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    AMD AM3+ Processors

    AMD AM3+ processors include the popular FX series of chips from AMD. The AM3+ was an evolution of the older socket AM3 platform from AMD to support the Bulldozer and Vishera releases. AM3+ CPUs have a DDR3 memory controller built-in and AM3+ supports Athlon II/Phenom II/FX. With an AM3 processor you get support for SLI in addition to Crossfire / CrossfireX.

    FAQ & Section Info

    How many pins do AM3+ processors have?

    AM3 Plus Processors have 942 pins. This is 1 pin more than the generation they evolved from (AM3 CPUs which had 941 pins)

    Which processor architectures were released for AM3+?

    The AMD Bulldozer and Vishera line of AMD processors were created for the AM3+ platform.

    Can AM3+ processors work with AM2 or AM2+ motherboard?

    No. Because AM3+ processors have only a DDR3 memory controller, even though they are pin-compatible with AM2/AM2+ they would not be compatible due to the lack of a DDR2 controller.

    What is the AMD AM3+ processor list?

    AMD FX-41003.6GHz495W
    AMD FX-41303.8GHz4125W
    AMD FX-41504.0GHz4125W
    AMD FX-41704.2GHz4125W
    AMD FX-42003.3GHz4125W
    AMD FX-43003.8GHz495W
    AMD FX-43204.0GHz495W
    AMD FX-43504.2GHz4125W
    AMD FX-61003.3GHz695W
    AMD FX-61203.5GHz695W
    AMD FX-61303.6GHz6125W
    AMD FX-62003.8GHz6125W
    AMD FX-63003.5GHz695W
    AMD FX-63503.9GHz6125W
    AMD FX-81002.8GHz895W
    AMD FX-81203.1GHz8125W
    AMD FX-81403.2GHz895W
    AMD FX-81503.6GHz8125W
    AMD FX-83003.3GHz895W
    AMD FX-83103.4GHz895W
    AMD FX-83203.5GHz8125W
    AMD FX-8320E3.2GHz895W
    AMD FX-83504.0GHz8125W
    AMD FX-83704.0GHz8125W
    AMD FX-8370E3.3GHz895W
    AMD FX-93704.4GHz8220W
    AMD FX-95904.7GHz8220W