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Syba SY-ACC25014 2.5" Hard Drive Storage Box (Gray)

MPN: SY-ACC25014 | SKU: II2387
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  • Able to hold any 2.5" HDD or SSD
  • Dust-proof and Anti-Static case
  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Able to stack and protect all your Hard disks safely
  • The clear plastic lets you see what's inside and you can easily apply a label to the plastic housing
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  • Key Selling Points

Key Selling Points

  • Able to hold any 2.5" HDD or SSD
  • Dust-proof and Anti-Static case
  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Able to stack and protect all your Hard disks safely
  • The clear plastic lets you see what's inside and you can easily apply a label to the plastic housing
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Plastic Storage Box for 2.5" HDD, Fit 1 HDD, Gray Color. Syba SY-ACC25014 Multimedia 2. The IOCrest SY-ACC35014 durable HDD storage protection case is designed to store and protect your 2.5 inches IDE/SATA HDD. The storage box is dust-proof and anti-Static that perfectly help you protect the data of hard drive.If a hard drive can store a library's worth of documents, why not use them as archives? With this dual 2.5" archival HDD storage case from Syba, you'll be able to keep your hard drives safe from dust and static. Made of durable polypropylene, this protective hard drive case will keep your hard drives safe for years.

Syba SY-ACC25014

2x 2.5" Hard Drive
Protect your data
This HDD storage box from Syba keeps your hard drives safe from dust and static, letting you keep your data for the long term
  • Single Drive


  • Syba 2.5" Hard Drive Storage Box

Brand: Syba

MPN: SY-ACC25014

UPC: 810154011858

Compatibility: 2.5" HDD

Packaging: RETAIL

Condition: New

Product Details

Protection Case
Single Drive
This HDD Storage Case is aimed at storing your two 2.5 inches IDE/SATA HDD.
Dust-proof and Anti-Static case protects the data of hard drive.
Able to stack all your hard disk safely and keep them in order
Material: Polypropylene
Accessory Only, HDD is not included.

Package Includes

Customer Reviews

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2.86% (1)
Holds two drives!
When the item arrived is when i first realized that it holds not one, but two 2.5-inch drives. Then i looked, and sure enough, one of the two product pictures clearly shows two drives in the box. So, that could be a plus or a minus depending on your needs, but at least now you know ahead of time!The latch on the lid locks very securely, but be careful when opening it; it feels like you could rip it off if you weren't gentle. On the other side of the lid is the hinge...It is basically a very thin strip of plastic and it just looks like it won't last too many opening/closings before it just falls apart. But only time and use will tell, so i will update after i have used it for 6 months or so.A drive is a 3-dimensional object of course, and the box has extra room above/below the drive as well as side to side (ie, it could hold a slightly larger drive than my seagate momentus 500 gb). So when the lid is open, the drive can move around in the case somewhat. But there is a thick piece of fairly hard black foam in the lid of the box that presses the drive very tightly when closed, so the drive does not move around at all unless you shake the box somewhat violently (try not to do that!). There is no foam in the bottom of the box, so it doesn't really provide any significant shock-protection, it just stops it from sliding around in the box. The pressure of the foam against the drive when closed worries me because surely it must stress that already weak-looking hinge.-1 star for the hinge, it offers little confidence of longevity.
By Isabelle Carr
This a copy of a review i wrote for a blue io crest box, and wanted to make sure i covered the second color i bought too. Bought 3 2.5" hard drive storage containers from newegg after researching on the web and reading the reviews on both outletpc and the egg. Decided to go with the ineo ones after considering the reviews. Received them and was very happy except for the price - 7.99 and shipping. Storage case was solid, lid snapped down and clicked neatly into place, and there was no movement of the drives in the box. Did not rattle or move once placed in the storage container. Very happy..Except for the price. So, i decided to but a couple more, but could get two from outletpc for a lot less money, and now i have two of the io crest boxes. And you get what you pay for!! Just ordered two more ineo boxes from the egg and here is why. The io boxes look pretty good, but as soon as i tried to snap the lids shut, neither would click into place and lock solidly. I could make them by bending the plastic nibs on the top and then pushing firmly. But each time i shut the tops the rather flimsy nature of the plastic caused the tops to shift left or right and the latch wouldn't click into place. No problems at all with the ineo boxes. Then i put a hard drive into one of the two slots in the box. And it rattled. The ineo held the drive solidly and a pad in the top firmed it up when shut. The io crest has a loose fit and relies only on a pad in the top to push the drive down to hold it in place. Should work until the pad starts to compress and deform. Nuff said. I would stay away from these io crest boxes and spend the extra couple of bucks to get a better protecting product. If you are wanting a place to protect your 2.5" hard disks that contain your archives of photos and mp3 files that are heading to a back garage for safety, go with the ineo product, and hope that outletpc will start selling them.
By Hayley Roberts
Simple, effective
These boxes are nice. They work, they're simple, they fit my needs. They're not exactly the most beautifully built or made, and their industrial design is a bit lacking, but who cares, we're storing/transporting disks in them. It may not be immediately apparent, but these boxes hold 2 2.5" devices each! If you're looking for an inexpensive drive transport, i think this is a fantastic option.
By Vanessa Montgomery
Does the job
Holds 2 drives snugly, and keeps them protected. Easy to see which drives are inside.Good price and durable. I will be purchasing more
By Margita Bertsch
Very nice box for storing the mini-drives
I have a bunch of both ssd and spinning 2.5 inch drives. These boxes make it so easy to store them, label whats in them and not damaging them.
By Scott Freeman
Suits my needs - i bought them again.
Short version:i wanted a simple plastic box to stick my old 2.5" hard drives in to keep them from floating around loosely, and didn't want to spend a fortune. This case accomplishes that nicely.Longer version:i ordered (2) of these boxes and they came in a marked plastic bag inside of a bubble pak from either hk or china. The packaging and transit times were adequate, from their shop to my door was about 9-10 days.If you are looking for something for storage of archived drives for home use, this is likely your best bet. If you are looking for something to chuck in your backpack and carry around as a spare, or something to switch around nightly backup disks with, you might look for something with more padding and more rugged materials and an actual hinge.The boxes are not waterproof or too shock resistant, but they did seal well and are slightly oversized for the drives. Because each box holds (2)x2.5" drives the drives go into two bays separated by a non removable center piece. The inside of the bays has several areas of molded plastic rails to "suspend" the drive away from the side of the case and offer some protection against rough handling and keep the drive in there solidly. The endcap has a piece of foam over the bays that when the end cover is snapped closed, holds the drives securely in their bays.If i were to question for anything more, it might be a rail inside with a paper label. The ability to have a label on the inside of a translucent storage container is nice. Instead i used a p-touch labeler and stuck it on the end which works fine, as does a sharpie if that's more your speed.They suit my needs just fine, enough so i just ordered the 3.5" variety for taking care of all my old desktop drives as well.
By James Anderson
Just what i needed
I have an assortment of 2.5 laptop hard drives that i needed to store with some protection and this is just perfect. Be aware though, if you need these fast, get them from somewhere else. Mine came from overseas.
Reasonable value at reasonable price;
Pro: 1. Securely holds either one or two 2.5 inch drives; 2. Has spongy tape on inside of lid that locks drives in place once lid is closed; if box is properly secured by user drives will be secure; 3. Long term life of box appears reasonable.Con: 1. I purchased one or two of these boxes on outletpc for half this price last year - unable to locate the vendor now - even at this price value to me is reasonable; 2. Drive to be removed from box before use as designed for storage means no air circulation for cooling of drives during use - and ide/sata connections are not fully accessible inside box.Summary: very reasonable value.
By Mads Pedersen
Good boxes, good seller
First, the boxes. I have a lot of hard drives. I try not to reuse drives, but instead set them aside as a potential last-resort backup. I as well have several drives that i cart back-and-forth to my mother-in-law's as off-site backups of my 100k+ photos and videos (i have very photogenic kids). So i'm always looking for storage solutions that will protect my drives.These are inexpensive and do the job just fine. They'll not survive serious abuse, but that's not what they're designed for. They will protect your drives from coffee spills and dust and minor drops and the like. They're of good quality and while i don't expect them to last through decades of heavy, daily use, i do expect that they will definitely outlive even my use of hard drives (and i measure things in terabytes, so flash drives are a long way off for me.)if you have one or more drives sitting around and want something more than a plain anti-static bag, these are perfect.Now the seller. I ordered four of these boxes from seller dealspank. When they arrived, one of them had the little tab that holds them closed broken off. It happens. I don't expect it to happen to any of the others or that anyone else is likely to encounter the same problem, but i imagine they make and ship a lot of these and one or two is bound to get mucked up in the process.That said, i wasn't planning on just eating it. So i contacted the seller, explained the situation, and question what to do. I got a response right away (within a couple of hours, i believe) saying they would send another right out. I question how i should get the defective one back to them and they said not to bother.Now, in all honesty, if i did send it back, they would likely just recycle it, so it's easier and cheaper all around just to say "keep it", but it still shows a willingness to trust the customer and deal fairly. I have encountered vendors who, even for something this inexpensive, say "send it back and if we think you didn't break it, we'll send you another." so, all in all, this was an excellent experience. I'm set for now, but i'm sure i'll be ordering more of these in the future.
By Lonnie Watts
Took a month to get but worth it
Excellent product for my 2.5in. Hard drives. Fits snug no movement and the two drives do not touch each other.


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Syba SY-ACC25014 2.5" Hard Drive Storage Box (Gray)

Price: $4.96
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