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Aerocool F6XT 6-Channel Fan Speed Controller

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  • Controls and monitors 6 sets of fan speeds
  • Dual LED colors and LED OFF display
  • Support up to 12W per fan channel
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Controls and monitors 6 sets of fan speeds
  • Dual LED colors and LED OFF display
  • Support up to 12W per fan channel
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Having control of your fans means you have a say in how loud or how cool your system should be, rather than letting some software or PWM control to do it for you. Control up to six different sets of fan speeds with the AeroCool F6XT Fan Controller. The intuitive display allows you to easily adjust the fan speeds between low, medium, and high settings for maximum control. Up to 12W of power can be allocated to each channel. LEDs make is easy to read the display in the dark while adding some pizzazz to your system. A great addition for gamers and enthusiasts.

  • Controls 6 sets of fan speeds
  • 3 Adjustable speeds: Low / Medium / High
  • Dual LED colors + LED off functions
  • Supports up to 12W per channel
  • Suitable for gammers and enthusiasts
  • Dimension: 148.6(W) x 42.5(H) x 65(D) mm
  • Box Dimension: 186(W) x 60(H) x 110(D) mm
  • Net Weight: 110g
  • Gross Weight: 245g (Retail box included)
  • Fan connectors: Molex 4 pins
  • Max. wattage per fan channel: 12W
  • Inside this packaging: screw 4 (M3x5)


  • Aerocool F6XT Fan Controller
  • 4 (M3x5)

Brand: AeroCool


UPC: 841269042840

Compatibility: 5.25" bay

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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12.5% (1)
By Emma Madsen
Running great so far: aerocool f6xt led display fan controller
Purchased from outletpc on sept 27 to put into a new build. Seemed a decent enough system to do a simple job, change your fan speeds from a front panel instead of various pots all around the computer case. The case fan cables are more than adequate to reach the farthest points on my antec lanboy air blue midtower. Good labeling for each fan control lead. On powerup the system starts all your fans at high speed, and you can then select hi/med/low speed for the case fans. If you're into the colored lighting thing on your pc case, the controller does the white/red/blue selectable leds nicely. This model is simple and reliable.The buildintel core i7-2600k, asrock z68 professional gen3, 16gb g.Skill ripjaws ddr3 1600, crucial realssd c300 128 gb, twin samsung ecogreen f4 2tb for raid1, msi n460gtx hawk geforce gtx 460, sony optiarc 24x dvd burner, lite-on lightscribe 24x sata dvd ihas424-98, kingwin lazer lz-1000, cooler master geminii s, antec lanboy air blue, aerocool f6xt fan controller.
By Jorrit Van Empel
For the money, this is an excellent item!
I bought this and installed it into my new azza 7 fan case. I wanted to be able to better control the fans in the case and that is just what i got for very little money.There are no instructions, but for the most part, none are needed: yes, it is that easy.It fits into a single cdrom drive unit slot, so there is not a lot of room for the finger buttons and such. So, for a big guy like me, it is a bit tough to work them, but not terribly so, and it will control 6 undividual fan stations. (all the connectors are for the large flat 4 pin power connectors: none are the 3 or 4 mini connectors.That was exactly what i needed to connect to all the fans built into the new case.) so far, so good! Would i buy it again now that i have used it? Absolutely. I looked at the $40+ units and though they may (and probably do) do more, they cost over twice as much too! If this one does not fail, and gives a good long life service, i will be very pleased.... Oh! And it looks clean & classy! I like the blue leds and it fits right into the excellent looks of the azza case i bought on outletpc too!Update: i have used it for two weeks now and have found only one thing regretable: when you shut your machine down, it forgets your settings. So, if you control numerous fans, using all 6 controls (as i do), and get it all just as you want it, when you start up the next time, they are all on full speed and have to reset all over again. This is the only detail i wish they addressed differently. All else is just fine. :-)
By Phillip Gonzalez
Not what i expected
Buttons are hard to push no 3 pin hook ups bolt on is sloppy. Too much bad to list i would not recommend
By Corsino Jesus
A great product
5/5 stars for quality, performance and looksits great for liquid cooled rigs that require lots of fansanyone trying to cool down their rig, even with limited space
By Priteche Oliveira
Basic unit
Works and looks good the only problem is when i turn off my computer and turn it back on it starts all my fans back to high settings and the color back to red.
By Emma Morel
Looks nice, okay performance.
For the money, it is an ok product. I really only use it as one place to plug in my 5 fans, and don't use the speed controls. When i turn down the speeds on any non-case fans, they slow down, but make a buzzing noise, and end up being louder than at fall speed. I don't know if this is a flaw with my fans or the controller. I only really wanted this for two reasons. 1 was to have one place to hook up all my fans and 2 to be able to turn down or off fans if i was watching a movie and wanted it to be quiet. Luckily the fans at max load are almost silent so i don't need to fan control, but if someone does it could be a problem. As well as the description says, the speeds are high, medium, low and there is not an option to turn off a fan, so if that is something you want make sure you pay attention to it.So besides being one place to hook up all my case fans, i do love the led lights on this. I have a black/blue case with blue led fans and blue led mouse, so this was a perfect fit. It does feel a bit cheap, but once i installed it, it blended in nice with my case and really looks nice. Overall, if you don't want to spend a lot of money, i would recommend buying it. I would give this 4/5 if i knew for sure if it was fans themselves that have the issue and not this controller, but it seems odd that they would run silent on high and buzz and be louder on lower loads, so i will hold this at 3/5 for now.
Five stars
I would recommend this product.
By Ron Stevens
Five stars
Easy to install!


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Aerocool F6XT 6-Channel Fan Speed Controller

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