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AMD FM2 Processors

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Best Selling AMD FM2

  1. AMD AD4000OKA23HL A4-4000 Dual-core (2 Core) 3 GHz Processor - Socket FM2
AMD FM2 - The FM2 processors include AMD's Trinity and Richland APUs as well as Athlon X2 and X4 CPUs. These line of budget CPUs range from dual cores to quad cores with clock speeds reaching up to 4.1 GHz. The top-end A10-6800K sports 4 cores clocked at 4.1 GHz and a Radeon HD 8670D. It is a very budget-friendly APU as it provides enough power to run recent AAA titles at decent framerates. The Athlon chips on the other hand are also excellent budget-friendly choices. The quad core Athlon X4 have base clock speeds that reach up to 3.7 GHz with 4MB of L2 cache. These will offer enough power to run resource-intensive applications and allow some light multitasking. The lower end Athlon X2 CPUs also holds its own against competitors. Despite having a lower core count these dual core processors have high base clock speeds and 1MB cache. Some light gaming and multimedia editing will run like a breeze on these processors.

FAQ & Section Info

Should I get an FM2 processor?

If you are on a budget and you want to play games without spending money on a discrete graphics card, FM2 APUs, will give you excellent performance for its price. You also have the choice to add a Dual Graphics compatible discrete card at a later date for higher graphical fidelity.

Which model should I get?

We offer a variety of FM2 processors.

  • APU. We highly recommend the A10 6800k. It sports 4 cores clocked at 4.1GHz with a Radeon HD 8670D iGPU. This will yield superb performance out of the box and will perform significantly better when paired with a compatible card through Dual Graphics. The other lower-end APUs are also excellent choices and offer great performance for their price.
  • CPU. If you are looking for a CPU-only chip that you want to pair with a discrete GPU, the Athlon CPUs have both dual and quad core variants. The Athlon X4 quad core processor is an excellent choice if you want to play AAA titles and you do some light video editing. The Athlon X2 dual core processors will yield enough power to perform daily tasks like document editing and web browsing as well as some light gaming, making it perfect for a daily driver for most tasks.

What is Dual Graphics?

Dual Graphics is an AMD technology that boosts an APU's performance by combining it with a compatible discrete graphics card.

Which discrete graphics cards can I use with these APUs?

R7 series 240 and 250 cards are officially supported for Dual Graphics with Trinity and Richland APUs.

AMD FM2 Processor Chart

AMD Sempron X2 250 (OEM)3.2GHz265W
AMD Pro A4-7300B (OEM)3.8GHz265W
AMD Athlon X4 760K3.8GHz4100W
AMD Athlon X4 750K3.4GHz4100W
AMD Athlon X4 7403.2GHz465W
AMD Athlon X2 370K (OEM)4.2GHz265W
AMD Athlon X2 370K4.2GHz265W
AMD Athlon X2 350 (OEM)3.5GHz265W
AMD Athlon X2 3403.2GHz265W
AMD A8-6600K3.9GHz4100W
AMD A8-65003.5GHz465W
AMD A8-5600K3.6GHz4100W
AMD A8-55003.2GHz465W
AMD A6-6420K (OEM)4GHz265W
AMD A6-6420K4GHz265W
AMD A6-6400K3.9GHz265W
AMD A6-5400K3.6GHz265W
AMD A4-73003.8GHz265W
AMD A4-6320 (OEM)3.8GHz265W
AMD A4-63203.8GHz265W
AMD A4-6300B (OEM)3.7GHz265W
AMD A4-6300 (OEM)3.7GHz265W
AMD A4-63003.7GHz265W
AMD A4-5300 (OEM)3.4GHz265W
AMD A4-53003.4GHz265W
AMD A4-4020 (OEM)3.2GHz265W
AMD A4-40203.2GHz265W
AMD A4-4000 (OEM)3GHz265W
AMD A4-40003GHz265W
AMD A10-6800K (OEM)4.1GHz4100W
AMD A10-6800K4.1GHz4100W
AMD A10-6800B (OEM)4.1GHz4100W
AMD A10-6790K (OEM)4GHz4100W
AMD A10-6790K4GHz4100W
AMD A10-6790B (OEM)4GHz4100W
AMD A10-6700T (OEM)2.5GHz445W
AMD A10-6700 (OEM)3.7GHz465W
AMD A10-67003.7GHz465W
AMD A10-5800K (OEM)3.8GHz4100W
AMD A10-5800K3.8GHz4100W
AMD A10-5700 (OEM)3.4GHz465W
AMD A10-57003.4GHz465W