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AMD AM1 Kabini, Athlon, Sempron Processors

When was AM1 first launched?

AMD first launched the AM1 platform in April 9, 2014. These were APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) geared to budget/value desktop PC builders and were in line with previous generation Sempron level processing.

Do I need a video card when I go AM1?

No! AMD AM1 APUs have built-in / integrated GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). This means that you can use the built-in video processors to power your video.

Does AM1 have pins or not?

Yes. AM1 processors have pins.

What processor models use AM1?

The Kabini family of processors utilize the AM1 socket.

What type of RAM do I need for my AM1 processor?

The AM1 platform utilizes DDR3/DDR3L memory.

What processors were made for the AM1 socket?

AMD 5350 (2.05Ghz, 4 core, 25W)
AMD 5150 (1.6GHz, 4 core, 25W)
AMD 3850 (1.3GHz, 4 core, 25W)
AMD 2650 (1.45Ghz, 2 core, 25W)
AMD Athlon X4 550 (2.2GHz, 4 core, 25W)


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The AMD AM1 platform features Sempron and Athlon APU processors that are aimed at budget & cost effective PC builds. With these chips you're getting incredible value as they not only act as the processor in your build but also carry Radeon based integrated graphics controllers if you're interested in utilizing on-board video. The more popular series on the AM1 platform is the Sempron and from those you can expect good single core performance and low power utilization. This processors are great for home, office, or HTPC machines where cost, heat, and power draw are top concern.