK MOUNT MONITORS .. Holds 22" Widescreen Displays.

  • LCD-1930 Triple Monitor Mount
  • Number of Monitors: 3
  • Orientation: 1 High x 3 Across
  • Compatibility:
    • Supports monitors no more than 20" (wide) 34" (tall)
    • Holds most displays with 14"-22" viewing areas
    • Monitors mount via VESA 75mm x 75mm or 100mm by 100mm mounting brackets
    • Weight: 22lbs (10kgs) each
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Mounts to desk via C-Clamp
  • Adjustability:
    • Arm Adjustments
      • Up and Down: Slides up and down on 27" Pole
      • Forward and Back: Yes
      • Left and Right: Yes
    • Monitor Adjustments
      • 180o Left to Right
      • 180o Up to Down
      • 350o Rotation
  • MonMount Triple Monitor Articulating Desk Mount Supports up to 20" Screens
  • Articulating Arms
  • Designed by MonMount


  • LCD-1930 - LCD Monitor Stand for Three LCDs
  • Installation Guide
  • Mounting hardware
  • Allen Wrench key tool
  • Clamp
  • Monitors not included

Brand: Monmount

MPN: LCD-1930

UPC: 853001003118

Compatibility: LCD Monitors

Packaging: Brown Box

Condition: New

Product Details

Monitor Mount
Supports Vesa 75x75mm & 100x100mm
Max width of display supported is 20? (51 cm) Max height of display supported is 34? (86 cm)
Dimensions (H x W x D)

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
72.5% (29)
12.5% (5)
12.5% (5)
2.5% (1)
0.0% (0)
By Wanda Newman
Great stand if it weren't for the sag
This is a very strong, sturdy stand for those looking for stability. Unfortunately, the product i received has a very noticeable sag on the left portion of the mount. I just requested a replacement unit that will hopefully not have the same issue.Triple 21.5" monitors; the left unit sagging: [...]
By Alexis Walker
Quick note
Solid as a rock. More solid than my desk, in fact. I only have two monitors and the base punched a hole in my 1" particleboard ikea desk. If this happens to you, reinforce it with a 2x4 or a piece of trim from home depot for 94 cents. Make sure your desk can handle it!Otherwise, i adore this product. So freaking solid. Cable management is excellent, if a little difficult to set up. I'm trying to talk everyone i know into one of these things.
By Livia Rousseau
Great product for 19" widescreen monitors
First off this is the least costly and best built clamp style triple monitor stand i have come across. It it is well built and is a solid stand. That being said it still has its limitations. The desk you attach it to has to have room for the clamp to hang on to. The clamp is adjustable, i think you can get a 3"-4" gap at the most. If you have "square" monitors this will fit 21" monitors nicely. However since most people have "wide screen" monitors now a days, 19" monitors is probably the biggest you want to go with this stand. I put 3, 19" acer slim led widescreen monitors on this stand and it worked out great. That brings up another point. The weight of you monitor may cause the out side arms to flex down a tad. Another reason to only put 19" monitors on. The stand has plenty of adjustable arm joints. Setup was pretty straight forward. Things to keep in mind:* works well with 19" widescreen monitors* keep in mind the weight of the left and right monitors, may cause flexing in the arms if to heavy* if you want to place your tower to the far right or left, make sure the furthest away monitor has a lengthy monitor cable to reach itall in all i am very pleased with this stand. It may not be as universal as it states, but this stand worked perfectly with my setup.
By Prescilla Geurts
Sturdy and reliable
This display stand is quite sturdy and reliable. Uses sturdy allen screws to secure the u-joints that make the pivot points. Unless i see something happen that doesn't stand out, this looks like good old fashion design that's meant to last... I hope...You need to know going in that it is intended for smaller 4:3 displays. I believe the "up to 21in" claim will likely result in a display wall: i use 3x 19" and achieve somewhat a crescent shape.The only suggestion i would have for a product update would be some kind of vertical adjustment plates for the back of the vesa mounts that would allow tweaking of the heights of the screens: i have 3x the same viewsonic displays and found, after mounting, that the 4x vesa screw sockets on the back of one of the displays is about 1/2" lower than the other two for the same model of display. This anomaly did not become apparent to me until after using this mounting system (not the fault of the monitor stand!!).It would be nice to be able to adjust it. I might be able to use a tool to remove some of the metal to accomplish this.I generally do not give 5-stars. 4-stars is my max. Throw in some adjusters for the vesa mounts, and i'll consider 5-star.(not responsible for bad spelling/grammar)
By Nuno Potter
It works great for my 23 inches.
Price was great, it was too small for my 23 inches monitors, but i knew that. I bought it with the intention to modifed for my 23 inches. I split off the ends, purchased two square tubes from blue collar supply, and welded on the ends and painted. Now it will fits up to 24 inches maybe 25 inches instead up to 21". I highly recommended if you know how to.
By Maximiliano Mendes
Worked just as expected
Fairly easy to assemble and works great with my 19" monitors! It's very adjustable to fit in most any area.
By Louise Legrand
Works great
Lot of monitor stands are priced way too high. This one has the resonable price to achieve what i needed to do.Having 3 monitors and make is easier to organize around table now.
By Andreas Larsen
Hold the monitors great
The stand works great. I had 3 19in monitors but my middle one died so i got a 24in for the middle one. They don't' quite fit well together but when they were all 19in they fit perfectly. No complains and very sturdy.
By Brooklyn Brown
Great stand so long as your desk can support it
I bought this stand a little over a month ago and i can honestly say i love it. I've got 1 24inch widescreen in landscape for the middle, and 2 19 inch widescreens in portrait for the 2 sides. It's been working great, the stand itself is very flexible in how you can arrange the monitors ( i was little worried having the 2 portraits on the sides would be an issue, but it worked fine). The stand seems extremely sturdy and solid. Overall well built.One thing to be aware of is the due to the fairly small footprint of the base combined with the weight it's supporting, if you don't have this clamped on to a desk made of very solid wood, it will sink into the desk and possibly break. I have an ikea desk, with (what i thought to be) a fairly solid surface, but the stand began sinking into the desk and it looked as though the stand was about to fall forward. I solved this simply by getting a 2 x 4 and placing it between the clamp and desk, and that seems to be working just fine.Overall, a great stand, and i highly recommend it.
By Andrea Franklin
Heavy duty monitor bracket for my uniden security monitors!
I needed a bracket to hold my uniden security monitors and these did the trick. Definitely well built and overkill for my three 7" uniden security monitors!


Question & Answers
By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-06-30
Would this mount to the back corner of a corner desk? i.e. could i mount it on the side and pivot it so that it would still be straight to me even if the clamp would not be straight to me?

By Customer Service on 2012-07-02

Yes, you can rotate the arm on the mounting pole and clamp it tight in any 360 degree position on the pole.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-05-10
I would like to get a better idea how the C clamp works. Can you give me more information on this. My 3 monitors are a 2 Dell E207WFPc's and 1 Dell 2009Wft, Dell.

By Customer Service on 2012-05-11

The clamp has two long locking screws which can be adjusted on the bottom of the clamp to tighten to the size of the desk.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-01-23

By Customer Service on 2012-01-23

It depends on dimensions. It supports monitors no more than 20" horizontal width and 34" in height. If your monitors fit into those measurements and have Vesa 75 or 100 patterns on back, it will work.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-03-06
will this monitor stand slide in so all three monitors are flush? also would the two outer ones curve in towards the middle?

By Customer Service on 2012-03-06

Yes, the arms are articulating so the monitors can be brought closer together so they touch and give you a curvature angle for the outside monitors to the middle one. The larger your monitors the less curvature you have as the arms become more extended so the screens must face forward and be flatter.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2013-05-15
can the articulating arms be locked into position? i am interested in fixing the position or sufficient resistance as i will be using touchscreens in my application.

By Customer Service on 2013-05-15

While there is no way to adjust the resistance manually, these mounts should provide more than enough resistance to accommodate a touchscreen.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-05-02
Will this work with my Acer AL2216W monitors?

By Customer Service on 2012-05-03

Yes it will. Your monitors comes with the VESA 100mm mounting points.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2012-03-28
I have three AOC e2243fw,can tell me if they can work with tihs stand?If not which should i choose?

By Customer Service on 2012-03-29

Your monitors are not VESA compatible, meaning they cannot be mounted.

By OutletPC Shopper on 2013-03-22
Can you please tell me the depth from the back of the C clamp to the furthest edge of the locking screws? I am trying to see if the "lip" of my desk is deep enough.

By Customer Service on 2013-03-22

The distance is roughly a half-inch.

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MonMount 3 Monitor Mount - Triple LCD Desk Clamp

Price: $49.98
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