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Silenx EFX-10-12 Effizio 100x25mm 12dBA 36CFM Fan

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  • SilenX EFX-10-12 Effizio 100mm Silent Case Fan
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Key Selling Points

  • SilenX EFX-10-12 Effizio 100mm Silent Case Fan
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The ultimate in airflow to noise ratio, Silenx EFX-10-12 Effizio 100x25mm 12dBA 36CFM Fans are the only fans in the industry to be designed with silence and optimal airflow in mind. Smaller, domed motor hub, larger, more dramatic fan blade sweep area, no other fans on the market come even close in performance. There might be fans that offer more airflow or lower noise levels, but when it comes to a balance between the two, these fans can't be beat, now with Japanese fluid dynamic bearings for ultra long life and reduced vibration.

Rated dBa
Operating Voltage
Current Draw
Power Consumption
3rd generation fluid dynamic bearings
  • 100mm
  • <1200 RPM 36 CFM
  • 3rd generation fluid dynamic bearing
  • 12 dBA


  • Silenx EFX-10-12 Effizio 100x25mm 12dBA 36CFM Fan
  • Power Cable
  • Screws

Brand: SilenX

MPN: EFX-10-12

UPC: 854224001691

Compatibility: 120mm fan mount, 3/4-pin

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Case Fan
Fan Size
Bearing Type
3rd generation fluid dynamic bearing
<1200 RPM
Air Flow
36 CFM
Noise Level
12 dBA
Operating voltage: 6-12V
Current draw: 0.06A
Power consumption: 0.72W
100 x 100 x 25 mm

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Very quiet
The fan is very quiet, and comes with rubber mounts for vibration isolation (as well as mounting screws). The volume of air is on the low side, but adequate, keeping my passively cooled cpu at 50c and my drives at 36c. I used the 4-pin power connector since the drive is so quiet; no speed control was required.
By Louanne Fabre
Fan is 92 mm, not 100!!!!! Watch out for this vendor
Fan is 92 mm, not 100!!!!! Watch out for this vendor. This is misleading, false, lies, crap, bull, and the fan is loud.
By Demi Meijer
It blows
My computer was running hot with the 80 mm fan, and the 100 mm fan helped it to keep a little cooler. I haven't noticed any performance difference, but i'm happier knowing it's not running so hot.
By Lana Gauthier
Nice and quite
I picked this fan up for my home theatre pc because my existing fans were way too loud even at slow speeds. Now 90% of the time i can't even hear them. However when the pc is under load they struggle to keep the temps down and the system kicks them into full speed and then you can hear them. Even though they are audible they still aren't as loud as my old fans at slow speeds.
By Jonathan Johansen
Great fan for the price
Very quiet, decent volume of air would buy again for sure, it has to sizes of holes to mount it with looks like 92 and 100 either way it works well for something that needs 4" of cooling
By Adrien Morin
Perfect 100 mm fan
100 mm fans are not that common. There are the 90/92mm fans, and then 120 mm fans. Why the big jump? In any case, i was intending to split a hole for an 80 mm fan in and old case of mine. I goofed up the marking the hole and wound up making the hole too big for either 80mm or 92mm. But, the particular location was too small for a 120 mm fan. So, what to do? I did find a sythe 100 mm fan, but, it wore out and got noisy quickly. This one seems like it will last longer. Its now as if the case was designed for this fan all along. Puts out good airflow for its size, and is quiet. Perfect for if you want something bigger than the 90 but less than 120. Thanks silenx for making this fan!
By Antonio Ramos
Five stars
Very quiet.
By Neea Joki
Quietly moves the air
Good price, shipped asap, appropriately packed.
By Onni Aalto
Really quiet fans that work
Silenx fans are the quietest i have owned. Before these, i could hardly take a phone call in my office (with 3 machines running). I replaced them all with silenx and i got peace and quiet. We as well added them to my son's media pc, where fan noise can be very annoying.They do what they are suppose to: move lots of air, quietly. Great.
By Florence Walker
Five Stars
Easy to install and very quiet.


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Silenx EFX-10-12 Effizio 100x25mm 12dBA 36CFM Fan

Price: $12.98
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