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KB Covers Keyboard Protection

Who is KB Covers?

KB Covers was founded in 2007 by a film editor and a graphic designer, we knew first-hand about how keyboard shortcuts can dramatically speed up your workflow...but there were too many programs to memorize all the keyboard shortcuts! This is how KB Covers was born.

Keyboard Cover Features

Simple concept…effective results.

Our desire is to create a comprehensive array of Mac keyboard covers for all applications, languages, and needs. All our products must be made out of the finest materials available, using the best processes, and meticulously sized to fit as natural as possible on the keyboard…without impacting typing ability or accuracy.

From those early days, we have created over 400 different keyboard covers! We have expanded from Application Shortcuts to Designer, Foreign Languages, Large Type, Touch Typing, and a huge line of Colored Protection covers to add protection and style to any Mac. We have even branched out with KB Keyboards and KB Audio bluetooth speakers…and there will be more!

Have we finished yet? No way. We have hardly scratched the surface. With numerous applications on the horizon and loads of new designs and colors…we feel inspired for the future.


Bundles - CPU/Mobo
CD/DVD Burners
Fans / Heatsinks
Flash Memory
Hard Drives
Keyboard / Mouse
LCD Monitors
Monitor Mounts
Video Cards

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About Us

Need a keyboard cover for your Macbook?, our extensive line of KB Covers for laptops gives your apple MacBook complete protection from dusts, liquids, and smudges. We offer MacBook keyboard covers for and quality cell phones cases only from KB Covers. Buy KB Covers online and give your laptops, netbooks, and cell phones the much needed protection.