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Cryorig M9a Mini Tower Heatsink Cooler for AMD

MPN: CR-M9a | SKU: DY1732
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  • For AMD
  • 3 Pure Copper Heatpipes
  • True Copper Base
  • PWM Controlled 600~2200 RPM
  • 48.4 CFM Max
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • For AMD
  • 3 Pure Copper Heatpipes
  • True Copper Base
  • PWM Controlled 600~2200 RPM
  • 48.4 CFM Max
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This Cryorig M9A CPU Cooler is small, light, and affordable, made specifically for AMD systems. Using a copper base, the transfer of heat away from the CPU is at a maximum, dissipated by the heatsink array above. With a total height of 124.6mm, the Cryorig M9a can fit in small PCs while still purpose-made for PC building, enthusiast-level cooling, and overclocking. For the widest range of compatibility, the CPU cooler, with its small size, keeps the heatsink away from the RAM slots, meaning optimal compatibility.

  • 600~2200
  • 45-50 CFM
  • Aluminum & Copper


  • Cryorig M9A CPU Tower Heatsink for AMD

Brand: Cryorig


UPC: 4719692700230

Compatibility: Intel & AMD sockets

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Fan & Heatsinks
Fan Size
Air Flow
45-50 CFM
Noise Level
25-30 dBA
Power Connector
4 Pin
Heatsink Material
Aluminum & Copper
Heatsink Dimensions
L87 W102 H124.6mm
PWM Controlled 600~2200 RPM 48.4 CFM Max For AMD 3 Pure Copper Heatpipes True Copper Base

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

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8.11% (3)
By Monica Meyer
Easy to install and works great with my amd fx ...
Easy to install and works great with my amd fx 8320e. Idles around 17 c and still quite when gaming. If you are looking for a cpu cooler better than their sock cooler this is the one for you. Ps. There were no problems with installing the ram.
By Mario Louis
Performs great!
My athlon x4 870k is at 4.4 ghz at 54c. I really recommend using a second fan with the spare brackets included! The heatsink has incredible conductivity but seeing as it is small, once it gets fully heated the single fan struggles to cool it. Just by adding a second fan, i watched my bios temps go from 66 to 60 immediately, then once the thermal paste fully dried it sits at 54c after an hour in the bios. Previously it would become stagnant at 55 ish but because the single fan became overwhelmed the temps creeped up after an hour little by little. Now using a zalman fan as back up on it, the temps don't creep up past 54c regardless of the time it spends in bios.
By Frank Schmitt
Very nice cpu cooler buy now
Great cpu cooler. I have an amd fx black edition which runs pretty hot and this cooler is especially made for amd. It keeps my cpu really cool and even if i feel the heat sink it feels cool not warm
By Aino Nurmi
Cools great and is much quieter than the stock amd unit.
This is a great budget air cooler. I bought this because i could no longer stand the insane amount of fan noise coming from my wife's desktop computer. It had the stock amd cooler on it and the thermal paste started to dry up, but the fan was obnoxiously loud. Like so loud that i'd actually curse if the thing woke from sleep. I wanted to find a relatively cheap air cooler that was quiet and cooled well enough to allow for a moderate overclock if i wanted to go down that road. The cryorig installed relatively easily although the instructions are a bit sparse. It wasn't immediately apparent that there was supposed to be a bunch of slack between the backplate and mounting block, but once i fit it all together i realized the slack was taken up when mounting the heatsink.The performance is exactly what i was expecting. It cools a good 10 degrees cooler on average over the stock amd heatsink and is by far much quieter, which is really all i was aiming for. It looks great and the build quality seems excellent given the price point. I personally didn't have any clearance issues with the m9a, but the fan is probably only a few millimeters away from the first ram slot. It's not a problem, but it's a tight fit. If i was in the market for another air cooler i'd definitely look into another cryorig unit. It as well came with some thermal paste which is an unexpected and nice little touch.
By Leann Van Klaveren
Runs with amd 8350 great
You cannot get anything better at the $20 price range. Great packing and comes with everything you need including thermal paste. I ran my 8350 overclocked for world of warships for around 30 min and did not have any critical temps.
By Hugo Picard
Just right cooler
Those are crap compared to this
Talk about bang for your buck. Why doesn't everyone have this over the hyper 212. Those are crap compared to this. Works great on overclocked fx8350 at 4.6ghz keeping temps low and looking sexy in the process.
By Valentin Santos
Excellent cooler within price range
Pros:+ cheap+ clearance for ram+ silentpreviously, i owned coolermaster seidon 120xl. It was excellent aio cooler but jet-engine-loud fans.I accidentally broke it while cleaning so i have to buy a new cooler.This cooler is more than what i question. While it's smaller than other coolers in the similar price range,it's not a big deal to me because i don't bother with overclock.It as well runs very silent compare to my aio cooler (loud fans i mentioned) and stock amd cooler.It as well comes with a tube of thermal paste rather than aone-time-use ketchup packet of thermal paste like other $20 coolers.The size of cooler as well won't interfere any ram slot.Overall, i recocommend this cooler if you:+ don't overclock+ want something that's more silent than stock coolernote:during my installation, i made an error and one screw was stuck.As i tried to free it, i stripped one of philips screw.Although i manage to install it at the end, i may hard time in the future towhen i need to unscrew it again.I would prefer if they can give us a combination (philips and slotted) type.
By Odette Boyer
As described
By Christian Pedersen
Excellent cooler for the ?Ÿ’? cant beat it ?Ÿ‘


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Cryorig M9a Mini Tower Heatsink Cooler for AMD

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