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Startech USBFAB6T 6 Foot Clear USB Cable A-B

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  • Replace worn-out or missing USB cables with this high quality, 6ft Transparent USB 2.0 Cable - A to B
  • Easy to use and install
  • Backed by's lifetime warranty
  • USB 2.0 Compatible
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Replace worn-out or missing USB cables with this high quality, 6ft Transparent USB 2.0 Cable - A to B
  • Easy to use and install
  • Backed by's lifetime warranty
  • USB 2.0 Compatible
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This Startech USBFAB6T 6' Clear USB Cable A-B has a good length of 6ft cable and offers one USB A Male connector and one USB B Male connector. This high quality USB A-B cable features an attractive transparent design and is fully rated to USB 2.0 specifications. This cable is just the right thing for extending your computer's USB port by 6 inches and mighty useful for connecting bulky USB devices and providing a dependable and suitable solution for connecting devices to USB ports that are too close to one another.

  • Model: USBFAB6T
  • Brand: Startech
  • Color: Transparent
  • Carton Quantity 200
  • Connector A 1 - USB A (4 pin) Male
  • Connector B 1 - USB B (4 pin) Male
  • Maximum Cable Length 16.4 ft [5 m]
  • Shipping (Package) Weight 0.15 lb [0.07 kg]
  • Cable Length 6 ft [1.83 m]
  • 2 Connector Number
  • Transparent


  • One (1) Startech USBFAB6T 6' Clear USB Cable A-B

Brand: StarTech


UPC: 065030785822

Compatibility: USB 2.0

Packaging: Retail

Condition: New

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By Lucas Walker
The cable i use for my scanner
I've actually been using one of these cables for several years. It connects my epson gt-20000 wide-format document scanner to my imac. The cable quality is superb and the connection and data transfer has always been speedy and dependable. That's something you want when scanning in large, high quality art files. I've yet to run into any issues with this cable and am thankful it is still being offered to help connect some of my older hardware to my newer computer(s).I have no concrete data regarding data throughput speeds, but it can scan and send an 11x17" 600dpi, 48-bit rgb file to open in photoshop in well under a minute. I'm not sure i would need anything much faster. And as i indicated, the previous cable has stood the test of time for at least 8 years, probably more. If this recently manufactured cable doesn't perform as well, i'll be sure to modify this review. I am upgrading my home computer system and that includes using this cable in place of the old one from my scanner.
By Lotta Maunu
Startech.Com clear a to b usb 2.0 cable - m/m
This is an usb a to usb b cable. It is usually used to connect scanners printers and hubs to a computer. In my case to connect a printer. One of my neighbors recently borrowed mine. Many wi-fi printers ship without any cables. If the plug n play wi- fi set up fails ."troubleshooting" often says to hook the printer up via usb cable. Won't matter how many usb a tp usb a cables you have. Most printers etc utilize the less standard usb b jack. I happened to have one on hand when i needed it. Loaned that one to my neighbor. As startech .Com says "hard to find made easy" is right. Recommend always having one of these in the house. Never know when you or your less tech savvy friends or neighbors will need to use it. Worth the investment to be forarmed.
By Beau Hughes
Startech usb 2.0 cable - good and inexpensive
My order of the brother mfc-j6925- dw business printer (with wireless printing capability) arrived without a usb cable to connect to my desktop pc. I borrowed a cable from an older printer for use and it works just fine. This inexpensive usb 2.0 cable by startech is just as good as any i?€™ve used and is now dedicated to the brother printer. Encased in clear plastic it has the a plug on one end and the b plug on the other. At six feet it is sufficiently long for my needs and at a purchase price of less than $5.00 this is just what you need. Check it out.
By Marlene Robertson
Works as intended to hook up larger usb devices to your computer. Short length. Easy to carry.
This is a flexible transparent shell usb cable for connecting larger external devices (such as printers) with a usb b port to power-generating usb devices such as your computer with a usb a port. Within the transparent shell is the shielded cabling so the overall appearance of the cable is silver. The cable works perfectly and is six feet long, providing a nice length for you to carry alongside your portable computer if you occasionally need to connect to external devices on the road.
By Dolores Walker
Cheap & works
It's nice to find a usb cable that is cheap and works well. This is the style of cable that most printers need. I plugged it into an epson printer and it worked. The computer recognized the printer fine and i was off and printing full speed. It didn't change my life, but it works great!
By Consuelo Rodriguez
Good quality printer cable at an exceptional price
Most printers do not ship with usb printer cables and if you run out to buy one at a brick and mortar store, you'll pay $15 or more. Even if you have a wireless printer, it's a good idea to have a printer cable for times when the wireless network goes down or if at some point, the wireless card in your printer fails.This is a high quality, 6' cable at a very affordable price. It works fine and i'm happy to have another one on hand for when my dog chews one or someone "borrows" mine and i never see it again.
Good cables
The startech usbfab6t is a decent cable all around. Manufacturing is quite good for this standard usb 2.0 type cable. The startech usbfab6t is a 6ft clear (or transparent) cable with nickel plated connectors. The startech usbfab6t features startech's lifetime warranty. Cable is tested with my samsung laser printers, epson scanner and hard drive docking station.
By Samuel Esteban
This startech cable is great and it is very fairly priced. I am happy with the length as well as the quality of the cable. I have used it with my printer and it absolutely works great. I have gotten cheap cables that either don't work or break a short time later, this is not one of those cables. It is well made and i have a new respect for startech products.
Good usb 2.0 cable
This startech.Com clear usb 2.0 cable appear strong and sturdy enough to last for a long time. It's covered with braided metal shield with clear plastic over it. It's as well flexible enough to be taken with you on the road. I use it for my blue snowball condenser microphone and it works without a hitch.I recommend it!
By Grace Davies
Nice a-b usb 2.0 cable
Not sure there's much to say about this cable other than it looks good, performs well, and appears to be well-made. Like other reviewers i use this cable to connect to my scanner. The only thing i have against this item is price: a-b usb 2.0 cables have been around long enough that the price for this 6-ft cable should be under $6.00 (it's $7.47 on outletpc at the time of this review). I wonder if "clear" is the reason for the higher price...? A better deal, to my mind, is the startech.Com usb 2.0 certified a to b cable - m/m (usb2hab10); at $5.75 outletpc price at the time of this review) you get similar quality and a longer length at a cheaper price. So i guess clear does cost....A nice product, but the price knocks one star off for me. 4 stars.


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Startech USBFAB6T 6 Foot Clear USB Cable A-B

Price: $3.75
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