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    PCIe / AIC SSDs

    Get a great deal on a PCIe NVMe SSD (Add-in-Card). PCIe NVMe SSDs are the top of the line for current storage - giving you high-end performance that you can only get with a PCIe SSDs. These devices are capable of reaching far greater speeds than the SATA SSDs limited to 6Gb/s.

    FAQ & Section Info

    What is a PCIe/AIC SSD?

    PCIe SSDs are currently the highest performing storage devices for PCs. These drives are capable of reading/writing at speeds that are much higher than other SATA SSDs (which are limited to 6Gb/s). These particular SSDs are of the HHHL (Half Height Half Length)/ FHHL (Full Height Half Length) AIC (Add In Card) Form Factor, slotting into an available PCIe Slot on your motherboard in the same way as you would with a graphics card or other expansion card.

    What size can I buy a PCIe/AIC SSD

  • Currently you'll find capacities of 240GB, 400GB, 480GB, 960GB, 800GB, 1.2TB, & 1.6TB storage options. The higher bandwidth provided by the PCIe Interface allow these to operate much faster than other Solid State Drives.