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Laptop Adapter Replacement Lite-on PA-1650-65

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  • UPC: 0745373101694
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Key Selling Points

  • 0 Stars based on 0 Review(s)
  • UPC: 0745373101694
  • Condition: New
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A power adapter is the only way your laptop's battery can charge. You don't want a nonfunctional computer when all you need is a cheap fix right? This replacement laptop power adapter is the perfect candidate to power your compatible Gateway laptop. This adapter is portable enough to carry on trips as well. Don t assume it's your battery or computer that's not working because that may cost much more to fix.

Gateway 2100
Gateway 2500XL
Gateway 3100SE-Fireant
Gateway 3500
Gateway 4030GH
Gateway 4024
Gateway 6000
Gateway 6022GZ
Gateway 6834MX
Gateway 8510GZ
Gateway 9300VE
Gateway ACE83-110087-3100
Gateway E-100M-G
Gateway M1300
Gateway M210XL
Gateway M460S
Gateway M520XL
Gateway MT6225j
Gateway MT6821
Gateway MX6420
Gateway MX6421
Gateway MX6424
Gateway MX3231
Gateway MX3412h
Gateway MX6441
Gateway MX6455
Gateway MX6123
Gateway MX6921b
Gateway NX500S
Gateway NX500X
Gateway S-7200N
Gateway S7200C
Gateway MX6442
Gateway M285E
Gateway MX3414
Gateway NX860X
Gateway NX250X
Gateway MX6629h
Gateway M460X
Gateway MX6028
Gateway MX3215
Gateway M360
Gateway MX6633h
Gateway MX6440
Gateway MX3228
Gateway MT6833b
Gateway M255
Gateway M360A
Gateway M285E-SB
Gateway M250GS
Gateway MX3422
Gateway M360C
Fujitsu A4177
Gateway 8510GH
Gateway 6531
Gateway 7110GX
Gateway 6500
Gateway 6018
Gateway 7415GX
Gateway CX2726
Gateway 4030GZ
Gateway 3525
Gateway 4538
Gateway 400
Gateway 4540
Gateway 3550GZ
Gateway 3522
Gateway 4542
Gateway S-7500
Gateway 1150
Gateway 4028GZ
Gateway 4525
Gateway 4530GH
Gateway 4540GZ
Gateway 6021GH
Gateway 6020GZ
Gateway 6018GX
Gateway 6530
Gateway 7405GX
Fujitsu A4187
Gateway E-100M-SB
Gateway M275
Gateway M505
Gateway M520
Gateway M520X
Gateway ML3109
Gateway MX1023h
Gateway MX3042
Gateway MX6423
Gateway MX6627
Gateway MX6960
Gateway MX8734
Gateway NX200S
Gateway NX850X
Gateway S-7200
Gateway 3000
Gateway 3100SL-Fireant
Gateway 3520
Gateway 3550
Gateway 400VTX
Gateway 4012GZ
Gateway 4028
Gateway 4030
Gateway 450ROG
Gateway 6020
Gateway 6525GP
Gateway 9150
Gateway CX2728
Gateway E-475M-G
Gateway M285
Gateway M305
Gateway M460XL
Gateway MP8708
Gateway MT6224j
Gateway MT6708
Gateway MX3044
Gateway MX6425
Gateway MX6447
Gateway MX6633
Gateway MX6641
Gateway MX6959
Gateway NX260X
Gateway NX510
Gateway 1400
Gateway 2200
Gateway 3150
Gateway 3150S
Gateway 3522GZ
Gateway 400XL
Gateway 600
Gateway 6510GZ
Gateway M210S
Gateway MX3410
Gateway MX6430
Gateway MX6437
Gateway MX6438
Gateway MX3560h
Gateway MX6027h
Gateway MX6211b
Gateway MX6923b
Gateway MX6956
Gateway MX6961
Gateway MX8520
Gateway S-7500N
Gateway S7500
Gateway 3100-Fireant
Gateway 3520GZ
Gateway 3610
Gateway 4016
Gateway 5150SE
Gateway 6023
Gateway CX200S
Gateway M255E
Gateway M320XL
Gateway M460B
Gateway MA3
Gateway MT6706
Gateway MX3410h
Gateway MX6433
Gateway MX3560
Gateway MX6135
Gateway MX6216
Gateway MX6912
Gateway MX8736j
Gateway NX550X
Gateway S-7200C
Gateway 0220A1990
Gateway 2300LS
Gateway 3040
Gateway 4026GZ
Gateway 5150XL
Gateway 6525
Dell 7000 D266GT
Gateway 9300
Gateway 9300E
Fujitsu A4178
Gateway CX200
Gateway M320
Gateway M500
Gateway m505m2
Gateway MX1027
Gateway MX6427
Gateway MX3563h
Gateway MX6448
Gateway MX3701
Gateway MX8711
Gateway NX860
Gateway Pro-9300-E
Gateway 3018GZ
Gateway 4535
Gateway 4532
Gateway 2300XL
Dell 3500 D300GT
Gateway 4520GZ
Gateway 1200
Gateway E-155C-G
Gateway E-475M
  • Input Voltage: 100-240VAC/50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 19V 3.42A


  • Laptop Adapter Replacement for Lite-on PA-1650-65

Brand: Liteon

MPN: PA-1650-65

UPC: 0745373101694

Compatibility: See List

Packaging: OEM

Condition: New

Product Details

AC Adapter
Battery Voltage
AC Adapter Current
AC Adapter Output Power

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Laptop Adapter Replacement Lite-on PA-1650-65

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