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    AMD FM2+ Processors

    AMD FM2+. This line of processors is also known as Kaveri, AMD's 3rd generation of Accelerated Processing Units. These APUs are a combination of a CPU and GPU on a single chip. These high performance chips contain up to 4 CPU cores clocked up to 3.9GHz and a discrete-class GPU. This means that these APUs are viable for gaming, and will hold its own even without a discrete graphics card. Kaveri APUs scale well with system memory. Both the CPU and GPU part of the APU share the system memory equally, as a result, increasing your RAM's frequency would be similar to overclocking the GPU itself. This translates to higher FPS in games. If desired, the APU's graphical performance can be increased by pairing the APU with a compatible AMD Radeon graphics card through Dual Graphics.

    FAQ & Section Info

    Should I get an FM2+ processor?

    If you are on a budget and you want to play games without putting in a fortune for a discrete graphics card, the Kaveri APUs will give you exactly what you need. You also have the choice to add a Dual Graphics compatible discrete card at a later date for higher graphical fidelity.

    Which model should I get?

    We offer a variety of FM2+ processors.

    • APU. We highly recommend the latest Kaveri refresh, A10 7870k also known as Godavari. It offers better specs than its predecessor, clocked at 3.9GHz and a higher GPU frequency at 866MHz. This will yield superb performance out of the box and will perform significantly better when paired with a compatible card through Dual Graphics. The other lower-end APUs are also excellent choices as far as performance goes.
    • CPU. If you are looking for a CPU-only chip to pair with a discrete GPU, the Athlon X4 quad core processor is an excellent choice for users who want to play AAA titles and do some light video editing.

    What is Dual Graphics?

    Dual Graphics is an AMD technology that boosts an APU's performance by combining it with a compatible discrete graphics card.

    Which discrete graphics cards can I use with these APUs?

    The R7 250 and R7 240 models are officially supported for Dual Graphics with Kaveri.

    AMD sTR4 Processor Chart

    AMD Pro A8-7600B (OEM)3.1GHz465W
    AMD Pro A6-7400B (OEM)3.5GHz265W
    AMD Pro A10-7850B (OEM)3.7GHz495W
    AMD Pro A10-7800B (OEM)3.5GHz465W
    AMD Athlon X4 880K (OEM)4GHz495W
    AMD Athlon X4 880K4GHz495W
    AMD Athlon X4 870K3.9GHz495W
    AMD Athlon X4 860K (OEM)3.7GHz495W
    AMD Athlon X4 860K3.7GHz495W
    AMD Athlon X4 860K3.7GHz495W
    AMD Athlon X4 845 (OEM)3.5GHz465W
    AMD Athlon X4 8453.5GHz465W
    AMD Athlon X4 840 (OEM)3.1GHz465W
    AMD Athlon X2 450 (OEM)3.5GHz265W
    AMD A8-7670K (OEM)3.6GHz495W
    AMD A8-7670K3.6GHz495W
    AMD A8-7670K3.6GHz495W
    AMD A8-7650K3.3GHz495W
    AMD A8-7650K3.3GHz495W
    AMD A8-7600 (OEM)3.1GHz465W
    AMD A8-76003.1GHz465W
    AMD A6-7470K (OEM)3.7GHz265W
    AMD A6-7470K3.7GHz265W
    AMD A6-7400K (OEM)3.5GHz265W
    AMD A6-7400K3.5GHz265W
    AMD A10-7890K (OEM)4.1GHz495W
    AMD A10-7890K4.1GHz495W
    AMD A10-7870K (OEM)3.9GHz495W
    AMD A10-7870K3.9GHz495W
    AMD A10-7860k (OEM)3.6GHz465W
    AMD A10-7860k3.6GHz465W
    AMD A10-7850K (OEM)3.7GHz495W
    AMD A10-7850K3.7GHz495W
    AMD A10-7800 (OEM)3.5GHz465W
    AMD A10-78003.5GHz465W
    AMD A10-7700K (OEM)3.4GHz495W
    AMD A10-7700K3.4GHz495W