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Laptop Battery for Apple A1189 A1151 MA458 MacBook Pro 17" Lithium-Ion

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      Get this Apple A1189 MacBook Pro 17" Lithum-Ion Battery to use as a spare or replacement for your MacBook Pro laptop. If your current battery has died, or if you're just out on the road a lot, get this Apple MacBook Pro 17" Lithum-Ion Laptop Battery as a backup to extend the life of your computer! High Quality Laptop Battery for Apple Macbook Pro 17" Lithium-Ion Replacement. NEW battery for APPLE MacBook PRO 17" A1189 6600mAh

      Apple 17" MacBook Pro Replacement Battery

      10.8V (6600mAh) A1189
      Great Spare / Replacement
      Get more out of your Macbook Pro with this replacement battery.
      Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers
      A1151, A1189, MA458, MA458G/A, MA458J/A, MA458*/A
      Fits the Following Laptop Models
      MacBook Pro 17 Inch, 17 MA092, 17 MA092CH/A, 17 MA092J/A, 17 MA092KH/A, 17 MA092LL/A, 17 MA092TA/A, 17 MA092X/A, 17 MA611, 17 MA611*/A, 17 MA611*D/A, 17 MA611B/A, 17 MA611CH/A, 17 MA611J/A, 17 MA611KH/A, 17 MA611LL/A, 17 MA611X/A, 17 MA897*/A, 17 MA897J/A, 17 MA897LL/A, 17 MA897X/A, 17 MB166*/A, 17 MB166B/A, 17 MB166J/A, 17 MB166LL/A, 17 MB166X/A


      • 1 x Apple A1189 MacBook Pro 17" Lithum-Ion Laptop Battery

      Brand: Gulfe

      MPN: A1189

      UPC: 810379027221

      Compatibility: MacBook Pro 17"

      Packaging: OEM

      Condition: New

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      28.85% (15)
      7.69% (4)
      7.69% (4)
      3.85% (2)
      51.92% (27)
      By Frida Christiansen
      Not worth it
      The original battery in my macbook died and i bough this as a replacement.Just after a month it started not holding a charge anymore.Try to find another battery instead of buying this one.
      By Jacobien Perdok
      Not happy with miss representation
      The battery is not new as advertised... The service system on mac tells me to replace it...Not happy!Replace soon: the battery is functioning normally but holds less charge than it did when it was new.Replace now: the battery is functioning normally but holds significantly less charge than it did when it was new. You can continue to use the battery until you replace it without harming your computer.
      By Albina Sanchez
      Doa after two months
      Ordered it in october... Dropped it in the mac... Seemed fine, but now as they say "deader than a doornail", and it's only been four months. It will not charge, period. You get what you pay for. Can't recommend this to anyone.
      By Fatima Campos
      Not worth the gamble
      Despite all the negative reviews, i thought it would be worth a $20 risk for my old macbook pro, which never leaves the house, anyway. It lasted 4 months, but that was a total of maybe 6 cycles, at most. Then it died without warning. Had done monthly maintenance, which i never do with my oem batteries, but decided to do it because the laptop never really recognized the battery as in good condition. Should have taken the hint and sent it back right away, while i still could.
      By Valentin Schneiders
      Not worth it - buy the one from apple
      This battery is made up of a plastic shell. If your computer warms up like mine it will cause the battery to bend. Plastic...Heat... Bad combination. I was able to use it for like about a a day or two then it didn't work anymore. It was a waste of money all for trying to get an inexpensive battery.
      By Nica Souza
      Should have believed other reviews
      Battery only lasts 1 hour, even after properly conditioning it. You get what you pay for; cheap. Will buy brand name next time.
      By Michael Wilson
      Saved us time and money
      Works perfectly! Delivery was on time! Daughter was actually thinking about buying a new lap top, rather than searching for the battery. She tried to tell us the batter was as much as the new lap top. Ha! Found the battery, ordered it, very reasonable cost and quick delivery......Now her and her "older" laptop are super thrilled...As are we! Thanks
      By Pat Carroll
      Doesn't hold power
      I have this battery only for few weeks and it's already bad. If laptop is connected to a power it's ok but once i disconnected it it dies instantly. The problem is that if you plug it to power it takes over 3 hours to get turned on. Simply bad product.
      By Toni Willis
      Thanksgood battery .Holds long enough.Of course not long as original, but long enough.Thanks a lot .
      So far so good
      I have to replace these batteries once a year. Instead of paying 130 from apple i thought i would try this. I am not expecting much. I dont really need it to hold a charge that long. I jus twanted to get rid of the apple battery that was exploding.


      Question & Answers
      By OutletPC Shopper on 2016-09-05
      My MacBook Pro 17" is a 2008 model. Will this battery fit. The model no A1189 is the same. Serial number is 6N8101CPZ9DA

      By Customer Service on 2016-09-07

      As the model number matches this battery, this battery should be compatible for the laptop.

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      Laptop Battery Apple A1189 A1151 MA458 MacBook Pro 17"

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