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Intel E97379-003 CPU Cooler Socket 11561155/1150 4 Pin Aluminum Heat Sink Fan Supports Intel Core i3/i5/i7

MPN: E97379-003 | SKU: JQ2571
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      It features an aluminum heat sink with a copper base and a 3.5-inch fan for maximum cooling. Plus, it supports Intel i7, i3 and i5 Socket 1150, 1155 & 1156 processors with up to 95W TDP (Thermal Design Power). The E97379 includes both a Heat Sink and Fan pre-assembled. Because it's designed by Intel, this fan is highly recommended for use with their CPUs running at stock frequencies. If you're overclocking we recommend using an aftermarket cooler with a lot more cooling capabilities. The fan connects to your board via a 4-pin Fan Connector.

      • CPU Cooler With Aluminum Heatsink


      • Intel E97379-003 CPU Cooler

      Brand: Intel

      MPN: E97379-003

      UPC: 721541356905

      Compatibility: LGA 1155/ 1156/ 1150

      Packaging: OEM

      Condition: New

      Product Details

      Part Number
      Fan Speed
      1200 - 2500RPM
      Noise Level
      22 dBA
      Bearing Type
      Hydro Bearing
      PWM Function
      Rated Voltage
      12 VDC
      Rated Current
      92.0 x 92.0 x 40.0 mm
      Heatsink Material
      Heatsink Dimension
      87.0 x 87.0 x 18.7 mm

      Package Includes

      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      72.0% (36)
      6.0% (3)
      6.0% (3)
      8.0% (4)
      8.0% (4)
      By Johanne Poulsen
      Needed a new cpu heatsink/fan for a build
      This unit fits lga1151 socket very well and i believe this is an oem genuine unit. Very good price and work well if you are not trying to overclock. These things last a very long time and note that it does come with thermal compound already applied.
      By Dan Stevens
      Good product
      Unit arrived next day. Installed in minutes and computer up and running.Good products t
      By Anton Hauck
      Intel fan
      Standard intel fan. Cools fine.
      By Thymen Bruinen
      Mixed bag of products and qualities
      If you're going to be buying these fans, here's what you'll receive: -2 of the pictured fans, rated at 12v 0.6a. -1 oddball fan, rated at 12v 0.18a. -dry thermal paste with cardboard particles in it (because they are stored open to air in a cardboard box) on all three. The two right fans both produce bearing noise. One produces small, intermittent noise while the other one is constant and very loud. The two cooler types use different aluminum design between diameters and split count. The interesting thing is that the heat sync i wasn't supposed to receive is actually the best one (for noise) lol. It makes no noise and runs very well, but i can't imagine a 0.18a fan will compete very well against a 0.6a fan in terms of air movement... So i guess it's still a loss. If you are using these to cool cpus you may need to do some rigging to get them to run quiet or even at all—one of the small boxes the heat syncs came in was crushed even though the larger outletpc box they all came in was completely fine. Edit: ~24 hours later the fans have been running for almost an entire 24 hours. Somehow the bearing noise has disappeared. They all run good consistently now—with zero unusual noise. I guess they needed a break-in period. I did have to place a tiny dot of rtv on the oddball's aluminum because it wasn't super snug in its holder which caused a rattling sound, but now it's fine. I would give this a 5 star if they had sent me all the right fans, but oh well. Even with the oddball fan, it still works! I will say that i still stand behind wiping off the old dried up compound and replacing it with new. You'll know just by looking at the new thermal paste that the old paste that it comes with is garbage.
      By Barry Fitzgerald
      By Remo Moreau
      Perfect replacement
      Worked same as original
      By Ricardo Jenkins
      So loud
      Its loud, i have to replace this thing..
      By Diether Wende
      It is important to get one that is for the lga 115x cpu's & not one for a sochetfrom a 775 fan
      This is a great heat sink & fan & works extremely well. The cpu runs much lower than some of the more expensive fans.
      By Peetu Hamalainen
      Good low budget heatsink
      I've been using it for about a month now & it works fine its noise footprint is almost nonexistent. No complaints.
      By Hubert Blanchard
      Great buy.
      I bought this to replace the other one that quit working. Been working fine so far without any issues.


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      Intel E97379-003 CPU Cooler Skt 11561155/1150 4 Pin Aluminum

      Price: $9.89
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