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Microsoft ANB-00001 Computer Keyboard 600 USB Wired Slim (Black)

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  • Interface : USB
  • Type : Keyboards
  • Color : Black
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Key Selling Points

  • Interface : USB
  • Type : Keyboards
  • Color : Black
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Save valuable desk space with the quiet, ergonomic Microsoft Keyboard 600. The Microsoft Keyboard 600 has quiet-touch keys that match its super thin profile, and a spill resistant design that protects your computer keyboard from unexpected splashes. The ANB-00001 comes equipped with four media center hotkeys for volume and play/pause, and a Windows start button to make navigating your PC much, much easier.

Microsoft Keyboard 600

Easy and Comfortable
Slimline design
Quiet-touch keys
Plug and play
Windows and Media Center dedicated special keys

Version Information

Product Name
Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600
Product Version
Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600
Keyboard Version
Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600

Product Dimensions

Keyboard Length
17.9 inches (456 millimeters)
Keyboard Width
6.28 inches (160 millimeters)
Keyboard Depth/Height
1.68 inches (42.7 millimeters) with tilt legs extended
Keyboard Weight
20.1 ounces (595 grams)
Keyboard Cable Length
78.7 inches (2000 millimeters)

Compatibility and Localization

USB compatible
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (excluding Windows XP 64-bit)
Macintosh Mac OS X v10.2 - 10.4
Software Version
No software required
Compatibility Logos
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7
Certified for Microsoft Windows Vista
Universal Mac logo
Software Localization
Available language sets will vary by product and sales channel. 104 key configuration: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, English (North America), Greek, Hebrew, International English (EURO), International English (ROW), and Russian 105 key configuration: English (UK), French (Belgium/Azerty), French (Canada), French (France), German (Germany), Germany (Switzerland/Luxemburg), Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish (EURO), Spanish (Latin America), and Turkish
106 key configuration: Korean
107 key configuration: Portuguese (Brazil)
109 key configuration: Japanese

Product Feature Performance

20,000,000 actuations per key
Multimedia Key Features
Play/Pause, Volume +, Volume -, Mute, and Calculator
Multimedia Key Life
30,000 actuations per key
Typing Speed
1000 characters per minute
Storage Temperature & Humidity
-40 Degrees F (-40 Degrees C) to 140 Degrees F (60 Degrees C) at 5% to 65% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature & Humidity
32 Degrees F (0 Degrees C) to 104 Degrees F (40 Degrees C) at 5% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Certification Information

Country of Manufacture
People's Republic of China
ISO 9001 Qualified Manufacturer
ISO 14001 Qualified Manufacturer
Restriction on Hazardous Substances
This device complies with all applicable worldwide regulations and restrictions including, but not limited to: EU directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment and EU Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulation regarding Substances of Very High Concern.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Industry Canada ICES-003. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Tested to comply with FCC standards. For home and office use. Model number: 1366, Wired Keyboard 600.
Agency and Regulatory Marks
ACMA Declaration of Conformity (Australia)
ICES-003 report on file (Canada)
EIP Pollution Control Mark, EPUP (China)
CE Declaration of Conformity, Safety and EMC (European Union)
WEEE (European Union)
VCCI Certificate (Japan)
KCC Certificate (Korea)
GOST Certificate (Russia)
CITC Letter (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
BSMI Certificate (Taiwan)
FCC Declaration of Conformity (USA)
UL and cUL Listed Accessory (USA and Canada)
CB Scheme Certificate (International)
Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL)
ID: 1402920 Microsoft Windows 7
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  • One (1) Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 600

Brand: Microsoft

MPN: ANB-00001

UPC: 882224741590

Compatibility: USB, Windows/Mac

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

Product Details

Design Style
Keyboard Color
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Package Includes

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
68.75% (11)
6.25% (1)
12.5% (2)
12.5% (2)
0.0% (0)
By Isobel Green
Good all-purpose keyboard for typing/programming
Programmer - so i burn through a keyboard about every 18 months, this is a great all purpose keyboard that i've bought again and again. For the record, when they start to go, it's because the keys don't 'bounce' and 'type' as smoothly as before, but no issues with keys failing.
By Lincoln Hall
Great keyboard for the price - simple, and quiet enough
I needed to get a keyboard for my second computer in my office. I wanted something quieter than my existing keyboard since i have been told on conference calls that i am allowed typer. This keyboard is exactly what i wanted - simple, inexpensive, usable, and quieter than my previous one. It as well has a few added action keys that i have not used much yet. But the play/pause key worked fine when playing a self-recorded video in windows media player. The volume control keys seem to work. There is a key that pops up your windows calculator app. And there are four function keys that provide split to the windows menu options.Again, simple and quiet are what i wanted, and i am very happy with this keyboard at this price.
I truly do like it.
At under 15 dollars for this, there just isn't any room for regret. I truly do like this keyboard. For starters, it is a relatively solid and well built keyboard that doesn't have the laughable flimsiness found in many less expensive keyboards. As well, as far as keyboards go, this one is just plain beautiful. Functionally, it is a better multimedia keyboard than several i've seen that are way more expensive than this. Be it in looks or functionality or price, this is a winner in every regard. For anyone shopping for an inexpensive (but not cheap) multimedia keyboard, i whole heartedly and without any trace of reservation give my 100% recommendation to this keyboard.
Great feel, great purchase.
This keyboard just feels so wonderful. I love typing on it, though i can't explain exactly why (i hope others have been better at articulating it!). In my past dozen iterations of laptops and all the office keyboards i've used (admittedly none of them were particularly fancy--but neither is this one!), this one just feels the best and is by far my favorite. It as well has useful keys, like the volume button, which i enjoy. I do wish it lit up, but maybe that's something i've just come to expect from laptop keyboards but shouldn't expect from usb keyboards. Anyway, it's simple but does the job very nicely. One of my favorite purchases in recent memory, for being cheap and yet so satisfactory!
An amazing upgrade!
Same old keyboard that i had, but this one has been updated! My old microsoft keyboard 600 broke because i was a little too hash in pulling out the keys so i damaged the backspace. I was disappointed that i broke this keyboard because i went in person to a local computer shop and tested all the keyboards available, this one was the quiets of all them.I felt a little bit of guilt that i had to spend money again to purchase what i already had, but what is not mentioned anywhere that the old 600 (my previously broken one) has been revised to be even quieter!!! What the f***. It's like typing on jello! They keys are soft to the touch and ....Even...Quieter.If you ever want to break into someone house and dig though their computers please bring this keyboard with you! You can silently access their facebook, gmail, what ever and silently do it. You can type away without producing the typical mechanical keyboard click tack click tack. This is an amazing keyboard, i'm glad i broke my old keyboard...Now if i can only break my mouse and find a better silent one.
By Jar Johnson
Best feature is cost,, keys are ok,,,
Pro: keys are 'soft' and true as most. Not as good as previous ergonomic version from microsoft, but this one is not as expensive. Adage of 'getting what you pay for' is definite true for keyboards.Con: the so called legs that fold out in right and left front corners do not lock, therefore are flimsy and easily fold up, making the keyboard a 'delicate flower' or you will constantly be folding legs back out again. Someday may look into superglue or a 'permanent solution,, legs that lock would solve the issue. One star deducted for leg design flaw. One star deducted for longevity (to be determined, normal for this reviewer with rare exceptions),cost is reason to buy,, next one will be comfort version, has sloping pad in front of keyboard and had locking legs,,, used ten years before it became a problem, wish the nylon cover had been put on old one consistently ,, might still be using.
By Soren Fontai
Terrible key placement
While i'm satisfied, i don't like it. This might be subjective, or circumstantial rather. But i've been typing a long time, doing it well, and very quickly on a vast amount of keyboards. This keyboard is the only one where i have literally typed entire sentences on auto pilot that where every single key i hit was to the right of the one i actually wanted to press. I hit backspace more than i've ever hit it before in my life. I hit two keys at once more than i ever have in my life. These downsides far overwhelm the upsides to me. I'd strongly recommend anyone considering this to get a keyboard reviewed as a keyboard with "well-placed buttons". No matter the typist you are i suggest that, you don't want to get stuck learning the button placement of this keyboard too well because it's likely the only one with keys placed the way this one has.
By Ruben Iglesias
Perfect for our needs
I'm basing my review on my expectations for this product, not how it compares to top end keyboards.My kids were both having issues with wireless keyboards (one due to a spill and one because it was just old) and i decided it wasn't necessary to go wireless again. But i hate to buy junk, regardless of price. So, i started looking for a name brand keyboard that was cheap but just a hair above a basic keyboard, and eventually ended up buying two of these.Microsoft delivered. This keyboard feels like quality, is relatively quiet when typing, is spill-resistant (thankfully haven tested that yet), and has some useful bonus keys. In particular, we like having the three volume controls because both kids are using their monitor speakers and it's annoying to have to leave an active, full-screen game to adjust the volume. My son seems to use the calculator more now just because there's a designated key for it.So... Quality: check! Quiet: check! Spill-resistant: check! Cheap: check! This keyboard has perfectly fit our needs and my expectations.
By Breno Lima
Happy so far
I purchased this for my work computer because i was repeatedly provided non-functional (sticking or broken keys) or subpar (high resistance/loud keystrokes and as well just gross from previous users) keyboards via our it department. After the third one i decided to just buy one for myself (already had bought myself a wireless mouse).Since this was an out of pocket work expense i wasn't looking to spend a lot of money but i wanted something that would be reliable and hold up to moderate to heavy use for at least a few years, be fairly quiet (i work in a cubicle) and have a fairly low resistance key stroke. I came very close to getting the logitech solar powered wireless keyboard, but it was a bit more than i wanted to spend (~$40) and there were enough reviews complaining about the battery crapping out after a year or two that i decided to go for a dirt cheap wired keyboard.I can't yet speak to the durability (it arrived yesterday evening), but i'm happy enough with the performance on the other criteria, particularly considering the low price. Could it be quieter? For sure! Could the keys have a bit less resistance? I suppose... But, hey, it's a vast improvement over the last pos keyboard i was given (which was the cleanest and most functional one yet!) and what are you expecting from a $14 keyboard?!?!
By Louis Addy
Excellent quality microsoft keyboard gets the job done!
I ordered four of these keyboards because i do an extensive amount of pc repair in the field. I purchased six of these keyboards about five years ago and they are all still functional. When you need a quick economical replacement keyboard, this one provides a quick solution every time. The part i like best is the calculator key that instantly prompts the calculator function when you are in a hurry. It as well has the ability to increase, decrease, or mute the sound when you need a quick adjustment if the phone rings or when you want to adjust the sound level. I highly recommend this keyboard as i am an industry certified pc repair technician. You really don't need to spend a lot of money when you go to buy a replacement keyboard. This one averages only about fourteen dollars which is a great price when you have several computers at work or at home.


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Microsoft ANB-00001 Computer Keyboard 600 USB Wired Slim

Price: $20.84
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