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Alphacool VPP655PWM - Single Edition

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    Key Selling Points

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      Alphacool's new power pump series, exceptional performance at an unbeatable price. The 12V pumps can simply be connected directly to the system PSU and the pump will start with your PC for maximum convenience and safety. This pump is ideal for PC and other electronics water cooling. The DC pump is equipped with an electronically commutated spherical motor. In a pump with a spherical motor the only moving part is a spherically shaped rotor which in this pump is held in place by a bearing ball made of ultra-hard and wear-resistant ceramic. The spherical bearing of the rotor offers many advantages: For example an increase of bearing play is impossible due to the design, allowing the pump to run quietly and smoothly over its whole lifespan. A separate magnetic shielding of the pump is not needed. The ball motor design allows efficient operation of the pump in combination with excellent performance. The pump can simply be connected to a 12V Molex connector of the system PSU. The special feature of this model is the fact that only the pump core itself is shipped. Why pay more for all the things you won't need when using this pump with a third-party pump top? Aquatuning Model #49134

      • Color: Black


      • Alphacool VPP655PWM - Single Edition

      Brand: Alphacool

      MPN: 13169

      UPC: 4250197131698


      Packaging: Retail

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      • Control Type: PWM
      • Speed Range: 800-4800 RPM
      • Rated Voltage: 8-24 VDC
      • Standard Voltage: 12 VDC
      • Operating Voltage: 6 ~13.2 VDC
      • Input Current: 1.38 A
      • Input Power: 33.12 W
      • Bearing Material: Carbon/ Aluminia Ceramic
      • Impeller Material: Nylon /PPO
      • Max. Hydraulic: 4,72W (1000l/h, 1.7m)
      • Max. Water Head: 2.8 (20W)
      • Operating Water Temperature: 10-95 °C
      • Operating Temperature Range: 10-50 °C
      • Storage Temperature Range: -20-50 °C
      • Dimensions(WxHxD): Single 70 x 72 x 82 mm
      • Power Connector: 4 Pin
      • Tachometer Signal Connector: 3 Pin
      • Pump MTBF: 50,000 Hours
      • Weight : 600 g

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      By Nicholas Leclercq
      Works like a charm
      The motor powered on to the expected ~50% rate without pwm controls in testing the closed loop. With the pwm lead connected, was able to cycle rpm through the while range without issues. Been working flawlessly.
      By Johan Olsen
      Mediocre and finicky.
      D5 pump with pwm control that has a picky pwm control board. Would not work right with an aquaero controller. Maxed out at less than 50% controller saw 2000 rpms as max speed. As a result it was difficult to fill a liquid loop. Swiftech and ek pwm pumps worked perfectly on the same controller. Works fine on motherboard header but that doesn't help when you are trying to fill a loop and purge the air. Two of these are used in the same loop in series. The intention was to control them separately to offset the speeds slightly to reduce noise with harmonic cancellation. As a work around i've found that if you put a powered fan hub between the controller and the pumps they work right. This takes the addition of two seperate pwm hubs. Had i known this i would have just paid the extra and bought another new ek d5 that works perfectly connected directly to the controller which i will most likely still do and return these two pumps.
      By Gordon Reed
      Super quiet.
      Most of the time i can't even hear it do to the near silent pwm operation. My case fans are louder than the pump at all but the quietest settings.
      By Ege Pektemek
      But sure enough it was perfect for it
      I bought this pump for my mostly alphacool custom loop, for both my gpu and cpu. The only thing that wasn't alphacool was the cpu block, which was an ek supremacy evo for intel x99 sockets and my reservoir/pump top which were both by aquacomputer. My aqualis reservoir, by aquacomputer, has a fountain effect that requires the pump to be directly connected to the pump top and the reservoir. I wasn't sure if it would fit because it wasn't the same brand, but sure enough it was perfect for it. Couldn't be happier with how easy it was to install and it works great and keeps my loop animated.
      By Elisabeth Garcia
      And having the pwm control over the pump speed it fantastic. As well since it is pwm you can see ...
      Fit perfectly, and having the pwm control over the pump speed it fantastic. As well since it is pwm you can see how fast the pump is going, so quick and easy check on pump operation


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      Alphacool VPP655PWM - Single Edition

      Price: $74.69
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