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Thermaltake CL-F053-PL12SW-A Riing PLUS 120mm Case Cooling Fan Kit with RGB lighting - Black

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    Key Selling Points

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      Thermaltake combines the patented gorgeous LED light with cutting-edge technology to deliver a brand new experience of using PC cooling, Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition. A 120mm high-static pressure fan with a patented 16.8 million colors LED ring and 12 controllable single LEDs, the Riing Plus 12 RGB features compression blades, hydraulic bearing and a digital fan controller, and can be controlled by the patented Riing Plus RGB Software. Cool your system with high performance Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB!

      • 120mm
      • Software Controlled 500 - 1500 RPM 48.34 CFM
      • Hydraulic
      • 24.7 dBA


      • Thermaltake CL-F053-PL12SW-A Riing PLUS 120mm Case Cooling Fan Kit with RGB lighting - Black

      Brand: Thermaltake

      MPN: CL-F053-PL12SW-A

      UPC: 841163067666

      Compatibility: 120mm

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Case Fan
      Fan Size
      Bearing Type
      Software Controlled 500 - 1500 RPM
      Air Flow
      48.34 CFM
      Noise Level
      24.7 dBA
      Power Connector
      USB 2.0 Header (From Controller)
      120.00 x 120.00 x 25.00 mm

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      36.84% (7)
      10.53% (2)
      10.53% (2)
      21.05% (4)
      21.05% (4)
      By Michail Spiller
      Would recommend
      Work great and look great.
      By Rosemary Ford
      Great fans, questionable software
      I got the fans and they are great. They do exactly what they are supposed to do, and come with a plethora of mounting solutions (lots of screws).My only gripe is that the software is just truly terrible. It's as if they spent 10 minutes in a board meeting hastily throwing together some semblance of a control software before declaring "mission accomplished!" and slapping high fives while the customers who are cursed to use it suffer. I am not a programmer by any means, but maybe make it so that the options can be controlled with dropdown menus, or allow fans detected by the controller to be rearranged so that the ripple lighting effects look right instead of the user having to crack open the pc and fumble with plugging in the cables in the right order. Furthermore, what is the point of viewing each fan in a ui that rotates like a rotunda? Just make a list with sensible ui options next to them in drop-down menus. Allow for multiple controllers to be accessed by one master menu so that changes made to one controller automatically are applied to the other. Right now, profiles save unique to each controller, meaning that if you want to keep a cool lighting set-up, you must make it multiple times across all of the controller menus and save separately. It would as well be nice to be able to adjust the led lightings to compensate for a fan that was put in the case at a different orientation; say one fan was put in 90 degrees differently than the others, making it so the rgb loop is slightly ahead of the rest of the system. Make it so that the user can adjust the position of the lights to match the rest of the case.I could go on but you get my point. It has a bunch of issues that need to be addressed. These are great fans, but the software sucks.
      By Valtteri Nurmi
      Buen vendedor 100%
      RĂ¡pido y eficiente
      By Jonathan Larsen
      Spectacular rgb!!!
      I like how the fans blend in my rgb set up it was really a good match for my peripherals love it!!!
      By Eemil Peltonen
      Just a cheap rgb light strip inside a white plastic casing.
      Disappointed the blades themselves dont have any rgb quality unlike others at this price point
      By Albina Peixoto
      Frustration with parts included.
      I've purchased several cpu fans in the past, and i had a lot of love for the thermaltake case/ thermaltake aio water cooling system, so i took a gamble and bought these thinking i'd get the quality.Which technically i did? But the problem was1. The box was completely busted by the time it arrived, bent in and out of shape.2. Nothing to screw into. The fans seem to be making the assumption that i have tiny little nuts to hold their screws in place, or that i'm screwing it directly into a very specifically size slot on my case. I was getting them to add a little extra airflow to my thermaltake case since the v71 is lacking, and it was just like "oh.. Now i have to go to the hardware store and buy nuts because there is no way to hook it into the bottom of the case... They made.I had to buy a different set of fans that didn't have this problem, but i haven't returned these yet. Maybe i'm just dumb and missing something, but how am i supposed to use screws with no nuts or hook points? They built the case too, so it has left me very confused.
      By anonymous shopper
      Not so great, trash for the price
      The lighting on these fans are great and they perform well and quietly!So...On to the cons.The material around the cabling is really cheap. Installing them in a mitx case they tore and ripped. It was a tight build, i give them that, but they material is pretty weak.The software is mediocre. It works... The only version i like is the earliest i can find.. 1.1.4, because every iteration past that the animation is too fast that annoys me. But many times after coming out of a game the fans won't spin down until i restart my computer. Every version after that fixes this problem but the animation looks like crap imo.When people question thermaltake is they can have some feature back thy say they cant. They are unable to.I'm sure there more issues that i cant think of atm, but these fans are just kinda okay, but for the price they are imo absolutly rubbish.
      By Brandie Vargas
      Good looking fans if you can get them to work.
      I got the infamous controller not working. If you read around, you will see alot of bad controllers.My software cant detect the controller hub and i tried everything to get them to work. Nothing worksthe fans feels solid and are very quiet but man installation is a pain.Just installing them with 3 fans, is a cable management nightmare. Not only that, but the fan cables are so long.I regret installing these in my system because i had to pretty much disassembled my entire system apart.I got an nzxt h200 case.My opinion get fans that connect directly to your motherboard without the need of a rgb controller box.There are plenty of cheaper and will mostly likely work right off the bat. Not happy at all. Yeah i can rma the controller but this was a pain to install and not going through this nightmare again.
      By Aaron Sullivan
      Leds died after 8 months
      3 of the leds just died on 1 fan after 8 months of usage. (roughly 3360 hours of usage). The other fans are still working properly.In regards to installing multiple fans and the controller: it takes some time to fiddle with to get it synced with the thermaltake program. But other than that, it has some pretty cool color features. It "was" worth the money until the leds died. Had coolermaster fans before and those leds lasted nearly 5 years before 1 led died. Maybe this 1 fan was the bad one of the batch? Never had an led fail this early before though.Noise level is slightly quieter than other fans due to the rubber padding on the edges where the screws mount to the case or the radiator. But expect to hear regular fan noises once the rpms are higher.Quality itself is pretty good. My favorite part has to be the cable covers. Good choice on that style.
      By Daniela Moya
      Thermaltake all the way!


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      Thermaltake CL-F053-PL12SW-A Riing PLUS 120mm Case Cooling

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