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Cat 5e Network Cable

Cat5 Patch Network Cable

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Cat5e Crossover
Cat5e Patch - 0.5ft
Cat5e Patch - 100ft
Cat5e Patch - 10ft
Cat5e Patch - 14ft
Cat5e Patch - 150ft
Cat5e Patch - 15ft
Cat5e Patch - 1ft
Cat5e Patch - 200ft
Cat5e Patch - 20ft
Cat5e Patch - 25ft
Cat5e Patch - 2ft
Cat5e Patch - 300ft
Cat5e Patch - 35ft
Cat5e Patch - 3ft
Cat5e Patch - 50ft
Cat5e Patch - 5ft
Cat5e Patch - 6ft
Cat5e Patch - 75ft
Cat5e Patch - 7ft


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This selection of Cat5e Ethernet Patch cable is choice for most home and office networks. Here you'll find deals on various cables and sizes, so you'll be sure to get just what you need. Some cable is "shielded" which refers to an extra protection around Cat5e patch cables are the most common types of ethernet cables in use today. RJ45 Cat5e cables are the standard for ethernet devices - so if you're looking for the cable needed to plug your computer into your cable modem, router, hub, or other device thi