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Silenx EFX-08-12 Effizio 80x25mm 12dBA 25CFM Fan

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    Key Selling Points

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      Smaller, domed motor hub, larger, more dramatic fan blade sweep area, no other fans on the market come even close in performance than these Silenx EFX-08-12 Effizio 80x25mm 12dBA 25CFM Fans. There might be fans that offer more airflow or lower noise levels, but when it comes to a balance between the two, these fans can't be beat, now with Japanese fluid dynamic bearings for ultra long life and reduced vibration.

      Rated dBa
      Operating Voltage
      Current Draw
      Power Consumption
      3rd generation fluid dynamic bearings
      • 80mm
      • 1400 RPM 25 CFM
      • 3rd generation fluid dynamic bearings
      • 12 dBA


      • Silenx EFX-08-12 Effizio 80x25mm 12dBA 25CFM Fan
      • Power Cable
      • Screws

      Brand: SilenX

      MPN: EFX-08-12

      UPC: 854224001653

      Compatibility: 80mm fan mount, 3/4-pin

      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Case Fan
      Fan Size
      Bearing Type
      3rd generation fluid dynamic bearings
      1400 RPM
      Air Flow
      25 CFM
      Noise Level
      12 dBA
      Operating voltage: 6-14v
      Current draw: 0.05A
      Power consumption: 0.60w
      80 x 80 x 25 mm

      Package Includes

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      By Lawrence Little
      The effizio silent case fan is a very good product, comes with silicone vibration dampening mounts or screws. The product is quiet like it is marketed, and mounts easily. I have only one complaint and that it doesn't come in an option for black blades, but i can't really knock the product for that. I would buy and recommend this product.
      By Ava Ambrose
      It is quiet and really moves air well. This silentx fan moves great air and is best if set to max all the time since it is a lower revolution fan. Works great in the new pc i built for my son. As two of 12 total fans lol it has a lot of push behind it.
      By Marilou Lopez
      Has met my expectations
      I am using this fan for cooling in an av cabinet that houses a yamaha rx-a810 surround sound reciever. The fan is not dead silent but the small amount of noise it does make is a low frequency hum that is barely audible when normal ambient noise is present. Sitting on my couch, which is about 6 feet away from my av cabinet / tv stand, with the fan inside the cabinet and in plain sight it can barely be heard (if at all) with the sytem on mute. The noise the fan make seems to be mainly the noise which is make by the fan blades beating the air, and there is no mechanical noise that i have noticed. As well, i tried running the fan at 4.5v, and the noise level was about the same as running it at 12v.I have very little experience with case fans, but this fan as well seems to move a decent volume of air for the small amount of noise it make. After adding a single fan to my av cabinet, the cabinet temperature dropped by about 8 degrees f.As a word of caution, be careful not to press on the hub or blades, or interrupt the fan motion when it is in operation. From my experiences working in electronic assembly, this tends to damage computer fans and this one seems to be no different. After accidently interupting the fan motion and pushing against one of the blades (in the axial direction), the fan began to make some mechanical noise. Luckily, after about 10 seconds or so, the noise ceased.These fans are rumored to have reliability issues so i will be checking in if i have any problems, but so far i am very satisfied with this purchase (product was purchased from newegg not outletpc. Update:its been over a year and this fan is still going strong, so i am definitely satisfied. And it has plenty of hours of run time under its belt, since it is on whenever my stereo is on, and my stereo is typically on for 4-5 hours a day. One thing to note is its just sitting free within the cabinet, so is not working against a pressure gradient. Still as silent as the day that i bought it.(3/2/17) update:over 3 years and no change - still going strong. Usage is about the same. I'd estimate that i run this fan 2-3 hours a day, on average, and it still runs like the day it was purchased.
      By Manon Chevalier
      Silent, as the name states
      Great case fan. Very quiet. I actually just bought two 92mm fans of the same exact model to replace the loud fans that came on my new cpu cooler.
      By Mohamed Marin
      Enjoy the quiet
      I bought this to replace a case fan that was just too noisy for my liking end result is that it moves alot of air and is super quiet so i'm very happy with it
      By Tammy Payne
      But the replacement works great.
      The first one i received did not work, but the replacement works great.
      Good fans
      I've used these before, so i already knew they were good. Good product, and zero problems with the order.
      By Rien Maatman
      Works great!
      Very quiet, works great!
      Five stars
      If you need a dead silent fan look no further.
      By Oliver Lo
      Very, very quiet - wow!


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      Silenx EFX-08-12 Effizio 80x25mm 12dBA 25CFM Fan

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